Tony Van Den Bogaert: The pimp

Author: Carter Bussell | Date: June 28, 2020 | Updated: August 28, 2020 |

“No one will believe you Regina [Louf/X1]. And those who do will be destroyed. I am protected by powerful people.” (Antoine “Tony” Van Den Bogaert, as quoted in Regina Louf’s autobiography)

“Mmmmm …. that has been the case, yes [if he had a key of the house of Regina Louf’s parents]. … Yes yes, that is correct [that he regularly came to pick up Regina]. … Can I call you back about that on Thursday? At the moment I really have no time for that. [reply to the question who gave him the key] … Yaaah, that is all [inaudible] [on the statement that Regina called him her pimp] … Absolutely, absolutely [if he did regularly meet her]. (April 27, 1998, VTM phone conversation with Tony.)


  1. Introduction
  2. 1942-1980s: The recondite salesman
  3. 1981: X1 meets Tony, again
  4. 1981-1990: Pimp in the Network
  5. 1991-1996: Hidden in plain site
  6. Connections review
  7. Conclusion
  8. Notes


What is the next step to take in this series? We learned that Marc Dutroux and Michel Lelievre were close to Jean-Michel Nihoul and Annie Bouty. But, that was in the 1990s. According to X1, Dutroux and Bernard Weinstein knew these two, apparently as far back as 1979 to the early 1980s. As will be described, Dutroux moved in the same milieux as Nihoul, who was apparently a close associate of Antoine “Tony” Van Den Boagert, whom Dutroux may have possibly met back in the late 1970s, along with Michel Vander Elst.

Tony was involved in blackmail operations, like Nihoul, and acted a pimp to a number of girls in the 1980s. He was the pimp of X1, who placed Dutroux and Weinstein at the murder of Christine Van Hees, along with the main killers as Nihoul, Bouty, Tony and Michel Vander Elst. Since the early 1980s, according to X1, Nihoul was a regular organizer of parties, which involved child abuse, torture and even murder. Tony, as her pimp, took her to many parties like these, which often involved sadomasochism. Tony also had a number of high level connections in the Network, not unlike Nihoul, and would take X1 to child hunts and was also present at filming of child snuff, such as at the ASCO factory, where Nihoul, Bouty and Vander Elst have been named as abusers there.

With everything in the previous articles, it is essential to examine the facts surrounding Tony V., the pimp of X1, who began a central victim-witness in the Dutroux X-dossiers. What follows is a summarization, mostly from the testimony of X1, of Tony’s life, his involvement in the network and his connections, which will be followed up on.

1942-1980s: The recondite salesman

His name was Antoine Van Den Bogaert and he was born in 1942, during WWII and Nazi occupation of Belgium. Very little is known about his first 20-40 years. Still to this day, he has remained very low profile. However, there is a bit to be found in the testimony of X1 (Regina Louf), who referred to him as Tony. Additionally, Tony would be recognized by another victim-witness, Nathalie Waeterschoot, who referred to him as Anthony.

Regina Louf, later known as X1, had been sent in the early 1970s by her parents to her maternal grandmother, who lived in a hotel-villa located in Knokke. Her name was Cecile Beernaert, otherwise known as “Madame Cecile”, because she ran two brothels for Nazis during their occupation of Belgium during the 1940s. After the war ended in the mid 1940s, it was said that she continued her brothel business somewhere else. In 1973, X1 went through her fourth birthday, which was another milestone as a victim of the Network. Her grandmother had already been training her and had prostituted her out to customers of her hotel-villa, since the age of 2 or 3. After the four candles had been blown out, with her own mother Christiane Louf present, two men arrived and one of them, apparently Tony Van Den Bogaert, from Antwerp, anally raped her and then carried her to her room and took her virginity. Tony would have been around the age of thirty or thirty one at this point. X1 deduced that Tony V. must have known her grandmother, Cecile Beernaert, for quite a while. As will be explained, Tony would become X1’s pimp years later and at some point, became a supplier and user of children. X1’s grandmother continued conditioning her. Also at the age of four, she was tied up in the presence of men, one of them being “Pepere”, and pictures were taken. Tony was also present and commanded the dogs when they were brought in. X1 had been tied up and raped by these dogs, the event of which was photographed. This kind of thing would happen to X1 many more times going forward.

When X1 was 8 or 9, she first met Nihoul, a close associate of Tony Van Den Bogaert. Nihoul was involved in blackmail operations, as was Tony, and used X1 for this. X1 was brought to parties with Nihoul, who told her to stand near someone, a child abuser, to make a photograph, which was to remind them that they had been blackmailed. It happened around the time she was eight, that she was woken up in the middle of the night and Henri Bil, the private driver of VdB, who took her to the ASCO factory, where people as Nihoul, Bouty, VdB and apparently the owner of the factory Roger Boas were waiting.

Another interesting detail about Tony, is that, he read books about child psychology, at some point, had taken child psychology classes at the Brussels University and knew about DIS (Dissociative Identity Syndrome) before its existence became fully accepted by most psychiatrists. Tony also knew a bit about law and how to utilize certain holes in them, in case he found himself in a legal situation. X1 had acquired DID/MPD at a very early age and when Tony became her pimp, he knew exactly how to utilize her DID. The questions still remains, how did he learn how to utilize X1’s DID, did someone teach him?

1981: X1 meets Tony, again

It happened in February 1979 that X1 gave birth to her first daughter at her grandmother’s hotel-villa. Those present, according to X1, included Count Leopold Lippens and Count Maurice Lippens (Lippens brothets), Paul Vanden Boeynants and the police commissioner of Knokke. Also, Baron Benoît de Bonvoisin and Michel Vander Elst were present as well. At this point, she was already being used by Jean-Michel Nihoul for blackmail operation purposes. After a couple weeks, her baby, Cheyenne, disappeared. Then, about five months later, X1 was sent back to her parents in Gent, largely because X1 tried to speak out about the severe abuse she had been enduring at with her grandmother. The conditions at her parents’ were rough. The place was messy, chores were hardly done, X1 had to get her own food, lacked basic necessities and had only a single pair of sneakers. Her own mother even began using her to bait in her lovers.

In the early 1980s, Tony worked as a sales representative at a German company called Gimpet, which sold dog grooming products; and he was the most successful among his colleagues. He knew influential people all over Belgium. Reported examples include Willy De Clerq and Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin. Tony has been described as unstable, violent, rude, arrogant and macho. Tony was also fluent in both Dutch and French, which is something would be incredibly useful. During the 1980s, Tony acted as the pimp of a number of girls, one of whom was X1 (Regina Louf). It seems that he would “borrow” them from their parents.

Christiane Louf

While X1 was 12 years old, she met Tony again. One day she walked into the room where her mother groomed pets. There Tony was, sitting on a stool with his left knee on his right leg, watching X1. Christiane introduced them and told X1 that Tony was her owner now. Tony noticed that X1 was dirty, so Christiane jealously told him to go wash her. Tony started off by love bombing her, he was like a father figure. But, soon he would begin to slowly demand sexual favors. He took her out to a movie-theatre where he got her to cuddle up to him. He then ran his fingers over her breasts, then her nipples, then her buttocks. He then stealthily lifted up her skirt and moved her legs apart. X1 knew he wanted sex, but she didn’t want that. So, she pulled down her skirt, confused by the moments leading up this and ashamed. They then left, ordered her into the car and drove back to her house. “Gina, I understand you don’t want me. That’s entirely up to you.” Tony said, “I’ll find myself another girl and we won’t talk about it anymore, okay?” This broke X1’s heart, because she didn’t want to loose him. He had treated her better than her parents had. So, X1 gave in and promised that she wouldn’t behave so “terribly” next time. The conditioning had worked so well, that X1 called him back, asking for a second chance. They went to the movie-theatre again and began the same process, only this time X1 did what he wanted and gave him a hand job. After it was done, he handed her an hanky to wipe her hands with and then they left. The movie had only started fifteen minutes ago, X1 felt totally distraught, but Tony walked out of there like nothing had happened. He unlocked his Mercedes and X1 got in, confused and ashamed. He drove for a while them came to a quiet spot. There was a moment of silence and X1 kept looking at the floor. “Gina?” Tony asked, to which X1 replied , “Mmm”. All of a sudden, Tony struck her hard in the face, he was upset. X1 felt terrible and cried, not because of the hit, but because she felt like a failure, that she was in the wrong. Tony dropped her off at the front door and zoomed away in disarray.

