Marc Dutroux Overview + discourse on the Network of the the Dutroux affair

Author: Carter McBussell | Published: March 24, 2020 | Updated: October 1, 2020 |

Belgian network

Front Right to left: Dutroux and Nihoul.

“A network with all kinds of criminal activities really does exist. I maintained regular contacts with the people who made up this network. But the authorities don’t want to look into it.” (2002, VTM Flemish TV station, as quoted by The Guardian – quote of Marc Dutroux)

“I have heard Marc personally telling Lelievre that he should bring a girl for Michel Nihoul. If I haven’t mentioned that before, that is because I’m afraid of that gang, I mean Nihoul, Marc Dutroux and others in Brussels. I mean well-placed individuals who Nihoul knew. The connections of Nihoul made me fear for my children and myself… I was afraid, because Jean-Michel Nihoul, Marc Dutroux and Michel Lelievre were part of a gang that was involved in all kinds of business, like drugs, pills, girls and forged papers [for which Nihoul would later indeed be convicted, just as human trafficking]… Over time I became more and more convinced that Marc Dutroux and Jean-Michel Nihoul did things that couldn’t stand the light of day and which I was not supposed to know about.” (2004, Herwig Lerouge, ‘Het Dossier Nihoul: De knoop in het process-Dutroux’ (‘The Nihoul Dossier: The knot in the Dutroux trial’), pp. 62-63. Cites PV 2.557, August 29, 1996; ISGP translation – quote of Michelle Martin, Dutroux’s ex-wife)


  1. Introduction
  2. Dutroux timeline
  3. Discourse on ties to the Network
  4. Conclusion
  5. Sources


In order to begin understanding the Dutroux affair and its X-dossiers, it is crucial to have a basic timeline of events of Dutroux’s life in mind. This is exactly what this article intends to provide.

Without this author knowing any other language fluently, except for English, I have relied on the work of others to assemble this information. For this I must thank Joël van der Reijin of, for his excellent work on the Dutroux affair and X-dossiers. I also must thank Fritz Springmeier, author of Bloodlines of the Illuminati, for first making me aware of the Dutroux affair.

The following chapter is a point by point summation of Dutroux’s life in a chronological order. The leads herein will be pursued further in subsequent articles. It took getting this timeline in my head in order to grasp how Dutroux is really linked to a Network, of which Michel Nihoul is the key.

Dutroux timeline

What follows is a quick summary of Dutroux’s life in a rough chronological order. (Note: important dates connected to the Network are in red):

