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UPDATES: Current Projects (January 9, 2023)

At the beginning of last year, I decided to write up a summary of the important events that had taken place in 2021. This year, I’ve decided to write a bit about the future of Conspiracy Dossiers. Many important events have occurred, however, they will not be covered here.

Last year, CD only published one article on the Sniffer Planes affair, but this site has been growing still. The natural progression of posts currently rests with the AESP, which has proven to be difficult task to accumulate all the important information for a summary.

There are many roads to follow from previous articles, many of which will sprout from the upcoming AESP article, which is likely due to be published later this year. In particular, organizations as Le Cercle and Bilderberg, or Opus Dei and the Knights of Malta. US connections are of great interest, especially in relation to the JFK assassination. Other ties to Israel and Russia are highly curious as well. Expect to see future posts run along these line.

Other important ties that this author would like to explore more in-depth include the Paneuropa Union, the P2 lodge and more esoteric slopes like Memphis-Misraim, Martinism and Synarchie.

Note: February 24, testing out some ads, but have disabled them completely now, however there is a donation option set up now! Anything will help to further research efforts!


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