Michel Vander Elst: Lawyer of the Nebula

Author: Carter Bussell | Date: June 29, 2020 |


  1. Introduction
  2. 1946/1947 – 1979: Lawyer with an enigmatic past
  3. 1980-1984: Murders in the Network
  4. 1989: Haemers gang “kidnaps” Paul Vanden Boeynants
  5. 1991-2004: Still in the Network & a coverup-er
  6. Connections review
  7. Conclusion
  8. Notes


Having examined the Dutroux affair, the link between the Dolo and the murder of Christine Van Hees, it became clear that one of the main groups victim-witness X1 had been abused by particular group involved in all three scandals. With that information, the life and connections of Jean-Michel Nihoul, Annie Bouty and Antoine “Tony” Van Den Bogaert were examined, leaving one more important figure, Michel Vander Elst.

With all the other connections of Nihoul, Bouty and Tony aside, Vander Elst provides and important connection to a larger network, namely the “Nebula” mentioned in the ATLAS dossier. Of course all of these individuals have links to the Nebula, like a spiderweb, but it was Vander Elst who was specifically named as having been involved with the Nebula of Felix Przedborski.

1946/1947-1979: Lawyer with enigmatic past

Michel Vander Elst was born in either 1946 or 1947, probably in Belgium somewhere and his father’s name was Raymond Vander Elst. This is all that is known about Vander Elst’s earliest years, by this author. He must have started studying law in school, at some point, and became a lawyer, apparently following in the footsteps of his father.

When Vander Elst was about 32-33 years old, he was accused of having been present, in February 1979, at Madam Cecile Beernaert‘s hotel-villa in Knokke, where X1 gave birth to Cheyenne. X1 began to going into labour, when she told this to her grandmother, Cecile, who then made a phone call. X1 went to lay in a bed and eventually the abusers showed up. Count Leopold & Count Maurice Lippens (the Lippens brothers), Paul Vanden Boeynants (VdB) and the assistant police commissioner of Knokke. Soon thereafter Baron Benoît de Bonvoisin (BdB) and Michel Vander Elst arrived. Vander Elst put a knife to X1’s throat while BdB raped her. X1 had to masturbate while Vander Elst made a number of photographs. Then the Lippens brothers raped her with razorblades. When Cheyenne exited, BdB beat X1. Soon after giving birth, X1 was raped and sodomized. X1’s daughter, Cheyenne, disappeared after six weeks and would only be seen again at the ASCO factory in Zaventem, just outside Brussels, in 1981. X1 named Michel Vander Elst as one of the regular abusers at the ASCO factory, which X1 referred to as “the factory of the films”.

X1 claimed to have first met Michel Nihoul at an apartment of his, which she had been taken to by her mother, Christiane Louf, in the late 1970s. The apartment has since been demolished, but those that she saw there included Annie Bouty, Tony Van Den Bogaert, Michel Vander Elst and Marc Dutroux.

1980-1984: Murders in the Network

Since the early 1980s, according to X1, Jean-Michel Nihoul regularly organized parties, which involved child abuse, torture and even murder. Michel Vander Elst has been named as one of the attendees of these kinds of events and has been accused in several murders of young girls. Nihoul was also accused of organizing pedophile events at the Etterbeek nightclubs Les Atrebates in the early 1980s and later The Dolo, both of which Vander Elst was a customer.

It happened around mid-1983, that X1 claims to have witnessed the murder of Carine “Clo” Dellaert, after being raped and tortured with objects while trying to give birth. Those named as having been present in the house where Clo was murdered include Nihoul, Bouty, Tony, Vander Elst, Leopold Lippens and two other persons possibly from the Co-Cli-Co. Afterwards, the group went over to X1’s grandmother Cecile Beernaert’s hotel-villa, where she was raped.

In September 1983, Veronique Dubrulle died officially from cancer, but according to X1 she was one of the murdered girls in the Network. She had been tortured with knives until finally being killed. The alleged people involved were Nihoul, Bouty, Tony, Vander Elst, Emile Dellaert and a member of the Bert family. The two doctors that signed Veronique’s death certificate were Dr. Luc De Schrijver and Dr. Luc De Waele, who are both accused by X1.