  • November 6, 1956: Marc Paul Alain Dutroux was born in Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium. [2] His parents were Jeanine Lauwens and Victor Dutroux, who both were teachers. Dutroux would become the oldest of five children.
  • Late 1950s: At some point, the parents decided to immigrate to the Belgian Congo
  • 1960: Parents decide to leave the Belgian Congo, back to Belgium, around the start of the Congo Revolt.
  • 1960-1970: Dutroux grew up in Obaix, near Charleroi. At the age of 5, Dutroux was forced to a one hour walk and then a train ride to his school in Charleroi. His parents tormented, neglected and abused him and most likely his siblings too. He had a troublesome youth.
  • Early 1970s: Dutroux continues to attend school, eventually becoming an electrician.C0D2161B-3A75-4AAB-858B-885894B235E2.JPG
  • 1970-1971: At the age of 14 or 15, his parents divorced and Dutroux left home, becoming a drifter and apparently a boy prostitute. According to Douglas de Coninck, Dutroux met an old pedophile at his school in Charleroi and then became a boy prostitute, however, Dutroux denies this.
  • 1975: Dutroux marries his first wife, Françoise Dubois, together they would have two children. It would later be known that Dutroux would beat her.
  • Late 1970s: According to X1 (Regina Louf), Dutroux could be found at an apartment of Jean-Michel Nihoul, a place her mother, Christiane Louf, had taken her. Others seen there by her included Antoine “Tony” Vandenbogaerts, Michel Vander Elst and Annie Bouty.
  • 1970s: Dutroux received convictions for theft, violent muggings, drug-dealing and trade in stolen cars. These criminal activities allowed him to acquire a number of houses
  • 1982: Dutroux meets Michelle Martin at an ice ring in Charleroi, where he was notorious for molesting girls. Dutroux had an affair with Martin.
  • Since early 1980s: X1: Dutroux was present at parties, organized by Michel Nihoul, was largely on the side and brough drugs like cocaine and occasionally brought girls and watched them. At some point X1 met Michelle Martin and Bernard Weinstein.
  • June 10, 1983: Dutroux and two others, one of whom was never identified, tortured a 58-year-old woman, Jeanine G. from Haine-Saint-Pierre, for three hours until she told them where her money was kept. Dutroux reportedly put a razor in her vagina, for which he would later be convicted.Christine Van Hees
  • February 13, 1984: X1: Marc Dutroux was present at the murder of Christine, almost certainly Christine Van Hees, together with Bernard Weinstein, Michel Nihoul, Tony Vandenbogaerts, Annie Bouty, Michel Vander Elst and the parents of Anne, who was a girl in the network. The murder was covered up and later in the late 1990s the reopened investigation was dismantled.
  • 1980s?: At some point, Dutroux and Martin were seen at a company called Logitel, just as Nihoul and Achille Haemers, a major figure in the underworld. Nihoul first met Achille in 1974 at a company called Confortex, which can be indirectly connected to Michel Lelievre and Roland Corvillain, a pedophile connected to the Aug., ’92 Loubna Benaissa disappearance case. As for Logitel, witnesses told that some of the men talked about importing “young white and brown horses” from eastern Europe by plane; after the Dutroux affair, it was thought that they had been talking about children. One of the witnesses was Rita Vetsuypens, who found out that her husband was a pedophile involved with these people.
  • March 1985: Dutroux first meets Jean Van Peteghem, who later went to live with him. Together they soon committed crimes of theft and soon kidnapping and rape
  • May 1985: Van Peteghem admitted in’86 that he and and Dutroux kidnapped two girls from Molanwelz, both of whom have never been identified by police.
  • June 7, 1985: Dutroux and Van Peteghem abducted Sylvie D., who was 11 years old, apparently after an impulse of Dutroux to have fun, using Martin’s car. Dutroux raped the girl in a garage in Roux. Dutroux took pictures with a Polaroid and told the girl they were intended for an American magazine. Dutroux and Van Peteghem apparently tried to mislead the girl as to their nationality. They later left her at Gosselies hospital.
  • October 17, 1985: Dutroux and two others abducted Maria V., 19, from Peronnes-lez-Binche. Maria identified a third man, who appeared in his fifties and was involved in her abduction, but the man was never found.
  • December 14, 1985: an 8-year-old, Axelle D., was kidnapped by a gang in a white van. She testified to police that Jean Van Peteghem had told her that “he was part of a gang” led by two gang leaders, “an Italian and a crazy stupid one.” Martin drove the van according to Van Peteghem’s later admissions.
  • December 18, 1985: Dutroux abducted Elizabeth G., 15, in Pont-à-Celles. Van Peteghem told police that Dutroux filmed Elisabeth naked and took photos of her.
  • January 17, 1986: while in a car, Dutroux and one or two accomplices never found by police, abducted Catherine B., 18, from Obaix. Dutroux bragged about this to Van Peteghem.
  • February 3, 1986: After having been caught, Van Peteghem confessed to the police that he was one of the three who abducted Axelle.