A few days later, Tony arrived and embraced X1 in the hallway. At once the hit was forgiven, because at least someone acknowledged her existence. Then X1’s mother swooped in and encircled Tony. Then Christiane closed her eyes and Tony kissed her on the neck. X1 saw this and wanted to leave, but Tony stopped her and pulled her in. He then had sex with both of them, which became one of X1’s worst memories, even though she would endure severe abuse soon.

One time, Tony had taken X1 out and forced her into giving him fellatio, after which X1 became visibly upset. Tony reacted by hitting her, because it was supposed to be fun. X1 was convinced that she was the one in the wrong. At one moment he would turn into a “savage brute” and the next would be totally sweet, to X1’s mother after he brought X1 back home.

At this point in early 1981, Tony regularly picked up X1. He received the keys to the house and free access to X1’s room. Tony would often arrive at the house after X1’s father left and would first go to her mother and usually have sex with her, wanting X1 to join, which frightened her. Then, it was X1’s turn and she had to fake pleasure, enthusiasm and submission, “like a real geisha” X1 said. Despite not wanting any this, X1 was happy for the attention and grateful that she only had to please one man. Before, at her grandmother’s, she was being prostituted out to many men. Eventually, Tony confronted X1 about how she seemed to so experienced and that she definitely was not a virgin. X1 denied this initially, but eventually admitted to him that she was a “whore”.

Tony would flatter X1’s mother, whom he called Chris, by telling her how her husband wasn’t treating her right. He could do nothing wrong in Christiane’s eyes. Meanwhile, Tony raped X1 in many different and complicated ways. He taught her how to strip, how to get used to vibrators and other sex toys. “He modeled me,” X1 said, “moulded me until I accepted just about every sexual act without resisting.” Tony also liked to hit X1, preferably before they had sex, when he got the chance. X1 was even made to teach Tony how to use the belt on her, which was something that her grandmother had taught her.

During July 1981, the annual “Gent feasts” had arrived. X1’s parents decided to go out into the city with Tony, his boss and another salesman, bringing X1 along with them. Then in the middle of the crowd, Tony wrapped his arm around X1’s shoulders and pointed at the other salesman saying he needed her to do something for him. That something was sex. X1 didn’t want this at all, but Tony demanded that she would, he didn’t ask for permission, he said. The salesman was waiting for X1, while her parents had disappeared into the crowd. She followed him into an apartment and he warned her, that if she didn’t do a good job, he would report that to Tony. So, like a robot, she did what he wanted, as quickly as she could. After she got back to the area, she found Tony, who was drunk. He was upset that X1 had sex with him and hit X1 as hard as he could in the middle of the street and yelled “Whore!” Then X1 ran, eventually reaching her parents. Tony had been chasing after her and even though X1 had been crying, they all ran toward Tony, who had injured his ankle. X1 being ignored caused her, once again, to feel like she was a bad girl and was in the wrong. X1 even had to help Tony get back home safely. Her parents helped him inside, but X1 had to help address the ankle the most. Soon, X1 would find herself back in the Network.

1981-1990: Pimp in the Network

Paul Vanden Boeynants

The first time Tony took X1 to a party must have been sometime in August, 1981. It was raining very heavily that night and Tony brought her to a large white mansion somewhere in a remote part of a wood. Upon entering, X1 saw ten people, two of whom were women dressed in semi-transparent negligees. The men wore loose clothing, jeans and sleeveless shirts, because it was hot. X1 scanned the people there and seemed to know them all, but she couldn’t recall whence. I man roared, “Hey, Petit Chiot” (Little Puppy), which suddenly brought X1 back to memories from her grandmother’s place in Knokke. X1 recognized this man, it was Pepere, apparently Paul Vanden Boeynants. X1, who was the only child, had to accept the situation and reverted back to her old “survival” instincts, so she sat on Pepere’s lap, and allowed him to move his hand up her shirt. The abuse would then go on for hours. The perpetrators got very drunk and raped her with objects, all while laughing, boasting and singing. They had found a rope, which they made into a lasso. X1 had to creep on all fours while they tried to catch her. The two women thought this was hilarious, laughing and spilling champagne on their hands. Then with dusk approaching, Tony drove X1 back home.

X1 had now been pushed back into the Network, which she referred to as “the group”, by Tony. Apparently since 1981, Tony got a new job as an advertising consultant, selling films to promote businesses, at Cinema Publiciteit Belgie or Cinema Publicity Belgium (CPB). He had the habit of picking up X1 and leaving her alone in his car while her carried out visits for his new job. Then he would show up again and usually drive around aimlessly, until he found a remote spot, where he did sexual acts with her, sometimes with objects sometimes without. He was making sure that she did the “right” things and often whispering in her ear that “You shall endure everything… and I’ll do it until you love it!” After, this “event”, they normally went to eat at a small restaurant. With pleasure, he would then tell her what the next happenings would be. Tony loved to see X1’s reaction when he announced that they would be on their way to a party. He never told her where they would be headed or what was instore for her, but it made him angry when he saw the fear in X1’s eyes, because he wanted her to enjoy it and like to follow his orders.

Tony would take her to many parties at clubs, hotels and villas. During the parties Tony punished X1. He tied her up, played sadomasochistic games with her, watched how others tortured her with razorblades, whips and other paraphernalia. X1 even says that the women were meaner and reacted more cruelly to children than men. They spurred the men to rape and torment the children in all kinds of ways. Sometimes the women quietly gave instructions to the men, which were obediently followed by them. “Sometimes” X1 says, the women “yelled hysterically, driving the men out of their minds so they started heavily beating the kids.” These sadomasochist perverts, as X1 called them, called the children in the Network the “Children of Death”. There was intense competition among the children and they could hardly support each other. The children were even made to abuse one another, or compete for life or death, either of which was decided by the abusers. During many of these parties, videos were taken, sometimes in secret. X1 also would testify that Tony was present with X1 during the production of child snuff movies.

It was apparently in or around August, 1981, that X1’s daughter, Cheyenne was murdered in front of her, two and a half years after her birth. X1 testified that a lot of filming had been done at the ASCO factory, in Zaventem, just outside Brussels. They shot child pornography, bestiality with dogs and apparently snuff. She referred to the place as the “factory of the films”. On a weekend, X1 was taken to the ASCO factory, where she was abused, tortured and tormented for two days. She was even forced to kill a young child. Then, she a little girl of 2-3 years was shown to X1, whom was told that this was her own daughter, Cheyenne, who was born at X1’s grandmother’s hotel-villa and disappeared after six weeks. Officially, Cheyenne did not even exist. X1 was told that if she did what they told her to, she would be murdered, if not, her daughter would be. One of the abusers, whom X1 called Rick, put a knife into X1’s hand and forced her to put it inside her vagina. When Rick pulled the knife out for another time, X1 briefly lost consciousness. As a result, Cheyenne was slaughtered in front of X1. Back in the 1970s, X1 was regularly taken to the factory, where most of the films were taken. She was also apparently taken there in the 1980s as well. She was usually drive. there, according to X1, by Henri Bil or Madani Bouhouche. She was followed by Bil or Tony into the factory and X1’s Stone alter kept her from running away. She also remembered that she had often been driven there in a BMW with tainted glass. This led investigators to suspect that the Diana Group, special group within the gendarmerie, was involved. Madani Bouhouche was identified as the driver. Werner Donners has also been identified as having been present the ASCO factory, probably taking care of filming. Werner was Tony’s boss at the CPB business.

