Annie Bouty: The obscure lawyer

Author: Carter Bussell | Date: June 15, 2020 | Updated: June 18, 2020


  1. Introduction
  2. 19??-1970s: Obscure law expert
  3. 1980s: The turbulent decade
  4. 1990-1996: Hidden, then exposure
  5. 1996-2004: The Coverup
  6. Reviewing the connections
  7. Conclusion
  8. Notes

“During that diner [in the late summer of 1995] Dutroux explained to Nihoul and Bouty that he was able to get stolen trucks. Dutroux was much more reserved than Nihoul. He only talked about trafficking of weapons and trucks. There also was talk about forged Portuguese passports.” (PV 8377/98, Michel Lelievre testimony)

“Nihoul always gave me the impression that he had many connections that he could count on. Marc Dutroux told me that Nihoul had taken care of many of Lelievre’s problems… Marc had accurately sensed that he would benefit from continuing to see Nihoul, because of his connections and those of his wife, the lawyer[Annie Bouty]. (PV 2739, October 9, 1996, testimony of Michelle Martin, ex-wife of Marc Dutroux)


After investigating Dutroux and his close gang, Bernard Weinstein, Michel Lelievre and Jean-Michel Nihoul, it became clear that Annie Bouty was connected to each of these individuals. With the testimony of victim-witness X1, Bouty and Nihoul were present at the murder of Christine “Chrissy” Van Hees, along with Marc Dutroux and Bernard Weinstein. At some point, X1 even met Michelle Martin. Others at Christine’s murder were allegedly Tony Van Den Bogaert, Michel Vander Elst and the parents of a girl in the Network named Anne. These individuals are the core group this initial investigation has been leading to.

As has already been shown with connections of Dutroux, his gang and Michel Nihoul, there are trails to a wider and higher level people. Much of those connections have been explored in the articles about The Dolo and also in the article about Michel Nihoul. Next up to he examined is Annie Bouty.

19??-1970s: Law expert with obscure past

The past of Annie Bouty is so obscure that nothing is known about her earliest years. From the day she was born, where she went to school, what college she went to, or who her parents were, are all things still unknown to this author. Looking over the X-dossiers summary, it appears that her father was a certain Jean Bouty and she had a brother named Georges Bouty. The only thing that is certain, is that she went to college, was friends with Philippe Deleuze and became a law expert.

As a law expert, she started out her career as a trainee of Jacques Marres, who was a counselor to Mobutu Sese Seko, who was the CIA and Belgian colonists-sanctioned dictator of Zaire/Congo. Because of her role as a trainee of Mares, she made numerous high level connections by the early 1970s. Living in Brussels since the early 1970s, she knew people in politics, the justice department, embassies, banking and even soccer.

Somehow, Bouty first met Jean-Michel Nihoul in 1971. It is not known, by this author, exactly how this happened. Nihoul had moved to Brussels in the late 1960s and became active in the area, doing jobs as a truck driver or some painting job with one of his brothers. Nihoul was an interior designer from Verviers, but had set up United Corporation, under the front of his wife, which he apparently used to become an expert in real estate. That corporation went bankrupt fraudulently, his wife taking the initial blame, but nonetheless, before this happened Nihoul and Bouty had parted ways for a few years. Around the time Nihoul’s wife went to jail for his crimes, Nihoul and Bouty had met each other again, in 1974. Although Nihoul went bankrupt in late 1974, he and Bouty went to live together the following year, in 1975.

In 1976, Nihoul set up an interior design firm with Claude Michel, a former fiancée of Bouty. Unsurprisingly, it went bankrupt within a few years. But, Claude Michel will pop up later connected into the suspicious activity of Bouty.

In the late 1970s, Nihoul convinced Bouty to leave her mentor Jacques Marres and to set up her own attorney’s office specialized in seeking asylum for refugees from Africa. Nihoul’s role in the firm of Bouty became public relations. Subsequently, Nihoul brought in a lot of customers. At some point in 1980, Philippe Deleuze, who was a former friend of Bouty from college, became a partner in the law firm. Deleuze was married to Francoise Van Espen, who acted as the godmother to Nihoul’s son and was the sister of Jean-Claude Van Espen, who himself became an occasional partner in the law firm. But, Deleuze resigned after ten months for the reason that Nihoul have too much work to Bouty and not enough to himself. His wife, Francoise, also complained that the firm recieved too many complaints from clients who did not receive answers to their letters. This was something Nihoul had been responsible for.