  • November 1988: Dutroux was convicted of kidnapping, photographing, torturing and raping five girls between ages 11-19.
  • 1989: Didier de Quevy was the lawyer of Marc Dutroux. Quevy had previously been the lawyer of Alexis Alewaeters in 1986, had shared an office with Jean-Paul Dumont in the 1980s and worked together with Philippe Deleuze. 0B5A4C87-588A-4BFA-B1AE-CEE4336A41D0[1016].JPG
  • April 26, 1989: Martin, Dutroux and Van Peteghem were sentenced by the Court of Appel in Bergen. Dutroux received 13.5 years, Van Peteghem 6.5 years and Martin 5 years. Initially they had been sentenced to 3 years in prison because they appeared before a correctional court with professional magistrates, instead of a public court where citizens would co-decide the sentence. Michelle Martin and Marc Dutroux would get married, while both were in prison, later would have three sons.
  • 6 April 1992: PSC Minister of Justice Melchior Wathelet accepted a probationary release of Dutroux from prison, despite the objections of others. Dutroux’s own mother reportedly advised against the 1992 release of her son. At some point, Dutroux began construction of a concealed dungeon in the basement of his main home in Marcinelle, near Charleroi.
  • 1993: One of Dutroux’s tenants, Claude Thirault, informs the Charleroi gendarmerie that Dutroux is planning to kidnap girls and sell them into a prostitution network. At some point, three witnesses come forward to confirm Thirault’s story. Also, anno 1993, Michel Lelievre meets Casper Flier, a former business partner of Annie Bouty, while they were both in prison. After they got out, Lelievre went to work at a gas station owned by Flier.
  • December 1993: Dutroux’s houses are searched, officially for suspicions of car theft. The police officers noticed the modified basements, but did not find anything else.
  • June 1994: A house of Dutroux was searched, it appeared that he had stopped working on the basement.
  • July 1994: Dutroux abuses a Slovakian girl, Eva Mackova, in Sars-la- Buissière.
  • March 1995: Lelievre stays a couple days at a place of Bouty and meets Nihoul. Lelievre becomes a partner-in-crime with Nihoul in trafficking stolen cars and drugs, with Nihoul directing Lelievre, who “introduces” Dutroux to Nihoul, at some point. It seems Dutroux worked closely with Nihoul in kidnapping girls.
  • April 2, 1995: Jean-Pol Taminiau, a criminal involved in the trade of stolen cars and used to own a bar/brothel visited by Charleroi high society, disappears. Prior, he had rented and a gun and told friends that he possessed important information. Taminau rented a garage to an accomplice of Dutroux, which was located right across from a garage owned by Dutroux. In 1996, a fisherman retrieved a foot of Jean-Pol, but his body was never found.
  • June, 1995: Dutroux is sued for having illegally widened an opening of his basement. Julie and Melissa
  • June 24, 1995: Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo, both 8 years old, disappear. Examining magistrate Martine Doutrewe becomes head of the ‘Julie and Melissa cell’, tasked with locating the girls, yet goes on vacation until 9 August. At some point Thirault went back to the gendarmerie, but they asked for more solid evidence if Dutroux’s house(s) were to be searched. Witnesses contacted the police that they had seen Julie and Melissa in Knokke, Blankenberge, Switzerland and prostitution bars in Charleroi, and in the case of Francoise Reyskens, who died before going to testify, saw the girls at a bar in Maastricht, Netherlands and had spoken to them. Michelle Martin would later claim that Dutroux and Lelievre kidnapped Julie and Melissa for Jean-Michel Nihoul.
  • July 4, 1995: Alexandre Gosselin, a neighbor of Bernard Weinstein, mysteriously died.
  • 1995(?):Marc Dutroux, Michel Lelievre and Mikhael Diakostavrianos (who knew a certain Bruno Tagliaferro) went to Yugoslavia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic to get young girls, either for their own use or to be placed into Belgian prostitution through connections of Nihoul.
  • July 26, 1995: Francois Reyskens, a 28-year-old drug addict and possible drug dealer, was found dead on a railroad track the day he was to give information about the kidnapping of Melissa Russo to the gendarme officer Melon. According to Carine Russo, Reyskens had noticed the children (Julie and Melissa) in a bar in Maastricht, Netherlands and had spoken to them.
  • August 10, 1995: a group of BOB officers headed by Rene Michaux began Operation Othello, the purpose was to monitor movements of Dutroux. A time lapse video camera was used and operations ended at 10 o’clock each evening and Dutroux was shadowed only six times in two months, pathetic watch time. An and Eefje
  • August 22, 1995: An Marchal, 17, and Eefje Lambrecks, 19, disappear in Blankenberge on the northern coast of Belgium. The last thing the girl had done was visit a show of the magician Rasti Rostelli, in which they were hypnotized. According to one witness, Nihoul had been seen with Dutroux and Lelievre in Oostend shortly before the kidnapping of An and Eefje.