When X1 went to school, her pimp worked around the schedule. During lunch, he often picked her up for his own needs. After school Tony often picked her up to take her somewhere, often to clients, whom she had almost every evening. The parties mostly took place during the weekends. Despite this secret life, X1 did well in school, but she was afraid to speak out what her life in the Network. Her mother or Tony always told her how bad things would happen to her if she spoke out. But that they were the ones who understood her and would protect her from going to prison for prostitution. X1’s relationship with her parents degraded. He father was sexually attracted to her, which he showed when her mother wasn’t around. X1’s mother continued to involve her in the sex games with Tony. X1 clung to the few caring moments of human contact, which Tony provided and X1 just wanted the Tony that washed her hair when they first met. These moments brighter moments helped X1 remain faithful and to endure many hours of abuse, torture and exploitation. Where else did she have to turn?

These were the circumstances in which Tony introduced X1 to Clo, in October or November 1981. One evening, Tony called X1 and told her to meet him at the “Count of Egmont”, restaurant in the center of Ghent. X1 took a bus and Tony was waiting at the entrance when she arrived. Inside, Tony brought X1 to a table where Clo was at and introduced them. X1 admired how confident Clo was with Tony and afterwards Tony took them to his flat in Antwerp. It should also be mentioned that Tony was married and had a daughter and knew they wouldn’t be home at that time. Clo knew exactly what Tony wanted to see. So, Clo guided her and they had sex, while Tony watched and didn’t join. It was new experience for X1 because both were totally involved, even though it was a show for Tony. Clo managed to get Tony to drive them both back home. Afterwards, Clo became her big-sister and best friends.

X1 celebrated her birthday with Clo and they often would secretly hang out with each other, without Tony knowing. But, the reason why Tony introduced them was so, as he believed, not look suspicious moving around from place to place with one girl. X1 still regularly had individual customers, but the parties were significantly different and worse. Tony took X1 and Clo to sadomasochistic parties. It often happened that X1 had to protect Clo, who hated pain. X1 was specialized in ignoring and enduring pain, so X1 tried to take on most of the torture and violence. The SM practices of torture took and ever increasing part of her life and sex became a side issue, as it already had. Her ability to sexual please a man had been important since her grandmother started prostituting her out. But it was she who began to train her to endure pain, which now was of the utmost importance for X1. The abusers, sadists, seemed to experiment with her. She was tied up, objects were put inside of her, she was repeatedly whipped on her back. She was tightly handcuffed, and scissors were pushed inside of her vagina. The pain and violence was so unbearable that she would do anything to make it stop. So, the abuser asked her, “Will you beat her if I take it out of you?… You have to really hurt her, will you do that? … You have to hurt her just as badly as what you feel right now.” Then, as X1 says, her jerks the object out of her body, unties her, puts it in her hand and pushes her to the other child. After every party X1 cried, until after so many parties she just stared emotionless. By now it was sometime in 1982 and X1 was thirteen and a half. She constantly had a sharp stinging pain in her underbelly, had a hard time using the toilet normally and often bled in between her periods.

According to X1, she gave birth to her first son in August 1982. When X1 started having pains, she became scared and called Tony. He picked her up drove her to a white mansion not too far Antwerp. A select group of four men raped X1 as the spasms in her belly increased, like what happened when she gave birth to Cheyenne. To abuse a pregnant young girl was apparently the “ultimate SM experience” and Tony had a lot of demand for that. When X1 started resisting the abuser, one of them threatened to cut the baby’s throat in a few minutes, so X1 continued to endure. The abuse went on for many hours and was so severe that Tony began to fear that she may not survive. He then called X1 grandmother and drove her to the hotel-villa in a panic. X1 eventually gave birth to a small under-sized boy, X1 named Eliah. The baby was taken away and after a couple hours of sleep, Tony drove X1 back home. X1 never saw Eliah again and assumed that he was probably killed in a snuff movie at Zaventem or somewhere else. X1 became increasingly depressed and Clo noticed that. Clo told Tony that X1 was about to kill herself. Tony asked X1’s mother to get her a horse, which she did. This made X1 incredible happy and grateful. After this point, X1 became increasingly more observant about how the Network functioned, she wanted to know the abusers name and wanted to understand her role in it. X1 explains in her autobiography:

“If I knew why they needed me that much, I could make myself indispensable. I started to look at my life in the jungle (the way I sometimes called the network) as a huge chess game. I learned that you could parry their moves on condition you knew how to play. Most of the victims were poor players. How often had I seen children being tortured all the way until the end, because they hadn’t noticed in time that one of the torturers wasn’t satisfied? How often hadn’t I seen the weakest fall, because they hadn’t made eye contact with their abuser soon enough? And although I had never played chess before, I knew it was mainly a game at which your insight was of crucial importance. I didn’t know the name of most of the customers, but I imprinted their faces on my memory. It felt good to know who the enemy was. When I met them at other occasions I pretended not to know them, but I was able in a split second to associate their face with a given situation, which allowed me to be prepared.

“The ones I did know by name I considered the most dangerous. They regarded me as a witness and a potential danger to them. It was of the utmost importance to me to play my part as an ignorant child with a lot of conviction. I put their names into my memory, but was very careful never to say their name, even after having heard it a dozen times. …

A longer quote of X1 with more explanations as to how she survived in the Network:

“When they asked me what their name was, as they regularly did, I had always “forgotten”. Of course this was very much appreciated. And even if a few among them knew it was a game, they counted on me to protect them. They decided how far the pain would go, and when it would stop. They decided on life or death, mercy or punishment. So I idolized them. My abusers weren’t common people anymore to me. My functioning was entirely controlled by their moods. I paid attention to every tiny little detail to please them. I thought that only by truly loving them was I able to relate to them so perfectly. My loyalty to them was no lie, because the one thing I could trust upon was that they would always be there. All my attempts to escape from the network had dramatically failed, nobody had helped me and I didn’t have any place to go. My life depended on their indulgence and I realized that I needed them, just as water, food and air. That elevated them to a divine status.

“At the same time I realized that the victims who didn’t manage to establish a relationship with the hard-core users, were eliminated first. I had been lucky. I had become a familiar face to them because I had been around for so long already and I could now take full advantage of that. They knew my name, my skills. I knew what they liked most. These elements were sufficient to establish a relationship with them. I always kissed them when I came in, knowing very well they would use me for their games later on. It seemed as if I had forgotten every time what had happened before or that I at least had forgiven them. I believed that I deserved their abuse. I unconditionally accepted they were always right. Gods are always right.”

Before we move on further with this story, it is important to mention one of the individuals who confirmed X1’s testimony. In the early 1980s, X1’s family had a housekeeper named Carine Verniers, who apparently didn’t do a great job. In 1982, after running into some personal problems, X1’s parents allowed her and her daughter to stay at their house. All of a sudden, after three months, Carine left the house in a hurry, because her eighteen month old daughter had come to her crying and upset. To X1, it was obvious that Tony did something to her. When Carine’s daughter was questioned in 1997, when she was 16, she began to panic and was in denial. During the investigation, unaware that she was being recorded during her confrontation with X1, Carine confirmed during a break that Tony, X1’s mother Christiane Louf and X1 (Regina Louf) all had sexual relationships with each other. Tony also liked Carine and would show off to her by having sex with X1 in front of her. In 1997, it was discovered that Carine had been in contact with Marleen van Herreweghe, a classmate of X1 who also stated that “there were sexual contacts between X1, that Tony, the mother of X1 and the housekeeper.”

