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UPDATES: Cercle des Nation research & move to reopen BSR DUTROUX file (December 2021)

To all BELGIANS and people around the world, sign your support for Aimé Bille’s petition to reopen the Brussels BSR Dutroux file here: https://www.petitionenligne.net/affaire_dutroux_demande_de_reouverture_du_dossier_bis

While researching for the upcoming Cercle des Nations article has been well underway, a former Belgian police investigator Mr. Aimé Bille started a petition last month to reopen the Brussels BSR Dutroux file. This was incredible new and as of yesterday the petition reach 2,000 signs of support. Although, this Dutroux file reopening does not mean the reopening of the X-dossiers, it does mean that previous tracks that were never thoroughly investigated would be now. Unfortunately, we have to worry about the bad guys within the system like Langlois, but at least something could be done.

Less than 15 years ago in 1996, over 100,000 people marched the streets of Brussels, in the White March, which was about the innocence of the victims of child abuse. This incredible event was also about public grievances with the Belgian judicial system and government, the event was described as a revolutionary climate.

This website began posting about the Dutroux affair and everything else subsequently followed. Today we have arrived at the level of the Cercle des Nations, which lived on until last year in the Cercle de Lorraine.


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Le Mirano: Notorious nightclub at the heart of Brussels

“It was no limits” they say. Quite literally. When it comes to the investigation into Philippe Cryns and the victim-witnesses X2 and VM1, it would make sense that there are unspoken “anecdotes” about Le Mirano. With many ties to the fascist underground, and the alleged claim of Juan Mendez, it is suspected that there may be a connection to the Gang of Nijvel.


Pink Ballets Affairs: Fortunato Israel, Lydia Montaricourt and Andre Pinon dossiers summarized

The Pink Ballets affairs lies at the center of the child abuse network accusations that came before the Dutroux affair of the ’90s. With the Pink Ballets scandal, there are direct links to the unsolved Gang of Nijvel case, which point to a significant relationship between the two. The fascist underground and these child abuse network accusations are clearly interwoven, with the X-dossiers revealing a potential for continuity of such sordid activities, that also seemed to involve a Strategy of Tension type effort and protection of these black networks.


Paul Vanden Boeynants: Grandfather of the Belgian Fascist Underground, accused in ‘Pink Ballets’, X-dossiers and more

There may have never been a more controversial and shady Belgian politician than Paul Vanden Boeynants. A two time Prime Minister and Roman Catholic, he has been accused of things as tax evasion, drug trafficking, to fomenting a fascist underground and plotting to destabilize Belgium and even child abuse and murder. All but the tax evasion charges ever brought VdB to trial.



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