In the death of X1’s son Tiu, Vander Elst was accused of being the murderer. Around that time, X1 accused him of being a perpetrator in the February 13, 1984, murder of Christine “Chrissy” Van Hees. Vander Elst hit Chrissy in the head with a metal prod and beat metal tubes into her wrists with a hammer while she was being tied up, before being burned alive. Those X1 claimed were present include Nihoul, Bouty, Tony, Vander Elst, parents of Anne, Bernard Weinstein and Marc Dutroux.

1989-1993: Haemers gang “kidnaps” Paul Vanden Boeynants

On January 14, 1989, Paul Vanden Boeynants was kidnapped by members of the Haemers gang in a garage of his home in Brussels. Initially, it was reported that VDB was kidnapped by “Socialist Revolutionary Brigate”, which was unknown to general people, and the “Fighting Communist Cells”. Three days later, on January 17, the gang published a note on the leading Brussels newspaper Le Soir, demanding a ransom of 30 million Belgian francs. After an undisclosed ransom, VdB was released a month later on February 13. According to a Haemers gang police report, between mid January ‘89 and pre-February 13, there was contact between the Haemers family (Achille, Lilis and Bobonne) and Patrick Haemers, Denise Tyack and Kevin. There was a meeting between them that took place somewhere in a chateau outside Paris, possibly Qarters. During a conversation between Patrick and his father Achille, Patrick admitted that he was responsible for the kidnapping of VDB. Patrick told his father that he was part of an “organization” and was well compensated for his services. Sense Patrick Haemers was a part of “the organization” he and his gang didn’t have to worry about anything and the rent at his apartments would be covered. The organization consisted of influential people and had its own doctors and lawyers. The Haemers reports says “They would have dangerous political ideas” and Patrick described them as “the dangerous mad men.” The Haemers gang went on to say that Patrick’s contact between him and the “organization” was the lawyer Michel Vander Elst and that Patrick felt totally protected by this organization. According to the informant, Vanden Boeynants had ties to this organization, and his kidnapping may have been staged. Patrick’s brother, Eric Haemers, reportedly knew more about this organization, but he was afraid to speak about it. Soon after VdB’s release, the members of the Haemers gang, which was headed by Achille Haemers’ son Patrick, including Basjri Basjrama, Marc Van Dam, Philippe Lacroix and Denise Tyack, were all arrested.

In March 1989, Michel Vander Elst, as the lawyer of Patrick Haemers, who was being sought as the alleged leader of a gang responsible, was arrested on suspicions that he masterminded the abduction of Paul Vanden Boeynants. Vander Elst was placed under arrest after 9 hours of questioning. He was questioned on suspicions of involvement with the kidnapping of VDB, but also on accusations of bribery and forgery. A spokesman charged that Vander Elst had seen some of the suspected kidnappers after they had rented a villa in the northern French resort Le Touquet, where VDB was held up for a month. The spokesman also said that Vander Elst had received calls from public booths in Le Touquet. Vander Elst was sentenced to 8 yers in jail for having provided false alibis for members of the Haemers gang, after they kidnapped VdB.

According to Jean-Michel Nihoul, he first met Michel Vander Elst in 1989, while they were both in prison and became close friends. However, it is likely that they knew each other earlier. The probably knew each other earlier, both Nihoul and Vander Elst were customers of The Dolo and its predecessor Les Atrebates.

On May 14, 1993, Patrick Haemers officially committed suicide by hanging himself with a radio cord in his jail cell, Meanwhile, two accomplices would attempt to escape from the St. Gilles prison. Could Patrick Haemers have been assassinated, who really knows.