It was on August 30, 1982, Carine Dellaert, apparently Clo, disappeared. X1 wouldn’t see her for around two months, when she really started to miss Clo. She would go to their regular meetings spots, but Clo was never there. Nobody else had seen her either, not even one of her regular boyfriends Gilles.

In October 1982, Tony took X1 to one of the hunts, which will be described. Tony drove her to a property, which X1 was very familiar with. X1 says that she was driven from Gent to Dinant, south toward Bouillon and a little while longer until Tony drove through a big metal gate. The castle she described appears to have been Chateau de Amerois, which is or was owned by the Solvay family and is surrounded by a large forest. As usual, the hunts took place in a park, which had a large pond and rhododenron bushes. X1 counted ten men, one of them being “Joe”, who appears to have been Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin, stood separate from the group of men. There was a guard who held two Saint Hubert dogs under control. There were five girls between the ten and sixteen years old, standing close together, behind whom were two guards, whose role was to prevent the girls from running away. One of the men shouted “Nos petits lapins sont prets !” (Our little rabbits are ready!). They all laughed, except Baron de Bonvoisin, who was there to kill. X1 decided to move away from the group of girls toward a tree, to get a better look at the whole group. When the men called the girls, they all reacted, but X1 stayed put and looked at de Bonvoisin, who looked at her calmly in evaluation. De Bonvoisin signed her over and wanted X1 to give him fellatio. When he had enough, he pushed X1 away, as if he wanted to save her for later. He then made her stay with him, after the girls ran out into the forest. X1 was made into an accomplice by BdB making her find the girls and point out where they were hiding. As each girl was caught, they had to take off a piece of clothing and once they didn’t have anymore clothing, the men started aiming. At some point, BdB was behind X1 and readied his rifle, then suddenly put it in her hands. “If you miss we’ll hunt you,” BdB softely whispered into X1’s ear, “if you hit you will live”. BdB helped her aim the rifle, put her finger on the trigger. Then at one moment, he whispered “maintenant” (now) and forced X1 to pull the trigger. Afterwards, X1 was raped until the men lost interest.

After two months of Clo having been missing, X1 was taken to an important party, apparently in November, 1982. Many of the main rapists were there, drinking champagne and expensive wine. There was a show with young girls in lingerie, many of whom X1 knew from the network. Then X1 saw Clo, with an old wealthy man, making an effort to smile when he undid her bra. X1 wanted to go to her, but Tony stopped her. After some protest by X1, Tony said that “Clo isn’t clean anymore, leave her alone!” After X1 said “What?”, Tony responded whispering, “She’s an angel…”. X1 knew that when they called you an angel, it meant that you were going to die, without exceptions. Afterwards, X1 only briefly saw Clo at parties and always with the same old man.

Apparently in mid 1983, Tony hastily picked up X1 from school and he seemed angry. They arrived at a house in Waarschoot. There were several guests present, including a woman and man she recognized from a bar called the Co-Cli-Co, where parties were organized, along with a people she nicknamed “Pepere, Michael the lawyer from Brussels and Paul a local politicians. According to ISGP, those present included “Michel Nihoul, Annie Bouty, Tony, Leopold Lippens, Michel Vander Elst and two other persons”. The names Maurice Lippens and Vanden Boeynants have also been given, but this author is not exactly clear if they were there. Nevertheless, X1 described how Tony pushed her through the living room, through the kitchen and into the hallway. She was taken to the first door on the left, where Clo was lying on a bed. She was bathed in sweat, pale and hardly reacted. She had been in labor for a long time, as she was pregnant. She was exhausted, loosing a lot of blood and was suffering through agonizing pain. X1 stayed by her, kept her awake and helped her through the pains, which didn’t go well. Meanwhile, the perpetrators abused and raped her with objects. They tortured her with knives and scissors. Someone broke a bottle and rubbed the fragments into her vagina. Then they cut her in various places with razorblades. Clo screamed aloud and X1 was ordered to hold her down and make her shut up. The more she screamed, the crueler they became. After a while, the abusers stopped and left them alone. Clo was constantly floating in and out of consciousness and the baby wouldn’t come. X1 came out into the living pleading for Tony to get a doctor. In response, Tony hit her ad kicked her back into the room. “I want you to finish this quickly, you bitch!” Tony said, “Or I’ll cut it out myself!” He slammed the door closed and locked it with a key. X1 was furious, but she went to Clo and helped her push the baby out. But after it was over, Clo didn’t wake up. X1 held onto Clo and when Tony touch her on the shoulder to pull her off, she hit his arm. This made him furious and another man came to Tony’s assistance, whom X1 kicked in the crotch. Tony dragged her off the bed and with X1 heavily upset and kicking everywhere, he kicked her into the hallway and then they needed two men to restrain her. They pinned her in a corner and Tony started shouting. “Don’t you dare get up, stupid bitch” Tony said, “don’t you dare! It’s your fault, do you hear me! You let Clo die, so don’t you dare get up, ’cause I’ll kill you!” Tony would disappear and resurface a few hours later. The rest of them took her along to a Chinese restaurant in Brugge, where they had dinner and the politician said “Let’s go to Cecile [Beernaert, X1’s grandmother in Knokke!” They all went to X1’s grandmother’s hotel-villa in Knokke, where X1 was gang raped, which was unbearable because X1’s bestfriend was just murdered. Afterwards, X1 continued with her life in the network. She had to teach kids how to deal with pain and to relax when objects were put inside of them. As a result, a lot of the other victim hated X1, because they didn’t realize that she was actually trying to help them survive in the network. X1 avoided being friends with the other children, because it was dangerous for them. When one of the abusers started to go too far, X1 would try to subtly divert attention. If Tony noticed that she was protecting someone, the abusers concentrated their attention on the other child. Throughout the whole time, X1 couldn’t get over Clo’s death and couldn’t accept that she was really dead. During the Summer of 1983, went a little easier and X1 got to spend more time with her horse. According to X1, after Eliah she had suffered a miscarriage. But over the Summer of 1983, she was pregnant again with Tiu, who was born in September 1983. But, in early September 1983, X1 witnessed another girl being murdered.

On September 4, 1983, 17-year-old Veronique Dubrulle was declared dead, offically from cancer. Her death certificate was written and signed by Dr. Luc De Schrijver and internationally esteemed neurosurgeon Dr. Luc De Waele. Veronique was the daughter of Jacques Dubrulle, who was involved in the film industry. In late 1996, X1 identified Veronique as one of the girls she had seen being murdered. She claimed that the murder took place in 1983, which is accurate. X1 testified that she had seen Veronique regularly at child abuse parties. The way by which Veronique was murdered, according to X1, was that she had been tortured with a knife being ultimately being killed. Those allegedly present include Michel Nihoul, Annie Bouty, Tony V., Michel Vander Elst, Emile Dellaert and a member of the Bert family, either Joost Bert or Albert Bert, or possibly both of them, but this isn’t clear to this author. X1 also claimed that she ended up in bed with De Schrijver and that De Waele was more interested in 7-8 year old girls. The dossiers were closed in early 1997 by the District Attorney’s office in Gent, before this could be investigated further. Veronique’s body was not dug up as Aime Bille had requested. Detective also found out that Tony called up Jacques Dubrulle three times after the first leaks of the X-dossiers in January 1997. Further research indicated that Tony and Jacques Dubrulle were actually good friends.

