Welcome, to the Conspiracy Dossiers! Discover important information here and begin a journey into a world of truths and lies. Here the love of truth is the key to finding it because that will make you question all things and test them for their validity.

Out here in the field of conspiracy theories, a rational, logical perspective is essential to not fall victim to disinformation, misinformation, propaganda and lies.

A conspiracy occurs when two or more people gather in order to plot malicious intent against anyone or anything. When a conspiracy is known to have taken place but the facts surrounding it are unknown, or if a conspiracy is not known to have taken place, a theory is necessary for attempting to explain the phenomena that occurs. This is essentially what a conspiracy theory is and this is what this website will be dealing with.


Important genuine conspiracies:

  • JFK Assassination
  • 9/11
  • Third World Immigration without regard for statistics pushed by elites
  • Supranational network of hundreds of elites and 1,000+ NGOs
  • Control over left v. right political spectrum
  • CIA, MI-6 & Mossad cooperation with drug cartels and dictators
  • CIA-overseen Stay Behind/Gladio terrorism in Europe during Cold War
  • Elite pedophile entrapment networks & ritual abuse (ran by the likes of the CIA and KGB/FSB)
  • UFO phenomena and supernatural activity
  • Disinformation operations


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  2. https://isgp-studies.com/intro

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