  • August 23, 1995: lead Gendarme officer, Guy Goebels, in the case of the disappearance of Julie and Melissa, decided to expand the investigation.
  • August 25, 1995: Eefje managed to grab her clothes, crawl out of the bathroom window and shout for help. She was pulled back in by Dutroux within seconds and the observers never noticed a thing. Also, on August 25, 1995, Guy Goebels was found dead next to his gun, leading to the official explanation of suicide. His family and the parents didn’t believe the official explanation.
  • August-September 1995: Dutroux murders An and Eefje after taking them out of the house unnoticed.
  • September 4, 1995, Dutroux’s mother Jeanine, who advised against the 1992 release of her son, anonymously informed Rene Michaux, that neighbors of Dutroux were very suspicious about his activities. Blackened windows, noises from the basement, used car tires in the garden and the two girls “of 16 or 18 years old” spotted recently in the garden. This information somehow did not reach anyone working on the case of An and Eefje. Additionally, Dutroux deposited 10,000 euros into his bank account in September, 1995.
  • September 15, 1995, Nihoul went to gendarme officer Gerard Vanesse with Michel Lelievre, who was wanted at the time. Nihoul convinced Vanesse, to whom he was an informant, not to arrest Lelievre. At the same time Nihoul was an informant to police commissioner Albert Toch, whom he knew from the Dolo.
  • From 1995 to 1996, Nihoul, Dutroux and Lelievre were in continuous phone contact.
  • September 25, 1995, Dutroux and Weinstein stole a truck, which they hid in a storage building rented by Dutroux. The real owner of the storage building was Gerard Pinon, a police informant. Inspector George Zicot was informed by Gerard that Dutroux seemed to be running a small gang of car thieves. But Zicot did nothing, apparently waiting for the truck to be picked up again.
  • November 1995, a Gendarme officer from Charleroi reported that Dutroux was the perpetrator behind the Julie and Melissa kidnapping. Despite this claim deriving from multiple sources, nothing was done.
  • November 5, 1995, Bruno Tagliaferro died after being poisoned and predicting his own death because he knew too much. Tagliaferro was the owner of a junk yard and knew Mikhael Diakostavrianos, an accomplice of Dutroux and Lelievre in kidnapping. According to a certain Thierry, an accomplice of Dutroux and Nihoul, Dutroux was looking for a hitman to kill Tagliaferro and his wife and had offered Thierry the job, to which he refused. But when Tagliaferro did die, it was labeled a heart attack. His wife claimed that he was poisoned and was proven right in 1996, after Tagliaferro’s body had been dug up.
  • December 6, 1995: around the time Bernard Weinstein went missing and later found 5m under the ground, beneath the bodies of Julie and Melissa, in the backyard of one Dutroux owned hosues, Dutroux was arrested for having been involved in stealing a truck and kidnapping and torturing three teenagers he suspected of having re-stolen the vehicle (one teenager escaped and informed the police).Rene Michaux
  • December 13, 1995: Rene Michaux leads the searches of Dutroux’s homes. Michaux and the locksmith went into the basement, where they heard the voices of Julie and Melissa. Michaux decided that these voices must have come from outside and left. Also, Michaux found vaginal cream, chloroform, a speculum and chains, which to him caused no alarm. Michaux found a number of video tapes, which contained Dutroux constructing the cellar, but Michaux never watched them and gave them back to Michelle Martin.
  • Afternoon of December 13, 1995: Rene Michaux met with police officer Christian Dubois, both were working on a case involving white Mercedesses photographing school girls. Dubois informed Michaux that he had an informant who stated that the white Mercedesses belonged to a pedophile network surrounding a company called Achats Services Commerces (ASCo). ASCo was founded in July 2, 1991, primarily by Jean-Louis Delamotte, a friend and regular business partner of Michel Nihoul, who both went to the Dolo and Les Atrebates. When the company went bankrupt in 1994, five mattresses and some baby milk were found inside the company’s headquarters. Delmotte’s company Soparauto, registered at the same address, owned 5 white Mercedesses, all with French license plates, as had been reported. Delmotte would also later be pointed out as a thug who intimidated the x-witnesses, including the person who had initially looked after Nathalie W., Theo Vandycke, who later had a heart attack and was subsequently taken off the case.
  • Late 1995, BOB (Belgian FBI) had largely ceased to investigate the case. However, the disappearance of An and Eefje remained prominent because a foundation had been set up several years earlier called Marc & Corinne, which was named after two teenagers brutally murdered, that used its limited funds to spread posters of the girls’ faces all over Belgium and the Netherlands. Unfortunately, it made no difference, the girls weren’t found or those responsible.