Tony often took X1 from Gent to Brussels, where Michel Nihoul was allowed to use an flat on Theo Van Pé Street. There Nihoul made photographs, which were put into an album for potential customers to pick their girls. The photo album had to look inconspicuous because it was lent out a lot. Nothing should indicate that the girls were being used in a child prostitution network. There were pictures of houses and other things between the girls and a few boys. The flat was near the highway and Tony met Nihoul there often. In mid September 1983, X1 saw “Chrissy” there for the first time. X1 could tell that she “in love” with Nihoul, and recognized the trap in which she was getting caught in. Chrissy was being reeled in slowly, Nihoul was making her dependent on his love and them started making demands. He told her that he was a grown man and that she would have to do more than just smile. Because Chrissy didn’t want to loose Nihoul, she accepted his demands and Chrissy was caught before she realized it, by experienced offenders. X1 was brought in order to “looses” Chrissy up a bit. X1 stayed distant and cold at first, and looked down at her, because she was experienced and Chrissy was innocent and naïve, so they didn’t get along. Nihoul subtly made Chrissy have sex with X1. Afterwards, X1 saw Chrissy from time to time. Chrissy became more serious, but she felt like she was part of a select group, but Chrissy felt trapped and felt responsible for it, the abusers had set their psychological trap. Then Chrissy started to push back and criticize Nihoul because his attention didn’t compensate for his demands. Nihoul was loosing his grip on Chrissy

One evening, after Chrissy had left the flat, Nihoul, Tony and X1 went to a restaurant in Brussels. X1 got scared because Nihoul looked grim and disappointed, which was not a good sign, because he was usually outgoing and exuberant. He started accusing X1 of being responsible for Chrissy’s behavior. Tony brought up the idea of an initiation and that this might be necessary to make Chrissy submissive. Nihoul thought about and agreed. This worried X1, because their rituals terrified her and she knew that she would be involved.

Late at night or very early morning sometime in October, 1983, appears to be when Chrissy was initiated. X1 was kicked out of bed by Tony, at around 2 a.m. at night. “Get up, get dressed!” he said in a brutal way. Tony hastily and silent drove down to Brussels. He pushed her into a garage, which had white tiles, hooks and rings built into the wall. There were artificial lights and radiators for heat. There were candles in different spots. There was a bunny in a cage, with seemingly fresh sawdust. Tony ordered he on her knees and then hand cuffed her wrists one a wring in the wall. He then caressed her head open the garage with a remote control, shut the lights off and left. X1 would be there waiting for a long time. Hours went by and she was forced to adapt to the difficult conditions of being in that position for so long. Despite the unbearable feelings that followed, X1 was able to go into a kind of sleep state or trance. Then someone came in a closed the gate, the light from day came in and brought X1 out of her trance. It was “Joe”, Baron Benoît de Bonvoisin, who came with a key and freed X1 from the handcuffs. Her entire body started to feel like a thousand needles stabbing her. BdB smiled at X1’s agonizing pain. He grabbed her by the arm then she fell down. She then crawled to his leg begging for mercy, in vain. BdB threatened to beat her if she didn’t get up. When she finally did, BdB kicked legs out from under her and asked who he was, to which X1 replied “My master”. Then he allowed her to go pee and afterward, BdB brought her back into the garage and handcuffed her, after he made X1 give him a blowjob. Several hours passed until the abusers started arriving. Tony V., Michel Nihoul, Baron de Bonvoisin, Annie Bouty and two others were there. Then Tony released X1. Other victims included a foreign eight-year-old girl, a boy of eleven or ten and Chrissy. Nihoul had blindfolded Chrissy, sat her down on a black leather bench, tied her wrists with leather straps to two rings on either side of her head and nicely told her that he would take care of her. Chrissy was apparently convinced it was just a game. Nihoul told her that today she would make her entrance into his group and that she would become an adult. Chrissy smiled but nervously clenched her fists. The initiation went by a specific scenario, which resembled a macabre satanic mass, a bizarre show of men wearing capes and mask, the “Mistress” (Annie Bouty), fully dressed in leather including a mask, commanding the men to torture and abuse the children in certain ways. The goal was to terrify the children so much that they wouldn’t talk about it. According to X1, they were not satanists, but were using the ritual to make the children keep their mouth shut and if they did open up to someone, they would sound totally crazy. Along with this, was the goal of gaining absolute control over Chrissy. They worked their way to the climax, which began with two abusers rolling a table with black leather to the middle of the room and put the breaks on the wheels, this was “the alter”. Tony led X1 to the table and made her lie down on top of it with her limbs spread out like a star. Baron de Bonvoisin took the white rabbit out of the cage and handed it to a man with the knife, who was standing over X1 and cut open the rabbit with a single slash over her belly. The garage of completely silent and the children were terrified. The blood of the rabbit had also been dripped in a chalice. which Chrissy was made to drink, which meant she was taking a vow of silence and protection of the group, for life. The message was clear, that if she talked her family would be in danger. From now on, Nihoul was her master, he told her. Chrissy nodded in agreement when asked if she promised lifelong loyalty to Nihoul and the group. Then Chrissy was allowed to go home. Afterwards, the other children were raped and abused. They showed child porn movies during the abuse. BdB chose a child snuff movie of a young girl and force X1 to watch while he used a vibrator on her.

Chrissy became involved in the group fully from the months October-November 1983. She tried to adapt to the environment, but she was not able to, becoming a problem for the other girls in the Network. She loathed oral sex and couldn’t endure anal sex. They tried to give her time to adapt, but this didn’t work. Nihoul was careful not to traumatize her too deeply, but he was upset and made other girls, including X1 who was supposed to train Chrissy, were punished. X1 was sent to SM parties where she was regularly beaten as an example to the other victims. X1 sometimes saw Chrissy at the “villa of the boats”. X1 saw that Bernard Weinstein often walked around at abuse parties with snakes and at one point Annie Bouty was looking for one, which was brought by Weinstein and then used on Chrissy. At some point, around late 1983-early 1984, the happenings at an event became too much for Chrissy and she ran to the bathroom, where X1 followed her. Chrissy said how she couldn’t go forward with this, to which X1 ended up suggesting that she tell her parents. When X1 told another girl in the network Mieke about this, Mieke thought this was a terrible idea because of the potential reprisals if Chrissy suddenly left. It appears that Mieke told Nihoul and or Tony the same night. Tony told X1’s mother Christiane Louf. Soon, Christiane drove X1 and her som Tiu to Brussels where they met Tony at a highway parking in Groot-Bijgaarden. They then went to a riding school in Meise, a place which Nihoul was familiar with and where a few of X1’s abusers were waiting. Apparently Vander Elst mutilated Tiu’s private parts with a knife and murdered him with a hammer. The abusers raped her and the mother of Anne took photographs and who together with her husband attended sex parties with children. Tiu’s body was thrown on the ground and X1’s face was rubbed in his blood. That same day, or around that time, X1 and Chrissy were both naked, had a bag put over their head, were put into separate cars and were taken to a place, which apparently was the abandoned champignon factory. X1 heard Nihoul ask if everything was ready. A symbol was painted on their belly and then they abusers took their bags off. Tony put a knife inside X1 and asked if she loved him. Chrissy was totally frightened and began crying out. In the kitchen, Chrissy was tied up on a table and repeatedly raped. Sense there was no electricity, the place was lighted with only candles. Chrissy resisted, but eventually became submissive to resist pain. Chrissy begged for forgiveness, in vain. Then Chrissy was tied up from her legs, arms and neck, in a way that if she moved she would strangle herself. They accused Chrissy of committing treason. X1 saw that Marc Dutroux was present, but didn’t join in on the abuse. Annie Bouty heated a metal rod in the flame of a candle and they were both raped by it. Michel Vander Elst took an iron peg and struck Chrissy’s head, which caused it to bleed and her to scream in pain. Then they tied her up with some sort of electric wire, her legs bend backwards, and the wire around her hands and neck. Vander Elst used a hammer to plunge pegs into her wrists. Bouty sprinkled both Chrissy and X1 with fuel. Bouty pretended to light X1 on fire but Tony told her to stop pestering her. Then they burned Chrissy and Tony took X1 outside, she put clothes on then they left. When X1 got back to the house, her mom was angry that she was still alive and this was the only time Christiane raised her voice at Tony. X1 began to heal from these traumatic events by spending time with her horse.