According to one source, X1 had testified that she first met Nihoul at an apartment of his, to where she had been taken by her mother Christiane Louf in the late 1970s, apparently 1979. Other that could allegedly be found there included Annie Bouty, Antoine “Tony” Van Den Bogaert, Michel Vander Elst and Marc Dutroux. These are the individuals X1 named as having been present at child abuse parties since the early 1980s, along with men as Count Leopold Lippens and Joost Bert. These events not only involved child absue, but sadomasochism, torture and murder.

1980s: The turbulent decade

According to X1, in the early 1980s she had been raped by Nihoul in the presence of Bouty, who owned the apartment where this took place. The apartment pointed out by X1 was located on Rue Dupre in Jette, a district of Brussels, which had been owned by Bouty from 1971 to 1981. Apparently, Bouty’s father, Jean, lived in the apartment after Annie had moved out.

“X1 also specifies the presence of Bouty when she went through the rapes of Nihoul in Jette, rue Dupre 51. Bouty actively took part in the feasts and liked to hurt the children (put certain objects in the orifices of children… knives, screwdrivers… which wounded the children). Bouty had the role of executioner.” (PV 116.018, October 25, 1996, 4th interview of X1 with De Baets and Hupez)

Having been missing for almost three years since six weeks after birth, X1’s first daughter Cheyenne was slaughtered right in front of her eyes at the ASCO factory. X1 had been tortured for two days and forced to kill a young child. While being tortured with a knife, she briefly lost consciousness at the last moment, which was unforgivable and her daughter was murdered. This appears to have taken place in late 1981 or before February 1982. Those allegedly present at this event included Nihoul, Bouty, Tony V. and two gendarme officers.

Since at the latest late 1981, Nihoul had been a customer of Les Atrebates, and apparently other nightclubs soon after. However, Bouty and Nihoul separated by 1982, although they remained close over the years. They would continue to do business and attend child abuse, torture and murder events together, according to X1.

Without going into too many details, one of the three murdered children, witnessed by X1 that will be mentioned, was apparently Veronique Dubrulle. Officially, she died of cancer on September 4, 1983. Later investigators wanted to dig up the body and do an autopsy, but this was never done. X1 had identified her as someone whom had been taken regularly to child abuse parties. X1 testified that Veronique had been torturer with a knife for a while and then was finally murdered. Those present at this event, according to X1, included Nihoul, Bouty, Tony V., Vander Elst, Emile Dellaert and a member of the Bert family.

On August 30, 1982, Carine Dellaert disappeared and it took her father, Emile Dellaert, a full week before he reported her missing. Carine’s body, which was in an advanced stage of decomposition, was found in an abandoned cesspit in Gent on September 24, 1985. According to X1, Carine was the girl she knew as Clo, her best friend. X1 had been introduced to Clo by her pimp Tony V., who began to take them to abuse parties. Clo hated pain and at the sadomasochistic evenings, X1 would try to take most of the pain, she had been trained from a very early age to do so. After Clo disappeared, X1 only say her occasionally at abuse parties, where she was always with the same wealth old man. X1 was not allowed to go near her and had been told that she had become an “angel”, which meant that she was at the “end circuit”, that she was going to die. The reason why Clo was kept alive was because she had been pregnant. At one point in 1983, Tony picked up X1 from school and brought her to a house in Gent, where Clo was in a room lying on a bed and trying to give birth. Throughout this process Clo was raped and tortured with objects and as a result had lost a lot of blood. X1 was forced to try keeping her from crying and yelling. She eventually was forced to deliver Clo’s baby, after the baby was pushed out, Clo was dead. According to X1, those present in the house included Nihoul, Bouty, Tony V., Vander Elst, Count Leopold Lippens and two others. Afterwards, the police commissioner of Knokke joined this group at a Chinese restaurant and then decided to go to “Madame Cecile”, X1’s grandmother’s villa, where X1 was subsequently gang raped.

X1 was first introduced to “Chrissy” in September 1983, after she had been brought by Tony to an apartment where Nihoul was. After Nihoul talked her into having sex with X1, it was decided by Nihoul and Tony that Chrissy needed to undergo an initiation. That initiation apparently took place in October in something that resembled a “macabre satanic mass”. The abuser in the garage of a house in a Brussels suburb included Nihoul, Tony V., Baron Benoît de Bonvoisin and Bouty. The victims included X1, a foreign girl of 8 years, a 10 or 11 year old boy and Chrissy. The men wore capes and masks while the “Mistress”, Annie Bouty, was dressed in leather including a mask and commanded the men to torture and abuse the children in various ways. X1 states that the abusers were not Satanists, but rather used to ritual abuse ceremony as a way to keep the children from talked or sound crazy if they did and to gain control over Chrissy. The climax of the event included the slaughter of a white rabbit over the belly of X1, who was strapped to a table with black leather and spinning wheels. Christine was ordered to drink from a chalice with the rabbit-blood and to promise lifelong loyalty to the group.