In December 1993, Humo magazine interviewed Etienne Delhuvenne and Achille Haemers, the following information comes from the article published. When Delhuvenne was asked if Patrick Haemers worked for Leon Deferm, he went uncomfortably silent. Then in an afraid manner, said that he didn’t think it was important to mention names. Delhuvenne told that Patrick denied the majority of hold-ups he was accused, but the ones he did do were were ‘assignments’ given to him. Delhuvenne said the following

“You don’t believe that they did these robberies with the four or five of them? To pull off something like that you need an army of accomplices! Well-placed accomplices. And then it is also logical that the majority of the revenues had to be distributed among a lot of people. Everyone worked on a cut, including those that gave the assignment.” [asked if the kidnapping of Paul Vanden Boeynants was an assignment] “Absolutely. Patrick told me that they received 15 million in advance to do that. That seems logical to me. If your name is Patrick Haemers, you don’t come flying back from Brazilian paradise to kidnap VDB just for the heck of it? Such a risky operation, which is really doomed to fail! Believe me, something like that you only do if you are paid for it well in advance, and when you get the guarantee that nothing will happen to you. … When we went over the background of the kidnapping Patrick said: ‘Before we bring this out, VDB has to be informed.’ He called him a sympathetic old fox.”

Achille Haemers

Achille Haemers, the father of Patrick, chimed in:

“And they have been sitting merrily around the table, there in Le Touquet. With their masks off…”

After it was acknowledged that Patrick may have been visited in jail by Leon Deferm, because Deferm was traveling all over South America, Delhuvenne said the following:

“When Denise Tyack [Haemer’s girlfriend, a prostitute with an Israel background] came out of jail at one point, where she had been visiting Patrick, [Baron] Benoît de Bonvoisin was waiting for her. That has been in the newspapers. … I asked [Patrick] if he wasn’t shocked by that. ‘Why?’ he said. ‘I know that guy. I met him in Brazil.’”

In regard to Patrick Haemers potentially being assassinated, Delhuvenne said:

“I asked him a couple of times: ‘Patrick, aren’t you afraid that they kill you here in prison when they find out what you are planning to do?’ Each time he answered: ‘They wouldn’t dare.’ Back then I already wasn’t sure if that was a right assessment. And now I am completely convinced that Patrick fundamentally underestimated the true nature of his principals.”

Vander Elst received 8 years in prison for having provided false alibis for members of the Haemers gang, after they kidnapped VDB. However, Vander Elst was released early.

1991-2004: Still in the Network & a coverup-er

On December 17, 1991, Katrien De Cuyper went missing after making a phone call at cafe Les Routiers in Antwerp. Cuyper was later found dead in 1992. According to X1, this was one of the girls she saw murdered at Castle Kattenhof. She actually claims to have been forced to kill Katrien too. Those allegedly present at his event included Nihoul, Bouty, Tony, Vander Elst, Leopold Lippens, Joost Bert, the assumed owner of the castle and several others.

Since 1992, Vander Elst was a regular advisor of BVBA Audio Corporation, which has been linked to pedophilic practices. The manager of the corporation was Joseph Schulman, whose brother Charles was married to the sister of Bernard Weinstein, a close accomplice of Dutroux, who ended up killing Weinstein.

On May 14, 1993, Patrick Haemers commits “suicide” by hanging himself with a radio cord in his jail cell. According to police informants he stated privately that he had been given the assignment to kidnap VDB by a clandestine “organization”, which consisted of influential people and was described by him as consisting of “dangerous mad men”. His contact to the organization was his lawyer in Brussels, Michel Vander Elst.

Excerpt from the ATLAS dossier showing the Vander Elsts.

According to the ATLAS dossier of the Liege Gendarmerie written in 1994, Michel Vander Elst and his father Raymond Vander Elst were lawyers involved in the Nebula of Felix Przedborski. However, it is known that Michel Vander Elst stopped practicing law after the kidnapping of VDB. But, he would end up providing a false alibi for Nihoul later during the Dutroux process. Could this “Nebula” have something to do with the “organization” spoken about by Patrick Haemers, or the “Lodge” mentioned in the Haemers report?

After Nihoul was arrested on suspicions that he had been involved with the kidnapping oh Laetitia Delhez by Dutroux and Lelievre, he had to provide an alibi for August 9, the day it happened. Eleven days later, the alibi was provided by none other than Michel Vander Elst. The alibi was largely confirmed, but there were major holes. It claimed Nihoul was present at a barbecue, but the other participants could not get their story straight. One of the participants Vander Elst said was present, Philippe Cravatte, claimed Vander Elst invited him to the barbecue earlier in August, while others claimed it was a spontaneous idea that had arisen that day.