In the summer of 1984, X1 was pregnant and gave birth to Nanook in total secrecy. However, because she was afraid of what Tony and the abusers would do to him, she suffocated him to death. When Tony arrived and discovered this, he praised her because boys were far less valuable than girls.

Later in 1984, Tony invited X1 to come “live with him” as soon as she turns 16 in 1985. X1 became convinced that Tony was going to have her killed, to make her an “angel” and send her to the “end circuit”. X1 began to plan her escape and in October 1984, she met Erwin. After Tony found out about this relationship, he tried to get X1 to dump him, which failed. Erwin was like a protector for X1, but as soon as he left, Tony would appear. In March 1985, X1’s mother retaliated to X1’s relationship with her boyfriend by having her horse killed. Meanwhile, in September 24, 1985, the body of Carine Dellaert was found after a demolition of a cesspool at Kulmankaai 2. Carine’s body was tied up with electrical cord and was severely decomposed. On October 1, 1985, Carine’s father Emile was arrested, but that investigation stalled and the case became officially unsolved in 1989. Also on October 1, 1985, Jean-Claude Van Espen took over Christine Van Hees case, which ended up remaining unsolved. In 1986, Erwin was determined to

In 1988, Regina Louf first speaks out about her experience as a child prostitute at Against Her Will, which was met with denial across the board. This was also the year that Regina would graduate from school and marry Erwin when she was around 20.

In January 1989, Erwin left to do his military service for six months and Tony showed up at some point, with a spare key, which Regina’s mother had given to him. Tony began to fondle Regina and triggered her old commands, then he raped her.

Regina and Erwin would soon give birth to twochildren. In late 1989, Regina gave birth to Eli and in July 1991, to Yentl. Regina was determined to protect them.

1991-1998: Hidden in plain site

December 1991, Tony showed up again at Regina’s home, but this time he was with a partner, whom Regina recognized from Chrissy’s murder. He then took her to castle Kattenhof in s’ Gravenwezel, where she was forced to participate in the murder of a young girl, apparently Katrien de Cuyper, under the threat of have her own three children murdered if she didn’t cooperate. Those present, according to X1, were Nihoul, Bouty, Tony, Vander Elst, Leopold Lippens, the assumed owner of castle Kattenhof and several others. Regina witnesses more child murders at this castle in the last child abuse parties she was taken to.

In 1994 Regina gave a list of addresses in Ghent where she claimed children were being picked up by their pimps to employees of “Against her will”. They talked to the police, who decided to write nothing down because they didn’t want to ruin their careers. Regina even talked to a police lieutenant, who didn’t want to write anything down either. In 1994, Regina had another baby, Hannah. Also, in 1994, Tony had arrived at her home when Erwin was out at work, in order to threaten her. In June 1995, Tony showed up again and Regina was ready to defend herself from him and she didn’t give into his codes and old conditioning. Tony had lost control over, so he turned around and left. In late June 1995, Dutroux and Lelievre began their kidnapping spree with Julie and Melissa. Following their arrest, and that of Nihoul, X1 would go be out in contact with Patrick De Baets and his investigative team. She began to testify, but over the coming years, the coverup taken place. The investigators would be replaced by people not interested in a network.

During the investigation, Tony was put under police observation from October 18 to 20 and from October 20 to 31, 1996. The first observation was during the White March, in which the Belgian people rallied against the way the Dutroux investigation was handled. Unsurprisingly, Tony never left from his home in Antwerp, at least from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Predictably, nothing came out of the second observation. However, Tony was observed again in March and in April 1997. In April, Tony was spotted no less than 21 times near four separate schools, one of which had been attended by Katrien de Cuyper. Despite these observations, Commandant Duterme and the Gendarmerie ignored Patrick De Baets and Michel Bourlet’s requests to continue the investigation.

During the observations of Tony, it was discovered that Tony was in continuous contact with a gendarme from Antwerp, regularly calling or emailing each other. This very same gendarme officer was appointed to a leading position in the investigation of Tony. No changes were made when De Baets and his team reminded their superiors that this was a conflict of interest. This particular gendarme also became responsible for dismissing the possibility of X1’s testimony about the murder of Katrien de Cuyper.

In January 1998, X1 (Regina Louf) went public, with De Morgen publishing a number of articles. Tony was again investigated by the police/gendarmerie. The BOB interrogated Tony in Gent for the first time on February 3, 1998. Tony denied having known Michel Nihoul, the other X1 people talked about, or even that he ever had sex with X1. Then, on March 12, Tony was confronted with three women who confirmed X1’s story. Tony denied having known these three women. On April 23, 1998, Tony was summoned to the BOB in Gent to testify for a third time, followed by a confrontation with Regina. By this time, it had already been decided that the X-files would be closed within the month. Tony was joking with the gendarmes, who apologized that he had to come all this way. These people didn’t take Regina serious and this obviously intimidated her. Tony admitted that he abused Regina since she was 14, only after a remark from Regina did he admit that she was 12 when it started, in many ways, multiple times a week and with the knowledge of her parents. He admitted that he indeed had a key and was given access to the house. After this, X1 tells how he lent her out during parties in Gent, to which Tony nodded and raised his shoulders. Tony admitted that he forced Regina’s friend into sex games. This was not recorded on video and there was only a short version written out. After the conclusion of the trial, in April 1998, substitute magistrate Necole De Rouck announced that Regina had sex with Tony since she was 12, but that she actively pursued the “relationship” and that she only considered it abuse after the Dutroux affair. De Rouck claimed on April 28:

“We have investigated the testimonies of X1 to the smallest and most absurd details and all of them have turned out to be incorrect.”

In the 1998 conclusion of the Court of Law in Gent in regards to the case:

“It has been established that Regina, between her twelfth and sixteenth year, had a sexual relationship with a much older and grown man, named V. Antoine. Regina had this relationship WITH her consent and not AGAINST her will. Her mother knew about this, allowed the relationship and even encouraged it. Her mother at least felt a platonic love for this same V.”

Despite this breakthrough in X1’s case, it had already been announced by De Rouck that this all happened to long ago for Tony to still be prosecuted. The investigation into X1 was officially closed on June 2, 1998. Tony walked free and is barely known to this day, not even a picture has been found by this author. The last thing known about Tony is that he had a company located in Poland since at least the early 2000s when he was in his sixties and had bought a camper, clearly on the move. Allegedly he was still active in abusing children in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and probably other countries too. Nothing else is known about Tony to this author.