Sometimes, X1 saw Chrissy at the “villa of the boats”, which was owned by Count Herve d’Ursel, who was married to a sister of Baron de Bonvoisin. X1 was tasked with the objective of training Chrissy on how to operate and behave in the Network. But, Chrissy was stubborn, resistant and didn’t handle the torture of the sadomasochistic evenings well. As a result, Chrissy gained a negative notoriety among the other victims because they would receive another round of torture because of Chrissy’s behavior. At some point, X1 advised Chrissy to tell her parents about what she was involved in and to try and leave the Network. X1 subsequently told Mieke, another girl in the network, about this. Mieke became so afraid of what the reprisals would he if Chrissy suddenly left, that Mieke informed Nihoul and Tony about this. Chrissy was murdered in front of X1 days after. This event has already been described, Chrissy was tortured, tied up and subsequently burned alived in an abandoned champignon factory. Those present at the murder, according to X1, include Nihoul, Bouty, Tony V., Vander Elst, the parents of a girl in the network named Anne, Marc Dutroux and Bernard Weinstein. Later investigators would link X1’s story to the murder of Christine Van Hees on February 13, 1984. There is very little doubt that the Chrissy spoke of by X1 was not Christine Van Hees.

As has been mentioned already, since the early 1980s, Nihoul began to frequent nightclubs, where orgies and swapping parties took place. In 1981, he started visiting Les Atrebates, which was shutdown by police in 1983, for the reason of encouraging debauchery. At one of the orgies Nihoul had met Marleen De Cockere and together they took a bar, Le Clin d’Oeil, in 1983. Nihoul was also a frequent visitor of the notorious nightclub Le Mirano. A major scandal broke out at Le Mirano when in April 1984, a close relative of a prominent judge died in Le Mirano from overdosing on drugs. The resulting investigation uncovered evidence of not only drug dealing, but also a clandestine pedophile ring headed by Philippe Cryns. His partner in all this was Alexis Alewaeters, whose lawyer became Didier de Quevy at the instigation of Bouty, whose law firm, Cadreco, also represented Alewaeters at some point, just as Philippe Deleuze. Alewaeters was a close associate of Bouty and Nihoul and together with Cryns, had been named as one of the main organizers of pedophile parties at Le Mirano and private villas. As a child prostitute, “VM1”, would later testify in the late 1990s that he was employed by Cryns to pick up children, get them drunk or give them drugs and then take them to the private area of Le Mirano, where they were abused. VM1 also testified that he had witnessed children being murdered and that newly-initiated who worked against the program ended up in car accidents. Judge Claire De Gryse decided not to view video tapes, on which allegedly showed Cryns’ clients having sex with children, because she had been assured “that nothing was on there that would even shock a capuchin.”

From mid to late 1980s, Nihoul worked with Bouty and her law firm Cadreco, which was specialized in representation of African refugees, especially from Nigeria because Bouty had close contacts with the government there, in Belgium. Bouty and Cadreco even represented Alexis Alewaeters, who was involved in the scandal with Philippe Cryns at Le Mirano, as has just been mentioned. On October 6, 1986, Lt.-Col. Guido Torrez, head of the Neufchateau district of the gendamerie, personally called the gendarmerie in Schaarbeek in order to tell and officer to leave his suspect, a Portuguese named Juan Borges, alone. In 1989, it was discovered why Torrez made this very unusual move. Cadreco went bankrupt and all its financial records were confiscated. It was somehow found out that Nihoul had personally called Torrez and convinced him to have Borges left alone. Bouty, who had an affair with Borges, would even admit, in 1989, that she had been the one who told Nihoul to do this. A former girlfriend of Juan Borges, Brigitte Jenart, would testify in the late 1990s that Bouty had been protecting him. However, Jenart committed suicide in April 1998, an event which some suspect may have been an assassination.

In between the Cadreco situation, Nihoul had founded J.M. Nihoul et Associes in 1987, together with his son. Bouty had an advisory role during the founding of the partnership. His son would later have the company declared prematurely bankrupt in 1989, because he feared that he would get in trouble like Nihoul did to Adrienne, Nihoul’s first wife. During the investigation, the justice department found videotapes and invitations to sex orgies at Nihoul’s home. After Nihoul was released in 1989, his daughter had to convince him not to have his own son murdered.

