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UPDATES: Research continues (July 2021)

While a great deal of time in the past couple of months has focused on reading up on the esoteric traditions at ordoabchao.ca of David Livingstone, some progress in the latest article has been lost. I highly recommend Livingstone’s website to get a deeper understanding on the development of key esoteric organizations and its relation to modern parapolitics.

Work toward the latest article, which will deal with the Le Mirano nightclub, shall henceforth continue. In the meantime, older article will remain as they are, with notes lacking. This comes down to time constraints and lack of time management on my part.

On another note, much of my reading on Livingstone’s site has contributed greatly toward my efforts to investigate Martinism and Synarchy, which appears to be related to cases of (Satanic) ritual abuse. These subjects will get their own articles, but in time.

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Three most recent articles posted:

Pink Ballets Affairs: Fortunato Israel, Lydia Montaricourt and Andre Pinon dossiers summarized

The Pink Ballets affairs lies at the center of the child abuse network accusations that came before the Dutroux affair of the ’90s. With the Pink Ballets scandal, there are direct links to the unsolved Gang of Nijvel case, which point to a significant relationship between the two. The fascist underground and these child abuse network accusations are clearly interwoven, with the X-dossiers revealing a potential for continuity of such sordid activities, that also seemed to involve a Strategy of Tension type effort and protection of these black networks.


Paul Vanden Boeynants: Grandfather of the Belgian Fascist Underground, accused in ‘Pink Ballets’, X-dossiers and more

There may have never been a more controversial and shady Belgian politician than Paul Vanden Boeynants. A two time Prime Minister and Roman Catholic, he has been accused of things as tax evasion, drug trafficking, to fomenting a fascist underground and plotting to destabilize Belgium and even child abuse and murder. All but the tax evasion charges ever brought VdB to trial.