  • Late December, 1996: Three young burglars broke into Dutroux’s home and stole his computer and several videotapes. One of them heard a sound coming from the basement, which this person thought was a door closing, so they scrammed. Unfortunately, they later put a new hard-disk in Dutroux’s computer and taped cartoons for their children over the unknown content of Dutroux’s tapes.
  • January 1996: Operation Othello was shut down because Dutroux was in jail and it would never be reactivated.
  • February 21, 1996: While working during night service alone at the police station, Simon Poncelet, was shot and died as a result of his wound(s). Oddly, it is forbidden for anyone on night duty to open doors, unless he knew the person. Additionally, the cameras weren’t working, so it will never be known what exactly happened. Poncelet’s father, an attorney general in Doornik, suspects his son was murdered for stumbling onto evidence of a child kidnapping and abuse network, which was something the Justice Department did not want to hear about. During the 1990s, Poncelet had been working extensively on cases dealing with the international trade in stolen cars, which was closely related to Nihoul and Dutroux.
  • March 20, 1996, Dutroux was released unusually early on “humanitarian reasons” because his wife was about to have a baby. Operation Othello was not revived after his release. Lelievre asked Dutroux who did the orders while he was gone, to which Dutroux replied that someone else did them and that he certainly wasn’t the only one. At some point from 1995-1996, Dutroux was spotted visiting Comique’art, a place Nihoul had been working at. Sabine Dardenne
  • May 28, 1996, Sabine Dardenne, 12, disappeared and again the BOB was unable to find the kidnappers and the girl. People became more worried for their children with every kidnapping. Confidence in the police and judiciary plummeted with it already being low. Sometime in May, 1996, Lelievre and Dutroux went to Nihoul to buy XTC, which Nihoul had stashed away (with approval of gendarmerie) after exposing one of his partners. Lelievre received 1,000 XTC pills from Nihoul, which he expected to sell for 4 euros a pop (a probably lie from Nihoul and Lelievre, because the street value was 12 per pill). Nihoul never came up with a fitting explanation for this payment in XTC pills to Lelievre (and Dutroux, in whose house XTC pills were found), leaving the Bourlet and others with the impression that these pills were a payment for the kidnapping of Laetitia. Nihoul even claimed that as an informant, he was infiltrating the drug network, which Dutroux and Lelievre were involved with, but there are a whole list of reasons why this claim is ridiculous. According to Michelle Martin, Nihoul had been frequently calling to her house trying to contact Dutroux.
  • Early June, 1996: One witness claimed to have seen Dutroux and Martin come out of the Dolo. Dutroux and Martin may not have visited the Dolo, however, people there did know his techniques to render girls unconscious and then rape them. The Dolo was visited by aforementioned individuals as Nihoul, Vander Elst, Achille Haemers and Jean-Louis Delamotte, also allegedly Tony V. and Bernard Weinstein.
  • June 22 – August 1, 1996: Dutroux abused the Slovakian girl Yancka Mackova.
  • August 8, 1996: Dutroux and Nihoul are spotted in Bertrix together by at least 8 witnesses. Nihoul, Dutroux and Lelievre were also spotted at some point in Oostende. Laetitia Delhez
  • August 9, 1996: Laetitia Delhez, 14, disappeared in Bertrix, located in the district of Neufchateau, near the border of France and Luxemburg. Additionally, Laetitia would hear the names “Jean-Michel” and “Mich” during her captivity in Dutroux’s home. Michelle Martin would later testify that Nihoul frequently called to her house trying to contact Dutroux.
  • Afternoon, August 13, 1996: a number of individuals were arrested on suspicions that they had been responsible for a wave of kidnappings. But of all of these it was the arrest of Marc Dutroux, caught by prosecutor of the king in Neufchateau Michel Bourlet and Neuchateau examining magistrate Jean-Marc Connerotte, and some of his associates that would lead to the biggest scandal in Belgian history. Letters written by Sabine were found hidden under Dutroux’s carpet. Michel Bourlet would later criticize Rene Michaux in the 2004 trial for having failed to find them. But what is vitally important is that when Dutroux, Martin and Lelievre were initially arrested, they acknowledged that they constituted a gang, which included Michel Nihoul, whom was arrested in August 16, but later released.
  • 1996-January 2003: Julien Pierre is the lawyer of Marc Dutroux. Pierre worked with Jean-Paul Dumont.
  • August 16, 1996: Michel Nihoul is arrested as his connections to Dutroux and Lelievre were revealed. However, he would later be released.
  • August 16, 1996: Partly because of revelations from Lelievre, Dutroux pointed the detectives to one of his houses, which Sabine and Laetitia were kept.
  • August 17, 1996: after hints from Dutroux, the bodies of Julie and Melissa, and Bernard Weinstein, who was beneath them, were found in the garden of one of Dutroux’s houses.