1990-1996: In the Network, then exposure

In the evening of December 17, 1991, a girl named Katrien De Cuyper disappeared in Anywerp after having last been seen making a phone call at cafe Les Routiers. On June 22, 1992, she was found dead and the autopsy showed that she had been murdered shortly after the disappearance. X1 recognized her as someone she had been forced to kill at Castle Kattenhof. If she had not, her our children would have been killed. The group present in the castle included Nihoul, Bouty, Tony V., Vander Elst, Leopold Lippens, the assumed owner of the castle, Joost Bert and several others.

One of the X-witnesses that later came forward was X69, who was a transvestite specialized in sadomasochism and scatology. He told that in 1993 or 1994 he was asked by a pimp, Micha, from Berendrecht, if he wanted to make 50,000 franks in a single night. Becoming interested, X69 was pointed toward an old house in Berendrecht. While walking toward the house he noticed a large American car and a gray Mercedes with a license plate of the Consular Corps. When inside, X69 saw 4 men and 3 women, including Michel Nihoul and Annie Bouty. Three girls and a boy were present, whom he estimated were 8 to 13 years old and probably from the Netherlands or Germany. Nihoul had sex with multiple children while Bouty had sex with a guy in his 30s, making the children watch her. X69 was very uncomfortable that night and didn’t touch the children. X69 had pee sex with a guy in his fifties. The house had been demolished, so it took investigators a while to locate it.

Michel Lelievre, the soon to be accomplice of Marc Dutroux in kidnapping girls, met Casper Flier, a former business partner of Bouty, in 1993 while they were both in jail. Flier has been convicted for international cocaine trafficking while Lelievre had been jailed for trafficking XTC pills. After Lelievre was released, he went to work at a gas station owned by Flier. It has been established that Lelievre knew Nihoul by September 1994. Officially, they first met in March 1995, when Lelievre stayed a couple days at the place of Bouty. Lelievre and Nihoul became partners in crime, trafficking stolen cars and drugs, with Nihoul giving the orders. At some point, Lelievre “introduced” Dutroux to Nihoul, but if X1’s testimony is true, they met over a decade before.

1996-2004: The Coverup

On August 13, 1996, Dutroux, Lelievre and Michelle Martin were arrested on suspicions for having kidnapped Laetitia Delhez. Within the next three days, Michel Nihoul was arrested, on August 16, after his close association with Dutroux and Lelievre had been discovered. Although Nihoul was soon released, he was heavily implicated in the kidnapping. The following month, on September 5, Bouty was arrested. After Bouty was arrested, magistrate Benoit Dejemeppe contacted police commissioner Georges Marnette and informed about the case of Bouty. Dejemeppe questioned if there was enough evidence for her arrest and made a proposal to to have Bouty’s dossier transferred out of the pedophilia dossier and into the car fraud dossier. This was such an unusual move by an outside judge that investigators at Neufchateau wrote a report about it. Dejemeppe would even later deny that he made such a request, but was forced to admit it. In the days following the arrests of Nihoul and Bouty, examining magistrate Jean-Marc Connerotte asked the gendarmerie if there were any files in the two. The gendarmerie lied and told Connerotte that they had not a single file on either Nihoul or Bouty. After a few interrogation Bouty was released on October 20 and has never been investigated since.

On August 8, 1996, at least 8 or 9 witnesses spotted Nihoul, some with Dutroux, at the location where Laetitia Delhez would be kidnapped the next day. On August 10, Lelievre and Dutroux went to Nihoul in order to pick up XTC pills. Because of these facts, during the Dutroux trial, Nihoul was asked to provide and alibi for August 9. It took Nihoul eleven days to come up with the alibi, which was provided by none other than Michel Vander Elst, the lawyer that had provided false alibis for the Haemers gang, which kidnapped Paul Vanden Boeynants back in the ‘80s. Nihoul’s alibi for August 9 was largely confirmed, except that the alleged participants could not get their story straight. Vander Elst claimed Nihoul arrived at the barbecue with Annie Bouty, while others claimed he arrived with Marleen De Cokere. Philippe Carvatte, someone claimed by Vander Elst to have been present at the barbecue, stated that he had been invited by Vander Elst in early August, while others claimed the idea has spontaneously arisen earlier that day. Additionally, the family that saw Nihoul on August 8 in the area where Laetitia was kidnapped, decided to withdraw their testimony in mid 1997 because they had been intimidated over the past months. In May 1999, Vander Elst was interviewed about the alibis he had provided for Nihoul on the dates August 7 and 8. Now, all of a sudden, Vander Elst claimed he was mistaken and that he had been painting with Nihoul in Shaarbeek on August 6 and 7, but not 8. One of those present at the the alleged barbecue, Anne Noel, was reinterviewed and now claimed that Nihoul was unable to work at the apartment on August 8, claiming he had to go somewhere. What this all means is that Nihoul does not have an alibi for August 8, the day Nihoul was seen all over Bertrix, where Dutroux and Lelievre kidnapped Laetitia Delhez the next day. Dutroux and Lelievre acknowledged that they had done reconnaissance in the area on August 8, but apparently left out Nihoul.