Connections review

In 1942, Tony was probably born in Antwerp, during Nazi occupation of Belgium, then grew up and went to school there. At some point he would attend child psychology classes at a Brussels University, and he became about of MPS. This must have been 1960s-1970s. Tony must have learned that he was a pedophile before the 1970s and must have made a few interesting connections in the 1960s

It made by assumption of this author, that Tony must have met either Christiane Louf then Madam Cecile Beernaert, or vice versa, in the 1960s, or possibly the latter half of the 50s. How Tony met these people is completely unknown. Possibly Tony met Christiane, who around 10 years older, at a school, then met Cecile. Or maybe, Tony met Madam Cecile somewhere and then was introduced to Christiane. The meeting of either Cecile or Christiane is assumed to have taken place in the 1960s, when Tony was 19-29 years old. According to Regina Louf, the daughter of Christiane and Georges Louf, she was sent in 1971, at the age of 2, to her maternal grandmother Madame Cecile Beernaert, who was living alone in a hotel-villa called Sunny Corner in Knokke, after her husband, a chief of the Knokke police, had passed away. Back in the first half of the 1940s, “Madame Cecile” had run a brother for Nazi German officers called King George, along with a second more democratic brothel for common soldiers. After the war, she allegedly continued the brothel in another location. Christiane Louf was the pride of Cecile’s husband, Regina’s grandfather, and Christiane was forced to become a call girl for the upper class and he took her to many parties. Until she got pregnant in the early 1950s, when she was 20 years old. This was very frowned upon in Catholic Belgium at the time, especially with rumors of incest. To avoid a scandal, Cecile forced Christiane to marry a Georges Louf, whom Cecile met at the bakery owned by her son Andre, the brother of Christiane. The first baby died and afterwards Christiane didn’t get along with Georges, so she met other men. She claims to have had two abortions, in during the time, seemingly early 1950s to late 1960s. This is probably the time around which Tony met Chrisiane Louf and Cecile Beernaert.

Soon after Regina arrived at Cecile’s hotel-villa in Knokke, Cecile began to train her to be a prostitute, when Regina was just a toddler. Cecile’s program was very complex, doing all kinds of things, convincing her she carried the original sin and that she definitely would go to purgatory. Cecile was brutal and merciless. As a result of Cecile’s abuses, Regina began to develop multiple personalities. On January 29, 1973, it was Regina’s fourth birthday and her virginity was taken when she was raped by Tony. This happened after Regina celebrated her fourth birthday with her mother Christiane Louf at the hotel-villa of Madam Cecile Beerneat (Christiane’s mother) in Knokke. Regina estimated that Tony must have known her grandmother Cecile for quite a while. One of Regina’s earliest abusers, since before Tony raped her, was Pepere, who appears to have been Paul Vanden Boeynants. X1 even named Tony as an abuser along with VdB, when X1 was raped, and bestiality with dogs, events which were filmed at the hotel-villa. Along with VdB, was a man with a Knokke accent, who gave the ok for Tony to bring in the dogs, which they made rape Regina, all of which was photographed by someone. Throughout the 1970s, Regina was sent to many parties at many places, such as the hotel L”Hirondelle in Knokke. One place she was regularly taken was the ASCO factory of Roger Boas, which she called “the factory of the films”, because most of the filming was done there. The ASCO factory will be discussed a bit further later.

Regina was used for blackmail operations as well. Regina testified that she first met Jean-Michel Nihoul in 1977-1979, when her mother Christiane took her to an apartment of Nihoul, where Tony, Marc Dutroux, Annie Bouty and Michel Vander Elst could be found. Nihoul began to use her for blackmail operations, which Tony was involved in too, and took her to parties where she had to stand next to child abusers so photographs could be made to remind them that they were blackmailed. X1 also says she met Dutroux’s to be wife, Michelle Martin, and his accomplice Bernard Weinstein, later in the 1980s when she was back in Gent.

In 1979, when Regina was 10-years-old, she gave birth to her first daughter Cheyenne in Cecile’s hotel-villa in Knokke. She was raped and abused in the process by men as the Lippens brothers Leopold and Maurice, Paul Vanden Boeynants, Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin, Michel Vander Elst and the police commissioner of Kokke present. Leopold Lippens, Vanden Boeynants, de Bonvoisin and Vander Elst have been directly connected to Tony and Nihoul. Cheyenne disappeared after six weeks, only to be seen at the ASCO factory nearly three years later.

After Regina was sent back to her parents in Gent, she met Tony in 1981, when she was 12 years old. At that time, Tony was a successful sales representative for Gimpet, a German company that sold dog grooming products. It also happens that Christiane Louf groomed dogs as a business from her home. Christiane then sold Regina to Tony, when they first met in Gent. He began to program her from the start, beginning with a love bomb, then working her back in to sex activities. He trained her to be a high class prostitute and this was utilized for blackmail operations. Though he was just a sales representative, he had a secret life and had many high level connections across Belgium. The first man Regina was forced to have sex with was a friend of his from Gimpet. Tony started prostituting her out from Christiane’s house where she stayed. He then took her to many places where customers waited or where parties took place. At the first party in a white mansion, with only 8 men and 2 women, Pepere was present, who appears to have been Paul Vanden Boeynants, one of Regina’s earliest abusers back in Knokke. But sex became a side issue, when Tony started bringing her to sadomasochistic parties. There must have been other prominent people who attended all these parties as well.

During the first half of the 1980s, Regina heard Tony constantly bragging that he was friends with Baron Benoît de Bonvoisin and Willy De Clercq. BdB has been accused of visiting Cecile’s hotel-villa, the ASCO factory, the child hunts, Le Mirano and visiting other child abuse events. BdB will be discussed later. However, Willy De Clercq has been mentioned before. He was born in Gent and allegedly would be tied to the “pink ballets” affair, as was Baron de Bonvoisin and Paul Vanden Boeynants. X2 claimed to have seen Willy De Clercq at meeting in the Hilton with Madani Bouhouche’s spouse (X2: husband Madani at The Dolo; X1: driver to ASCO; The Jonathan?; Le Mirano), Paul Vanden Boeynants (The Dolo?, Les Trois Canards; ASCO; Madame Cecile’s; mentioned by X3; PSC, CEPIC), Wilfried Martens (X1: ASCO; X2: seen with child abusers), Jean Gol (Les Atrebates, The Dolo), Philippe Moureaux, Guy Delvoie (Cromwell hotel; X2: at castle near Eindhoven, Netherlands) and Jean-Michel Nihoul (Les Atrebates, The Dolo, Le Mirano, Coco Beach; indirectly The Jonathan; ASCO; ASCo; murders of Cheyenne, Clo, Veronique, Chrissy, Katrien; PSC). BdB was connected to several of the attendess of this meeting at the Hilton. A Willy Le Clerq was named as a PRL associate and a member of Europeen pour la Paix et la Securite (IEPS), with Jean Gol, Brian Crozier, Jacques Jonet, Count Hans Huyn, Robert C. Richardson and Daniel O. Graham. PRL member Jean Gol and Willy De Clercq were Freemasons of the Grand Orient de France and were both named as member as a “Lodge”, which involved Willy Claes, Eric Haemers, possibly Achille Haemers and a certain Jakian. Willy DeClerk is named in the ATLAS dossier and reportedly took orders from Felix Przedborski. Willy Claes was identified in the ATLAS dossier as someone also involved in Przedborski’s Nebula. Vanden Boeynants was also mentioned and was the founder of the Cercle des Nations, which Przedborski was a member. Roger Boas, the owner of ASCO, which was mentioned in the ATLAS dossier, was another member of the Cercle des Nations.

In the early 1980s, Tony became an advertising consultant for Cinema Publiciteit Belgie / Cinema Publicity Belgium (CPB). Werner Donners was Tony’s boss at COB and Werner’s sons Serge and Thierry were also involved. Both Werner and Serge Donners were close to Paul Vanden Boeynants. While Serge has been named in illegal sexual affairs, Werner was named as someone at the ASCO factory, who probably handled the filming of events.