  • August 18, 1996: Dutroux and Lelievre admit to the kidnapping of Julie and Melissa.
  • August 19, 1996: Michel Lelievre states that Dutroux talked to him about kidnapping girls for order.
  • August 29, 1996: Lelievre says he is afraid for his life to say what he knows about Nihoul, because he was apparently threatened by Nihoul. That same day Michelle Martin told how she knew that Dutroux was going to Brussels and that Dutroux, Lelievre and Nihoul constituted a gang, which was involved in “drugs, pills, girls and forged papers” and apparently also human trafficking. She also stated that Dutroux was in close contact with Nihoul.
  • Late 1996: Speculation would circulate that 300 to 5,000 videos with prominent people were confiscated, but in the end it appears less than 100 actually were, and only a portion appear to show Dutroux abusing unknown girls.
  • August 22, 1996: Michel Binon, an old accomplice of Dutroux, died in a mysterious suicide.
  • August-September, 1996: Baron de Bonvoisin began to interfere with the Dutroux investigation, certainly because he had gotten wind of the X-witnesses implicating him in child abuse, torture networks and child hunts. At some point, BdB invited a number of Dutroux-Nihoul investigators to his castle. During this meeting BdB called up Michel Bourlet to make an appointment, which was scheduled for the next day, but Bourlet never showed
  • September 3, 1996: Bodies of An and Eefje were found on land owned by Weinstein
  • September 5, 1996: Annie Bouty was arrested, after her close connections to Nihoul and Lelievre were discovered. Bouty was subsequently interrogated.
  • October 9, 1996: Michelle Martin spoke about Dutroux going to Brussels and meeting people in light of his activities with Michel Nihoul. That Nihoul had helped Lelievre with his money problems. She also said that Dutroux told Lelievre that they needed to get a girl for Nihoul. She also said that Dutroux often told her that he was impressed by the connections of Nihoul.
  • October 20, 1996: Annie Bouty is released after having been interrogated a few times.
  • December 5, 1996: Michel Piro was murdered after speaking about being threatened by a number of armed men. His spouse, whom he apparently regularly battered, is said to have ordered his murder, but the real killers have never been found. Piro frequented the same clubs as Michel Nihoul and wanted to organize a dinner in remembrance of Julie and Melissa, while also informing the parents of the things he knew
  • Late 1996: Anna Konjevoda called Connerotte’s green line wanting to give information about the business of Dutroux, Lelievre and Weinstein in eastern Europe.
  • January 1997: Theo Vandyck, the interviewer of Nathalie W. and the only person she really trusted, died of a stroke. The new interviewers were loyal to Commandant Duterme and began sabotaging the investigation.
  • First half of 1997: The Obelix Cell was set up and coordinated meetings of the Dutroux affair. Some of those present at these meetings included Benoit Dejemeppe, Andre Vandoren, Patrick Duinslaeger, Jean-Claude Van Espen, Michel Bourlet, Jean Soenen, Nicole De Rouck, Paul Somers, Jacques Langois, a number of gendarme officers, leaders of the investigating teams, judicial police officers and criminal analysts.
  • January 20, 1997: Nihoul is released, despite Dutroux often claiming that Nihoul was one of his contacts and a key player in a big international trafficking network. It is also known that unknown men had visited Dutroux while he had girls in his house, one of whom is suspected to have been Nihoul.
  • February 25, 1997: Jean-Marc Houdmont, a man into pedophile videos and a filmmaker, died in a traffic accident while on his way to testify about the kidnapping of a girl named Elisabeth Brichet.
  • February, 1997: The Anonymous mother of the family that had spotted Nihoul with Dutroux at the Bertrix’s swimming pool the day before Laetitia’s kidnapping, almost was struck by a car in February 1997 and around the time the family received numerous anonymous phone calls. The right-hand man of accused child abusing police commissioner Georges Marnette failed to support the family.
  • March 5, 1997: a priest named Joseph Toussaint, whom Michelle Martin used to confess her sins, died of a heart attack.
  • May 7, 1997: Christian Coenraets, said to have been a pedophile who knew Bernard Weinstein, died of suicide. Coenraets was imprisoned in Brussels and managed to escape during a transfer, one day before he was to be questioned about his ties to Bernard Weinstein. One month later Coenraets was found dead in a Brussels suburb.
  • April 25, 1997: Jose Steppe, a citizen of Charleroi who had many contacts in his neighborhood and occasionally worked as an informant to a journalist. Several months after Dutroux’s arrest, he contacted the journalist in a panic, claiming he had important information on Dutroux. The journalist did not immediately schedule an interview and soon after, Steppe was found dead in his home while a Rohypnol tablet, often used by Dutroux, was found in his raspatory. The Justice department never investigated Steppe’s death.