Additionally, in between all of this, the former girlfriend of Juan Borges, Brigitte Jenart, committed suicide on April 5, 1998, after she had locked herself up in her house for a while. Some suspect that she may have really been among those assassinated. It took a while for Jenart to find out what kind of criminal circuit Borges was involved in. Testifying in 1996, she claimed that it only took one call from Annie Bouty, at the time in the 1980s, for the gendarmerie to leave Borges alone. Jenart also claimed that Bouty had it checked that Borges had not appeared in an internal watchlist of the gendarmerie.

On November 15, 2001, Philippe Deleuze died from a disease and some suspect he may have also been among those assassinated. Deleuze was a college friend of Bouty and had been involved with her and Nihoul’s law firm, which specialized in seeking asylum for African refugees, in 1980. As has already been explained, he quit after ten months because Nihoul had not given him enough work, instead giving it mostly too Bouty.

In 2004, Annie Bouty testified as a witness at least twice during the Dutroux trial. One in April, during a session focused on the murder of Bernard Weinstein by Dutroux. the second in May, while Nihoul, Dutroux, Lelievre and Martin were all on trial. Aside from this, nothing else is known, by this author, as to what Bouty has been up to since. It appears that she has a Facebook account, which appears to have been only active since 2014 and has a number of interesting friends. Besides this, nothing else is known about Annie Bouty by this author.

Reviewing the connections

Was Annie Bouty born in Brussels, Belgium? Who were Bouty’s parents? How long did Bouty live in Brussels? Where did Bouty go to college? The answers to these questions are all unknown to this author at this time. What is certain, is that Bouty was living in Brussels no later than 1971 and by the early 1970s, had gained numerous high level connections as a result of being a trainee of Jacques Marres, a counselor to Mobutu Sese Seko. In 1971, somehow, Nihoul managed to meet Annie Bouty. Nihoul had moved to Brussels from Verviers in the late 1960s and had been working jobs as truck driving or wallpaper jobs. How this meeting occurred is not clear, but Nihoul and Bouty met again in 1974, after which they decided to move in together. From 1971 to 1981, Bouty owned an apartment at rue Dupre 51, in Jette. X1 would later testify that she recognized that apartment as the place where she had been raped by Nihoul in the presence of Bouty, in the early 1980s. X1 was also raped there by other persons, besides Nihoul. Oddly, it appears that after 1981, Annie Bouty’s father, Jean Bouty, moved into it and lived there for several years. It is also known that in 1981, Nihoul began to visit Les Atrebates, where X1 had been taken to be prostituted out, as well as Nathalie Waeterschoot, who had been seen by X1 and also claimed to having been raped by Nihoul in the early 1980s. By 1982, Nihoul and Bouty separated, but as already described, they remained close over the years and attended child abuse, torture and murder events together. One interesting, additional detail, is that a known pedophile that lived in St. Gilles was a Georges Bouty, who lived on the same street as Jean-Paul Raemaekers, someone we have yet to discuss. Georges Bouty was the brother of Annie Bouty, he will be mentioned again later.

Left to right: Mobutu Sese Seko and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands

Perhaps, the most interesting early connection of Annie Bouty’s story is when she went to college and became a law expert. She started her career off as a trainee of Jacques Marres, who was a counselor to Mobutu Seso Seko, the CIA and Belgian colonialist-sanctioned dictator of Zaire/Congo. It was because of this relationship that Annie Bouty had made numerous high level connections by the early 1970s and knew people in politics, the justice department, embassies, banking and even soccer. Now did Mobutu Sese Seko have any interesting connections himself back to the Network? He sure did. The Congo had been part of King Leopold II(grandson became King Albert II)’s own personal estate. He ruled it from the early 1880s until 1909, but the Congo never became fully independent of Belgium until 1960. Marc Dutroux and Jean Paul Raemaekers lived in the Belgian Congo and both left before the Congo Crisis beginning in the early 1960s. The first elected leader was Patrice Lumumba, a communist who was assassinated with CIA and Belgian assistance the following year in 1961. His replacement was Mobutu Sese Seko, who was anti-communist and changed the country’s name to Zaire and ruled it as a dictator until being overthrown in 1997. Over the years, the Congo went from one of the richest countries in Africa to one of the poorest. One of the biggest Belgian private investors of the Belgian colony of Zaire/the Congo, ran by Seko, was Michel Relecom, the head of the brewery group Unibra, which owns the European Institute of Management. Both Mobutu Sese Seko and Michel Relecom were members of the 1001 Club. Relecom was a member of the 1001 Club in the years 1978 and 1987. Since at least 1981, Relecom was the kingpin of the special relationship between Belgium’s big business establishment and Zaire’s dictator Mobutu Sese Seko. Relecom was also the chairman of the Belgian-African Chamber of Commerce. Without going too deep into this line of inquiry, it quite interesting to note that Count Leopold Lippens has also been a member of the 1001 Club. Leopold Lippens has been accused by X1 of being present at the birth of her first daughter Cheyenne, at parties attended by Bouty, Nihoul, Vander Elst, Joost and Albert Bert and at the murders of Carine “Clo” Dellaert and Katrien De Cuyper. Others claimed by X1 of having been present at these two murders include Annie Bouty, Michel Nihoul, Tony V. and Michel Vander Elst.

