Welcome, to the Conspiracy Dossiers! A website dedicated to investigations of important information regarding supranational parapolitics and the dark events surrounding it.

Out here in the field of conspiracy theories, a rational, logical perspective is essential to not fall victim to disinformation, misinformation, propaganda and lies.

A conspiracy occurs when two or more people gather in order to plot malicious intent against anyone or anything. When a conspiracy is known to have taken place but the facts surrounding it are unknown, or if a conspiracy is not known to have taken place, a theory is necessary for attempting to explain the phenomena that occurs. This is essentially what a conspiracy theory is and this is what this website will be dealing with.


Important conspiracies for this site:

  • Elite involved child abuse network, including blackmail, ritual abuse, mind control and murder (links to CIA and intelligence, also to underworld)
  • CIA involved stay-behind/Gladio terrorism in Europe; Condor in Latin America and possibly elsewhere during the Cold War (some would say similar things happen today
  • JFK Assassination, the connections and implications; also any other political assassinations or potential coverups by murder
  • Supranational network consisting of a few main establishments of NGOs and superclass elites running and taking part in these organizations
  • 9/11, the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon in the US are viewed with intense suspicion that the above mentioned supranational milieux was involved
  • CIA, MI6, Mossad and intel. involvement in drug trafficking, numerous high profile cases
  • Apparent control over the left versus right political spectrum by the above mentioned supranational milieux
  • Disinformation, psychological and coverup operations by above mentioned milieux or authorities
  • UFO phenomenon or secret advanced technologies
  • Third World Immigration pushed without regard for statistics by elites and governments


  1. … (to be added)

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