Vander Elst, at some point, went on to set up a hotel project in Gambia, Africa. Nothing else about this venture is known by this author.

In May 1999, while Vander Elst was briefly in Belgium, he was questioned about his alibi for Nihoul and withdrew an aspic of it. He had not been painting with Nihoul on August 8, the day before Laetitia Delhez’s kidnapping by Dutroux and Michel Lelievre. Rather, he had been painting with Nihoul on August 6 and 7. Another alleged participant in the alleged barbecue claimed that Nihoul was unable to work at her business on August 8, Nihoul said he had to go somewhere. So, Vander Elst’s alibi for Nihoul turns out to be false and the family that was certain they saw Nihoul on August 8 withdrew their testimony because they had been intimidated for over a course of months.

The last time Vander Elst was seen, as far as this author knows, was during the 2004 Dutroux trial. The only photos on the internet of Michel Vander Elst were taken during this time. When she was lying on the bed in the room going through labor, Count Leopold Lippens and Count Maurice Lippens (Lippens Brothers), Paul Vanden Boeynants (VdB; Pepere) and the police commissioner of Knokke arrived. Soon after Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin and Michel Vander Elst arrived. According to X1, Vander Elst put a knife to her throught while de Bonvoisin raped her. She had to masterbate while Vander Elst

Connections review

From 1946 to the late 1960s, during and after Nazi occupation, Michel Vander Elst was born as the son of Raymond Vander Elst, probably in Brussels, and subsequently became a lawyer or was becoming a lawyer in Brussels, following in his father’s footsteps.

By February 1979, X1 claims that Vander Elst was present when she gave birth at ten years old in her grandmother Cecile Beernaert’s hotel-villa in Knokke. When she was lying on the bed in the room going through labor, Count Leopold Lippens and Count Maurice Lippens (the Lippens Brothers), Paul Vanden Boeynants (VdB; Pepere) and the police commissioner of Knokke arived. Soon after Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin and Michel Vander Elst arrived. According to X1, Vander Elst put a knife on her throat while de Bonvoisin raped her. She had to masturbate while Vander Elst took a number of photographs. The Lippens brothers raped her with razor blades. De Bonvoisin beat X1 after the Cheyenne exited and then she was raped and sodomized. Six weeks later, Cheyenne disappeared only to be seen again at the ASCO factory over 2 years and a half later. Back in early 1973, X1’s virginity was taken at the age of four by Tony at Cecile’s hotel-villa and later she was raped by dogs and photographed in the presence of Tony and Pepere. Does Tony sound familiar?

According to X1, she first met Jean-Michel Nihoul after her mother Christiane Louf took her to an apartment of his in the late 1970s, around 1977-1979. X1 saw other people there, including Annie Bouty, Antoine “Tony” Van Den Bogaert, Michel Vander Elst and Marc Dutroux. Interestingly, these individuals are interconnected. Both Tony V. and Vander Elst were named as abusers at X1’s grandmother Cecile Beernaert’s hotel-villa in Knokke, also named alongside Paul Vanden Boeynants.

This group at that apartment of Nihoul all ended up being connected to child murders. Nihoul, Bouty and Tony were accused by X1 of being involved in the murder of her 2 year old daughter Cheyenne at the ASCO factory. X1 has accused Tony, Nihoul and Michel Vander Elst have been accused of being regular visitors of the ASCO factory for the purpose of child abuse. Vander Elst was involved in sadistic games with children and allegedly liked it when children sewed his scrotum and penis together. Others accused of child abuse at the ASCO factory include Paul Vanden Boeynants and Baron Benoît de Bonvoisin, major figures in the fascist underground and linked to the “Pinon/Pink Ballets” and the Eurosystem Hospitalier deal. Melchior Wathelet, the one who approved Dutroux probationary release in 1992, was also accused of visiting. The notorious lawyer Jean-Paul Dumont, who had many interesting clients and was close to Didier de Quevy, a lawyer for Marc Dutroux and Alexis Alewaeters, who was accused in the scandal surrounding Cercle des Nations member Philippe Cryns and Le Mirano. X2 claimed to have seen de Bonvoisin at Le Mirano, which was visited by Nihoul, Patrick Haemers and possibly Achille Haemers. De Bonvoisin has been accused of being a central figure in the child hunts, such as at Chateau des Amerois of the Solvay family. Nihoul, Bouty, Tony and Vander Elst were accused of being involved in the murders of Carine “Clo” Dellaert, Veronique Dubrulle, Christine “Chrissy” Van Hees and Katrien De Cuyper. Marc Dutroux and his accomplice Bernard Weinstein were accused of being present at the murder of Chrissy in 1984. At the murders of Clo (1983) and Katrien (1991), Count Leopold Lippens was accused of having been present. The Lippens Brothers have been accused by X2 as being present at the child hunts at Chateau de Chimay, of which the Chimay family has a ton of ties to this child abuse network. Leopold Lippens may have also been mentioned by X4, alongside VdB.