  • July 2, 1997: Virginie Pinon, an almost-victim of Dutroux, died of mucoviscidose.
  • November 16, 1997: Gerard Vannesse, Gendarme officer and one of the runners of Nihoul, died of trombose.
  • April 5, 1996: Brigitte Jenart, the former girlfriend of Juan Borges, a partner in crime of Nihoul and Bouty, died officially of suicide.
  • April 8, 1998: Anna Konjevoda, who wanted to provide information about the business of Dutroux, Lelievre and Weinstein in eastern Europe, was beaten, strangled and thrown into the Maas river. Konjevoda had called Connerotte’s green line in late 1996.
  • X1 (Regina Louf
  • April 32, 1998: Dutroux managed to overpower (armed) gendarme guards and escaped Neufchateau. Dutroux was caught about three hours later, but coincidentally, during these hours the pimp of X1 (Regina Louf), Antoine “Tony” Vandenbogaerts, confirmed that he had sex with X1 since she was 12. Besides De Morgen, no newspaper did a prominent report on this breakthrough in the X1 case.
  • December 18, 1998: Fabienne Jaupart, a widow of Bruno Tagliaferro and about to testify about the Dutroux gang, died in a fire in a clear murder. Sometime after Dutroux’s arrest, Bruno Tagliaferro’s wife had wanted to tell everything she knew about Dutroux and his gang. On December 18, 1998, several days before she was to be interviewed, she was found dead, partially burned next to her bed) by her 14-year-old son. Evidence had pointed that she had tried to escape while someone else broke into the house. Nonetheless, her death was labeled either a suicide or an accident.
  • July 13, 1999: Hurbert Massa shot himself, but it is not known why, as Michel Bourlet described him as a very “balanced magistrate”, and chief prosecuting attorney of the Dutroux investigation.
  • November 4, 1999: Sandra Ckaeys, a former girlfriend of Michel Lelievre, officially committed suicide.
  • November 16, 2000: Klaus Bahr died in a traffic accident. Bahr was an important porn dealer who was set to testify about the disappearance of Julie and Melissa.
  • March 1, 2001: Jean-Jacques Feront died of a heart attack. Feront was a pedophile hunter who became involved in the Dutroux affair.
  • March 28, 2001: Nadege Renard, an ex-girlfriend of Jean-Pol Taminiau, died in a traffic accident.
  • January 2003: Dutroux’s lawyer Julien Pierre was fired.
  • 2003: Xavier Magnee became lawyer of Dutroux. Magnee was a member of the Cercle des Nations and Cercle Gaulois. Magnee put Philippe Rozenberg in contact with the Russian mafia as Rozenberg’s staff holder and Brussels balie. Rozenberg’s lawyers were Clement de Clety and Virginia Baranyanka, who also ran defense for Michel Nihoul in the Dutroux dossier.
  • 2004: Marc Dutroux was sentenced to life in jail for abducting and raping six girls in 1995-1996 and for the deaths of four of them. Two of his victims were murdered and two others died of hunger while kept in the dungeon. A psychiatrist described Dutroux as one of the worst psychopaths he had met. Also, in 2004, Magnee spread disinformation claiming that the Satanic Abrasax cult had not been investigated adequately.Nihoul, Lelievre, Martin, Dutroux
  • 2012: Dutroux’s ex-wife Michelle Martin, whom was sentenced to 30 years, was paroled in 2012, serving less than nine years. She has been given accommodations by a former judge after she spent time in a convent.
  • 2018: Marc Dutroux sent letters to victims’ families offering to answer questions and heal wounds. The parents saw this as a major publicity stunt in an attempt to path the way for parole.
  • October, 2019: Michel Lelievre, who was sentenced to 25 years, was put on parole, as long as he finds lodgings in a specified area. Meanwhile, Dutroux’s lawyer since 2016, Bruno Dayez, started a move for a re-evaluation of his mental state in the hope of obtaining his conditional release in 2021, when Dutroux would have served 25 years in prison. A special court in the Nivelles jail in central Belgium where Dutroux has been held have reviewed the demand. Hundreds of demonstrators protested any release of Dutroux. But a few days after prosecutors approved new psychiatric assessment. About 400 people staged a “Black March”, the color of mourning. Many of those marching were parents with kids.
  • 2020: Marc Dutroux’s pre-parole public threat evaluation has been delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Soon after this was reported, VTM released another documentary with new exclusive footage of Dutroux, in which he continues to profess innocence to his crimes and continues to claim there has been a conspiracy behind the case, but won’t give any names.
  • September 2020: After Dutroux’s psychological evaluation was postpone, the results eventually came in and determined that Dutroux was still a psychopath and that he still posed a danger to society. Hardly a surprise, one of his lawyers Nicolas Cohen said that the results were “very bad” for Dutroux, who demands that his trial be reopened. Dutroux expects to be acquitted if the trial is reopened and and apparently he also wants a new lawyer.

