The Unsolved Murder of Katrien De Cuyper

Did X1 witness, compelled to murder, Katrien De Cuyper at Castle Kattenhof in 1991? We won't know for sure unless the investigation is reopened with the knowledge of X1's testimony is still credible even though minor details have differed. With all the connections between the people accused by X1 are put into view, it enhances the case rather than discredit it.

THE DOLO: one suspicious nightclub

"If you want to keep a little bit informed, then go to the Philippe Baucq street no. 140, to the Dolo. You might learn something about the champignoniere..." (PV 33797, April 27, 1987, quote from an anonymous informant to the Etterbeek police, during the investigation into the murder of Christine Van Hees in 1984.)

Christine Van Hees Murder Case: Marc Dutroux involved in a child murder Network of Michel Nihoul?

"[Guy] Collignon explained to me that the investigation [into the murder of Christine] was evolving towards important, high level people. He said it would be better to leave those people alone, that he would soon be promoted and that he would probably not be involved anymore in the investigation." (P.V. 100.450, January 19, 1997, quote of Michel Van Hees, the brother of Christine) (Note: Guy Collignon was a visitor of Les Atrebates, which was the predecessor of the Dolo, which he also would visit.