According to one source, X1 claimed that she first met Nihoul at an apartment of his, which has since been demolished, which she had been taken to by her mother, Christiane Louf, in the late 1970s. She also claimed that the people she saw there included Annie Bouty, Tony V., Michel Vander Elst and Marc Dutroux. These would have been the individuals who attended child abuse parties, many of which were regularly organized by Nihoul since the early 1980s. X1 described Nihoul as some kind of party beast, while Dutroux was more on the side, someone who did the odd jobs, brought girls and watched them and brought drugs like cocaine. In 1976, Nihoul started an interior design firms with Claude Michel, a former fiancée of Bouty. Interestingly, Claude Michel appeared later as a founding member and chairman of a non-profit association, Asetanas, together with secretary Georges Bouty and Claude Ceresa. According to General Secretary of Belgian State Security Bart Van Lijsebeth, this one link in a network of companies and non-profit organizations, which Annie Bouty carried out human trafficking in Belgium, but also possibly Africa. Another link was the sect of the Celestial Church of Christ, which was led by Annie Bouty. As for Asetanas, the members were in close contact with Michel Nihoul and Annie Bouty. The members were also reportedly visitors of the Brussels bar Coco Beach, which has been mentioned before. Claude Michel was apparently involved in the PRL and had Nihoul’s help of promoting his political campaign. Claude distanced himself from Nihoul upon being questioned. Claude Ceresa, who has since changed his name, lived with Pascal Lamarque from 1984 to 1990. Ceresa was a homosexual with a series of convictions for fraud and fraudulent bankruptcy. Lamarque had a longer criminal record, from 1983 to 1995. Convictions of violent thefts, rape of minors, drug trafficking, car theft, blows and injuries, libel an agent, flight crimes after an accident, damage to monuments. Strangely, Christine Van Hees exchanged some letters with Lamarque, apparently back in 1983.

One of the individuals helped in their political campaigns by Nihoul’s promotion on the radio, was Philippe Deleuze, who was a former college friend of Bouty that became involved in Bouty and Nihoul’s law firm, which specialized in seeking asylum for African refugees. Nihoul had convinced Bouty to leave her mentor Jacques Marres and set up this attorney’s office, in the late 1970s. Deleuze quit after 10 months because Nihoul gave too much work to Bouty and not enough to himself. Deleuze’s wife, Francoise Van Espen, who acted as the godmother of Nihoul’s son, also claimed about the firm. Francoise was the sister of Jean-Claude Van Espen, who an occasional partner in the law firm himself. Deleuze was involved in the PSC and was a member of the CEPIC, which was founded by Paul Vanden Boeynants and Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin. Deleuze was also on the board of the Tentoonstellingspark (Exposition Park) foundation, of which Vanden Boeynants was chairman. It has been said that VdB and Deleuze were responsible for the appointment of Jean-Claude Van Espen to examining magistrate. Van Espen would later play a crucial role in covering up the Christine Van Hees murder, Dutroux, Nihoul and X-dossiers cases. In November 1981, Nihoul first met Vanden Boeynants at PSC headquarters, where they discussed an aspect of the Centre Medical de l’Est affair, which was a scam involving Nihoul and Bouty.