In mid 1981, X1 was abused and tortured at the ASCO factory and witnessed the murder of her daughter Cheyenne. Those present included Nihoul, Annie Bouty, Tony and two gendarmes officers. Regular visitors accused of going there for the purpose of child abuse include Tony, Nihoul, Michel Vander Elst, Jean-Paul Dumont, Paul Vanden Boeynants, Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin, Wilfried Martens and Melchior Wathelet and possibly Roger Boas. These names have been mentioned before. Wathelet was the justice who approved the probationary release of convicted serial child kidnapper and rapist, in 1992. Wathelet is also accused of arranging orgies with minors and of holding satanic ritual abuse at a castle in Verviers. The rest of the individuals have all been interconnected. Wathelet and Martens were involved in the PSC, along with VdB, BdB, Dumont and Boas, who were all involved in the PSC’s CEPIC. Baron de Bonvoisin, Paul Vanden Boeynants, Jean-Paul Dumont and Roger Boas were involved in the Cercle des Nations.

In 1981, Tony introduced Regina to Clo, who appears to have been Carine Dellaert, the daughter of Emile Dellaert. Tony acted as a pimp for both of them, taking them to SM parties and other places to prostitute them out, like the Co-Cli-Co. Tony was most likely in contact with Emile Dellaert, who participated in the network, sold Clo into the network, and was allegedly present at the murder of Veronique Dubrulle. Emile was already a suspect of incest back in and 1977 and was suspected of having a sexual affair with a underaged girl in the Netherlands in 1965.

The house Regina pointed out as being the place where Clo was murdered ended up being a brothel called the International House in the 1990s. The parents of X4 happened to live next door to the house. The house was owned and inhabited by Gustaaf Derdijn, who owned the Co-Cli-Co in the early 1980s. The Co-Cli-Co also appeared in Tony’s diary. At the time the Co-Cli-Co went bankrupt in 1984, one of its largest creditor’s was Le Cinema Publicitaire, a vide store owned by Tony. However, the largest creditor was the firm All-Meat, in which Derdijn was a partner together with Dutch porn dealer Gerard Cok, who together with his business associate Charles Geerts are major players in the worldwide porn industry. Regina claimed that those present at the murder of Clo included Nihoul, Bouty, Tony, Vander Elst, Count Leopold Lippens and a man and a woman she recognized from the nightclub Co-Cli-Clo.

Regina was very familiar was a castle in southern Belgium, possibly Chateau des Amerois, which was owned by the Solvay family. At one point, Tony took her there to a child hunt event, in which Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin played a central role. 9/11 no-planer Robin de Ruiter along with Fritz Springmeier wrote about the castle and called in the HQ of the Mothers of Darkness of the “Illuminati” and claimed satanic rituals and pedophile events happened there. The builder of Chateau des Amerois was Count Philipe von Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha of Flanders, the brother of King Leopold II and whose great grandson was King Albert II of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. The Solvay family has been connected to a number of accused individuals.

As has already been mentioned, Tony was in contact with Jacques Dubrulle, who participated in the Network and whose daughter Veronique Dubrulle appears to have been one of the girls Regina witnessed being murdered. Regina claimed the people present were Nihoul, Bouty, Tony, Vander Elst, a member of the Bert family and Emile Delleart, the father of Carine “Clo” Dellaert. The two men who signed the death certificate, apparently covering up, were Dr. Luc De Schrijver and Dr. Luc De Waele. Regina claimed to have ended up in bed with these men and that she saw them at parties in the UCO Complex. Members of the Hanet family, who an UCO Textiles, were mentioned by Regina as being involved in the child abuse parties there, along with a couple members of the Bert family. Regina claimed to have first met De Waele at a party in the private area of the Decascoop of the Bert family in the early 1980s. Along with Gina would have been Clo, a Natasha and two other little girls were present at these parties. As for Jacques Dubrulle, he was head of Daska Films with his partner Jean Daskalides in the 1970s. He was the former administrator of Decatron NV, which was founded by the Bert family in 1981. Dubrulle was also the chairman and patron of the International Film Festival of Flanders, located in Gent. He eventually retired in 2005. However, during the Dutroux investigation Tony called him at least three times and there were indications that Tony and Dubrulle were close friends.

Tony introduced Regina to Chrissy when he brought her to an apartment where he often met Nihoul in Brussels. Then Nihoul and Tony decided to put Chrissy through an initiation. The ritual abuse ceremony took place in a garage of a house, possibly “the villa of the boarts” owned by Count Herve d’Ursel his wife, the sister of Baron de Bonvoisin. Those present at the initiation included Nihoul, Tony, Baron de Bonvoisin, Bouty and two others. Interestingly, Herve d’Ursel was a member of the Cercle des Nations with BdB. Both Nihoul and BdB were identified as attendees of Le Mirano, where a scandal about a pedophile ring came out in 1984 centered around Philippe Cryns, a member of the Cercle des Nations. Cryns partner was Alexis Alewaeters, who became a client of Bouty and Nihoul’s law firm. Becaues Chrissy was never able to adapt to the environment of the Network, Regina suggested that she tell her parents and leave, which when found out by Nihoul and Tony, ended up with Chrissy being murdered. Those Regina accused of being present and/or involved included Nihoul, Tony, Bouty, Vander Elst, the parents of Anne, Bernard Weinstein and Marc Dutroux, who didn’t join in the actual abuse, but observed and witnessed it.

In 1991, Regina claims she was forced to murder a girl, seemingly Katrien De Cuyper, at the Castle Kattenhof, which happens to have been next door to the castle of Axel Vervoordt. Those named as being present were Nihoul, Bouty, Tony, Vander Elst, Leopold Lippens, Joost Bert, the assumed owner of Castle Kattenhof, several others. Regina suspected that Katrien was one of Tony’s girls and at the castle Tony brought her, Caslte Kattenhof, Regina witnessed several more child murders.

It is known that during the Dutroux X-dossier investigation and the reopening of the case on Katrien De Cuyper, that Tony was in contact with a gendarme office from Antwerp. Katrien was from Antwerp and was last seen making a phone call at cafe Les Routiers in Antwerp. Located above cafe Les Routiers was Studio De Pauw and X-Kiss, to which Gerrie Ulrich of the Zandvoort scandal made regular large donations of money. In the stash at Ulrich’s flat in Zandvoort, Netherlands, found by Marcel Vervloesem, were photos of a girl, who strongly resembled Katrien. This gendarme office would be appointed to a key position of the investigation into Tony and contributed to dismissing the implication of Tony in the murder of Katrien.

The last connection that will be mentioned is the possible involvement of Tony with Nihoul at Les Atrebates and/or The Dolo.

“Anonymous statement. Nihoul known at the Atrebates since 1980s. Nihoul was known to like children. In 91 he attended the Dolo. … Right arm [of Nihoul] = Tony.” (PV 100.053, January 6, 1997, Anonymous statement and possible reference to Tony, X1’s pimp)

Whether Tony did or didn’t, he is directly connected to a few important customers. Tony has been accused of involvement in the child abuse and murder group with Nihoul and Vander Elst, both customers of Les Atrebates and The Dolo. X1 was taken to Les Atrebates with Nihoul, where child orgies were held. X1 saw Nathalie Waeterschoot, another victim-witness, there at Les Atrebates and recognized her father. Both Nathalie W. and Regina independently referred to Nihoul as “Mich” and Nathalie W. didn’t recognize Regina (X1). However, Nathalie W. identified Regina’s pimp Tony, referring to him “Anthony” and a friend of “Mich” Nihoul.


What is shocking is how substantiated X1’s testimony about Tony is substantiated. Nathalie W. and X7 (Nathalie C.) both confirmed some aspects about Tony, which we known by X1. On top of this, are how these witnesses interconnect with others as X4, Chantal Storme, testimonies which have some satanic aspects to them. This all will be discussed later.

With the connections of Tony, which were able to be found so far, definitely reveals common links of Nihoul and the rest of that group, Bouty and Vander Elst. With the latter person still needing an article, it is clear in which direction this investigation is evolving and Tony provides more of those leads and more confirmation that the right direction in being followed.


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