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UPDATES: Work on new posts and improvement of older ones (May 2021)

While work is still needing to be done on the Dutroux article, as well as all other posts, I have been putting together the timeline for latest article. This will deal with what can be gathered on the Pink Ballets affair. To be more specific, this includes the Pinon affair, the Eurosystem Hospitalier deal and the Gang of Nijvel. In addition to this, work is also beginning toward understanding Synarche and its relationship to Martinism.

In addition, a search bar has been added to the sidebar, as well as the bottom footer. Although this has shifted the text a bit (some pictures may need reframing), the intention is to help you find what you’re looking for. A google translation has also been provided. While it may not be totally reliable, perhaps this will help people that cannot read English.

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Three most recent articles posted:

Paul Vanden Boeynants: Grandfather of the Belgian Fascist Underground, accused in ‘Pink Ballets’, X-dossiers and more

There may have never been a more controversial and shady Belgian politician than Paul Vanden Boeynants. A two time Prime Minister and Roman Catholic, he has been accused of things as tax evasion, drug trafficking, to fomenting a fascist underground and plotting to destabilize Belgium and even child abuse and murder. All but the tax evasion charges ever brought VdB to trial.


“Baron Noir” Benoît de Bonvoisin: Accused of sadistic child abuse and murder, linked to fascist underground terrorism

Le Baron Noir (the Black Baron) is a very suiting name for a Belgian man of nobility that funded, supported and fomented a fascist underground, which was involved in all kinds of suspicious and criminal activities during the Cold War. It is even more fitting for a Belgian man of nobility that has been directly accused of the abuse and in one case of murder of children by no less than five victim-witnesses. That man is Benoit de Bonvoisin.