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Le Mirano: Notorious nightclub at the heart of Brussels

“It was no limits” they say. Quite literally. When it comes to the investigation into Philippe Cryns and the victim-witnesses X2 and VM1, it would make sense that there are unspoken “anecdotes” about Le Mirano. With many ties to the fascist underground, and the alleged claim of Juan Mendez, it is suspected that there may…

Paul Vanden Boeynants: Grandfather of the Belgian Fascist Underground, accused in ‘Pink Ballets’, X-dossiers and more

There may have never been a more controversial and shady Belgian politician than Paul Vanden Boeynants. A two time Prime Minister and Roman Catholic, he has been accused of things as tax evasion, drug trafficking, to fomenting a fascist underground and plotting to destabilize Belgium and even child abuse and murder. All but the tax…


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