Discourse on connections to the Network

After reading through this timeline and getting a basic overview of what happened and the anomalies surrounding the Dutroux case, it becomes clear that Jean-Michel Nihoul is the key link to the Network.

Although, what happened between 1970 – late 1979, is totally obscure, what is clear is that in the early 1970s, Dutroux left home, became a drifter and around this time met an old pedophile at his school in Charleroi. Apparently, he became a boy prostitute. Somehow, after having gotten married in 1975, by late 1979 he was visiting an apartment of Michel Nihoul, where X1 was taken by her mother Christiane Louf and where she first met Nihoul. Others that could reportedly be found there included Tony V., Annie Bouty and Michel Vander Elst. Additionally, in the 1970s, Dutroux accumulated an already alarming criminal record.

In 1982, Dutroux met Michelle Martin at an ice ring in Charleroi, where he had a reputation for molesting girls. Dutroux would have an affair with her and she would become one of his accomplices. At some point Dutroux and Martin were spotted visitng Logitel, which was also visited by Nihoul and Achille Haemers.

According to X1, Dutroux was present at parties, which were apparently regularly organized by Nihoul since the early 1980s. At some point in the early 1980s, Dutroux met or knew Bernard Weinstein and they both visited an ice ring in Brussels, which was also visited by a girl named Christine Van Hees. According to X1, she met both Michelle Martin and Bernard Weinstein at some point. Weinstein liked to burry animals alive, while Dutroux occasionally brought dogs to abuse parties, although he was more of a handyman. Also, according to X1, Dutroux and Weinstein were present when Christine was abused and murdered on February 13, 1984. Those named as being present included and involved Dutroux, Weinstein, Nihoul, Bouty, Tony, Vander Elst and the parents of Anne. This murder was subsequently covered up.

Dutroux was arrest in the late 1980s and by 1992 he was released in by Melchior Wathelet, a member of the PSC. After gendarmes were informed by Claude Thirault of what he was planning to do in the early 1990s, Lelievre most likely reintroduced Dutroux to Nihoul. From 1995 through 1996, Dutroux, Lelievre and Nihoul were in constant phone contact. Mysterious deaths began to occur in 1995 beginning with Jean-Paul Tamminiau.

After Dutroux was arrested in 1995, Rene Michaux, who searched Dutroux’s apartment while Julie & Melissa were still captive in the dungeon and did not find them, and Christian Dubois were on the trail of cases about white Mercedesses photographing school girls. A witness came forward to Dubois point out a company, Achats Services Commerces (ASCo), as being the base of operations for organized child kidnapping for order. It is known that witnesses spotted Michelle Martin, Michel Lelievre, Bernard Weinstein and Michel Nihoul around the immediate area of this company. The primary founder of ASCo was Jean-Louis Delamotte, who has been identified as a visitor of both the Dolo and Les Atrebates, just as Nihoul.

It is reported that according to one witness, Marc Dutroux and Michelle Martin were spotted leaving from the Dolo in early June 1996, three months after Dutroux had been released in March, 1996. A number of people visited this club, which will be discussed in later articles. However, it was reported that the Dolo was the key to solving the 1984 Christine Van Hees case.

Throughout this time, from 1989 to the 2004 trial, Dutroux had at least three lawyers that need to be mentioned. In 1989, Dutroux’s lawyer was Didier de Quevy, who had been the lawyer of Alexis Alewaeters, an associate of Nihoul and accomplice of Philippe Cryns’s pedophile ring at Le Mirano. De Quevy also worked for Jean-Paul Dumont, sharing an office together. From 1996-2003, Dutroux’s lawyer was Julien Pierre, who worked closely with Dumont.  In 2003, Xavier Magnee became Dutroux’s lawyer. Magnee was a member of the Cercle des Nations and put Philippe Rozenberg in contact with the Russian mafia. Rozenberg’s lawyer was Virginie Barankyanka, who also ran the defense of Michel Nihoul in the Dutroux dossier.

On a last note, there is a victim-witness who remembered that her father had visited Marc Dutroux on two separate occasions in France, but I am not sure about the timing. This victim-witness spoke about underground cellars where children were kept in cages, tortured and killed. All entrances to this location were bricked up and cemented. It is interesting that Dutroux constructed a cage and actually used them to keep girls captive. Additionally, Michel Nihoul reportedly spoke at the Dolo with Doudou, Edourd Vanhuyneghem, about keeping children in cages to make them suffer.


With the important trails that need to be followed, we are still left with a substantial amount of evidence that Marc Dutroux and Michel Lelievre were working with Nihoul. There are many important lines of inquiry to investigate, which will be coming in the following posts.

Despite the overwhelming amount of evidence against Dutroux and the manner in which the investigation was handled, the judges overruled the less than enough majority, who voted Nihoul as being guilty. It is clear that this story is unresolved and the Network that surfaced here must be tracked down.

Dutroux map.PNG

Quick map I made trying to show MOST of the important connections of Marc Dutroux.


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