Around the time Patrick Haemers and gang kidnapped Paul Vanden Boeynants, Patrick told his father that he was working for some kind of clandestine “organization”, which he claimed consisted of dangerous madmen. It came out that his Brussels lawyer, Michel Vander Elst, was Patrick’s contact between him and this “organization”. What was this organization and who were those “dangerous madmen”? Could the “organization” be connected to “La Nebula” of the ATLAS dossier? It was said that Eric Haemers, Patrick’s brother, would have known more about this “organization”, but was afraid to talk about. Eric Haemers was also connected to some kind of “Lodge”, which was talked about in the Haemers report. Was that “Lodge” connected to “La Nebula” too?

Felix Przedborski

In regards to La Nebula of the ATLAS dossier, not only was Michel Vander Elst named as someone involved, but so was his father Raymond Vander Elst, who was reportedly a lawyer of Nebula head Felix Przedborski and was both a lawyer and member of the Grand Orient Lodge de France. Interestingly, there were a couple Grand Orient Freemason customers of both Les Atrebates and The Dolo, Jean Gol and Leon Defosset, both of which were nightclubs visited by Nihoul and Vander Elst. Willy De Clercq, the Tony liked to brag about being his friend, was a Grand Orient Freemason and was named in the ATLAS dossier as having taken orders from Przedborski. This is interesting in light of “the Lodge” mentioned in the Haemers dossier. Reported member of “the Lodge” were Willy De Clercq, Jean Gol, Willy Claes, Eric Haemers and possibly Achille Haemers, who was a reported customer of The Dolo. A Jakian was named a a leading figure in the “Lodge”. Willy De Clercq and Willy Claes appeared in the ATLAS dossier, along with the assassinated Belgian prime minister Andre Cools, who was also a Grand Orient freemason. Another person named in the ATLAS dossier was Alfred Cahen, who knew Annie Bouty. Present at the alleged barbecue on August 11, with Nihoul, was the right arm of “Nebula” tied Leon Deferm, Philippe Cravatte, according to none other than Vander Elst. The question was posed in the ATLAS dossier if Alfred Cahen was a a master of “the Lodge”. It was also stated that Cahen was friends with Willy Claes and had signed a diplomatic passport, which was given to Przedborski. Other persons mentioned in the ATLAS dossier were Roger Boas of the ASCO factory and Roger’s righthand man Abraham Shavit. VdB himself was reportedly also had ties to the “organization” mentioned by Patrick Haemers and VdB was close to Roger Boas and according to X1 visited it to abuse children. Interestingly enough, Vanden Boeynants founded the Cercle des Nations, which included members as Baron Benoît de Bonvoisin, Roger Boas, Philippe Cryns, Felix Przedborski and many other interesting individuals.

The connection of Vander Elst to the nightclubs Les Atrebates and its successor The Dolo, are important and have been detailed in this article. Michel Vander Elst and Michel Nihoul were confirmed customers of both clubs.


With Michel Vander Elst having thus been examined, it is clear that the same names have continuously appeared throughout this investigation. The names that have stood out at this point include Paul Vanden Boeynants, Baron Benoît de Bonvoisin and the ASCO factory of Roger Boas. All kinds of ties have been established from here with “La Nebula” of Felix Przedborski. Ties have thus been established with the Zionist establishment and the Liberal establishment, but also to the Conservative establishment, and in particular its “Vatican-Paneuropa Network”.


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