In February 1979, X1 would testify, she gave birth to her first daughter, Cheyenne, at the hotel-villa of her grandmother, Cecile Beernaert, who made a phone call.. This was no ordinary birth, X1 was only 10 years old. After the contractions started, men entered the room as Count Leopold Lippens and Count Maurice Lippens (“the Lippens brothers”), Paul Vanden Boeynants and the assistant police commissioner of Knokke. Then, Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin and Michel Vander Elst arrived thereafter. The Lippens brothers raped her. VdB sodomized her. Vander Elst put a knife to her throat while BdB raped her. BdB cut her in order to keep her awake. Vander Elst took a number of photos. One of the Lippens brothers raped her with a razor blade. BdB beat her, apparently, during and after the baby came out, after which she was sodomized and raped. Six weeks later, her daughter disappeared. Most, if not all, of the individuals accused of being involved in this horrific event, would have established connections to Nihoul and/or Bouty.

Inside the ASCO factory in early 1982.

Nearly three years after the birth of Cheyenne, X1 suffered through a horrific event at the ASCO factory of Roger Boas, which occurred around 1981-1982, when X1 was 12 years old. On a weekend, X1 was taken to the ASCO factory, of Roger Boas, in Zaventem, where she was abused, tortured and tormented for 2 days and forced to kill a girl. They then showed her a little girl about the age of 2 or 3, who was apparently her daughter, Cheyenne. X1 was told that tis was her daughter and that if she did what they told her to, she would be killed, and if not, her daughter. She was raped with a knife, which upon being removed from her vagina, caused X1 to briefly loose consciousness. This was unforgivable, so they slaughtered Cheyenne right in front of her. Those involved included Nihoul, Bouty, Tony and two gendarme officers, also Werner Donners, who must have taken care of filming. Others that visited the ASCO regularly for child abuse included: Tony, Nihoul, Vander Elst, Paul Vanden Boeynants, Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin and Melchior Wathelet. X1 named a “Roger”, who may have been Roger Boas and referred to the ASCO factory as “the factory of the video recordings”, one of the places, along with Axory Parcels, where sacrifices of children have taken place during videotaped parties. X1 also told that she had been taken to the factory, sometimes with Tony, by the private driver of Vanden Boeynants, Henri Bil, and by Madani Bouhouche. Additional details about many of these persons will be left for later.

There were four other girls, among many other children, whom X1 witnessed being murdered. One of them was apparently Veronique Dubrulle, at whose murder after bring tortured with a knife according to X1, included Nihoul, Bouty, Tony, Vander Elst and Emile Dellaert, who was the father of Carine Delleart. According to X1, Carine was her best friend, Clo, who was murdered as a result of being severely tortured while pregnant and trying to give birth. X1 claimed those at Clo’s murder included Nihoul, Bouty, Tony, Vander Elst, Leopold Lippens and a businessman from Flanders and his son, possibly Albert Bert and his son Joost Bert. At the murder of Christine “Chrissy” Van Hees, according to X1, were Nihoul, Bouty, Tony, Vander Elst, parents of Anne, Bernard Weinstein and Dutroux. Lastly, with the murder of Katrien De Cuyper, X1 claims that those present included Nihoul, Bouty, Tony V., Vander Elst, Leopold Lippens, Joost Bert, the assumed owner of the castle, and several others. Katrien’s murder were among the last murders she witnessed in the early 1990s, other three took place in 1983 and 1984. This is the core group that this recent series of articles have been focusing on. It is incredibly interesting that X1 places Dutroux among this group of child abusers, in particular, with Nihoul. X1 also told that Bernard Weinstein, would walk around sometimes at abuse parties with snakes. At one point, Annie Bouty was looking for a snake, which was brought by Weinstein and used by Bouty on Christine. At some point, probably in the ’80s, X1 met Michel Martin.

From the mid to late 1980s, Bouty had a law firm called Cadreco, which specialized in representation of African refugees in Belgium, especially from Nigeria, the government of which Bouty had a number of connections. At some point, Cadreco even represented Alexis Alewaeters, who was the one named as having been the partner of Philippe Cryns in the alleged child abuse ring at Le Mirano. When Cadreco went bankrupt, all of its financials records were sieged. It was discovered why, on October 6, 1986, Lt-Col. Guido Torrez of the Neufchateau district of the gendarmerie, personally called to the Shaarbeek gendarmie, in order to tell an officer to leave his suspect, a Portuguese named Juan Borges, alone. This was a very unusual move, but with those financial records, it was somehow discovered that Torrez did this because Nihoul had personally called Torrez in order to convince him to leave Borges alone. It was later be admitted by Bouty that she had been the one who told Nihoul to call Torrez. Borges was a business partner of Nihoul in the Underworld, and even had an affair with Bouty. The activity Borges was involved in was illegal trafficking of such things as gold, drugs, counterfeit money, art and apparently humans. Borges had high level connections to the Italian mafia and to fascist members of the Jonathan Club, like Frederic Godfroi. From 1985 to 1986, Borges owned Candy Medical, which was a front for illegal weapons trafficking. The firm was located in a building owned by the Security Bureau of the European Union/Commission, which was headed by Pierre Eveillard, whose brother Christian Eveillard was a police commissioner who visited and protected The Dolo. The girlfriend of Borges since 1983 was Brigitte Jenart, who later testified that Bouty was protecting him. Accoring to Jenart, it took only a single call from Bouty at the time for the gendarmerie to leave Borges alone. She also claimed that Bouty had it checked that Borges had not made it on an internal watchlist of the gendarmerie. Jenart committed suicide on April 5, 1998, after locking herself in her house for a while. Some suspect the death of Jenart may have really involved an assassination.

Annie Bouty knew the politician Alfred Cahen, who was named in the ATLAS dossier as having been among the persons in direct contact with Felix Przedborski. Cahen was also associated with the Russian mafia. According to an article, one of the ways Semion Mogilevich, a reported leader of the Zionist-Russian oligarch mafia Soltnsevskaya Bratva, contacted French intelligence was through Cahen, who was a Belgian ambassador to France. According to the ATLAS dossier, Cahen is suspected to having been a member of “the Lodge” and would have been a friend of Willy De Claes, a Grand Orient freemason also named in the ATLAS dossier. Cahen would have also been a friend of King Baudouin. His wife was Nicole de Beauvay, the old First lady of Honor of Queen Fabiola. In 1986, Cahen would have signed a diplomatic passport. which would have been given to Felix Przedborski. Interestingly, Przedvorski was a member of the Cercle des Nations.

Another interesting details is linked to the controversy surrounding the alleged August 9, 1996, barbecue. One of the alleged attendees was Philippe Cravatte, the righthand of Leon Deferm, who has a number of interesting connections. Deferm was named in the ATLAS dossier as having been an important money launderer for Felix Przedborski since 1985 or 1986 and also had a join mistress with Przedborski. Deferm was a friend of Guy Mathot and had been involved in the Augusta scandal. He once bought a house in Marbella from Adnan Khashoggi, who knew Paul Vanden Boeynants and is one of the superclass suspects of 9/11. Deferm also had contacts with Florio Fiorini and Giancarlo Paretti.

After Nihoul and Bouty had been arrested, Benoit Dejemeppe contacted police commissioner Georges Marnette and informed him about the case against Bouty. Dejemeppe questioned if there was enough evidence for the arrest of Bouty and proposed transfering Bouty’s dossier from the pedophilia dossier to the car fraud dossier. This was a highly unusual move, which Dejemeppe would initially deny, but was forced to admit it. Dejemeppe would later be present at the meetings of the Obelix cell, along with Andre Vandoren, Patrick Duinslaeger, Jean-Claude Van Espen, Michel Bourlet, Jean Soenen, Nicole De Rouck, Paule Somers, Jacques Langlois, a number of gendarme officers, leaders of investigating teams, judicial police officers and criminal anaysts. The Obelix cell coordinated meetings about the Dutroux affair in the first half in 1997. X1 (Regina Louf) largely dominated the agenda of these meetings. Interestingly, Dejemeppe had appeared on a 1999 list of people allegedly involved in trafficking children and drugs, which was provided Count Yann de Meeus d’Argenteuil, who committed suicide the next year.


While there are many trails that could have been followed, much of that has been left for other articles, or have been followed in previous articles, such as the one on Nihoul. It is clear that Annie Bouty must have been a crucial link to the Network for Michel Nihoul. It was after Nihoul moved to Brussels and subsequently moved in Bouty, that Nihoul appears to have become involved in pedophile blackmail operations and had met part of the core group of abusers in X1’s testimony (i.e. Tony Vandenbogaert, Michel Vander Elst and Marc Dutroux, who was really more on the side). It is this main core group that has been the focus of the last articles, as according to X1, they were all present at the murder of Christine “Chrissy” Van Hees in 1984. As the connections of these individuals are laid out, it is important not to digress too far, because many of these connections deserve an investigation themselves, but there is also an extreme lack of information to do that.

It is important to keep track of the connections these individuals have. The interesting parts include the ties they have in common and which ones are unique. The many different trails may be revisited later. However, it is clear that having followed the trail from Dutroux to Nihoul and onto Bouty, the next step is Tony V. He was a close associate of Nihoul and was the pimp of X1, who lost her virginity to him at a very young age at her grandmother’s hotel-villa in Knokke. While Tony, Nihoul and Bouty were present at the murder of Cheyenne inside the ASCO factory, Michel Vander Elst was present at the birth of Cheyenne inside the hotel-villa of X1’s grandmother. But, Vander Elst will be the follow up to Tony.


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