THE DOLO: one suspicious nightclub

Author: Carter Bussell – Date: May 2, 2020 – Updated: September 11, 2021 |

dolo and les atrebates.PNG

Collage showing some of the confirmed and alleged clients of The Dolo and its predecessor Les Atrebates; along with a couple victims of the network, top-center, and some of the connections of the clientele in the background. The location of The Dolo is pictured in the center left, next to the location of Les Atrebates. Confirmed clients include Jean-Michel Nihoul (top-right), Michel Vander Elst (bottom-penultimate-right) and Achille Haemers (Far left-center). Alleged clients include Paul Vanden Boeynants (top-left), Madani Bouhouhouche (right-from-Haemers), Bernard Weinstein, Marc Dutroux and Michelle Martin (all three, bottom left). At the top there is Christine Van Hees (top-center-left) and Regine Louf (top-center-right). Behind Christine is the champignon where she was murdered and behind Regina is the ASCO factory. At the bottom left is an except from the ATLAS dossier, above the logo of the Grand Orient Lodge de France. How all of this ties in will be explained in the article.

“If you want to keep a little bit informed, then go to the Philippe Baucq street no. 140, to the Dolo. You might learn something about the champignoniere…” (PV 33797, April 27, 1987, quote from an anonymous informant to the Etterbeek police, during the investigation into the murder of Christine Van Hees in 1984.)

“I think it’s quite strange that Mr. Marnette headed an investigation into The Dolo, while he himself came to the orgies there. I personally saw him taking part in the orgies.” (1999, De X-dossiers, page 124, quote of Michel Forgeot, the co-owner of The Dolo [ISGP translation])


  1. Introduction
  2. Atrebaten Nights
  3. Murder de La Champignonniere
  4. Stories from The Dolo
  5. Connections of the clientele summary
  6. Conclusion
  7. Notes


After having examined the life of Marc Dutroux and having pinpointed the murder of Christine Van Hees as the smoking gun that links Dutroux to Nihoul and his close entourage, the next lead to follow up on this line of inquiry is the nightclub called The Dolo. This was a notorious club in Etterbeek, Brussels, where influential people met with figures in the underworld and was a place where orgies took place. Aside from stories about orgies going on, there were also witnesses who spoke about the involvement of minors on certain occasions and strange talk about children going on there.

The predecessor of The Dolo was Les Atrebates, which was no different. There too was talk about orgies going on and witnesses who spoke of seeing minors there on certain occasions.

Victim-witness X1 was familiar with Les Atrebates and so was Nathalie Waeterschoot, who like X2 were familiar with The Dolo. So, in order to begin explaining The Dolo, it will be necessary to describe its predecessor, Les Atrebates.

Atrebaten nights

Les Atrebates.photoThe nightclub, known as Les Atrebates, was founded anno 1975, by Dolores Bara and Michel Forgeot, at Atrebatenstraat 154, Etterbeek, Brussels, Belgium. It went under multiple names, such as vzw/ASBL ACH, vzw/ASBL MI-DO and APV, but for convenience it came to be known as “Les Atrebates” among its clients.[1] According to the X-files, Les Atrebates included “a certain Tony” as someone who played a role in running the club with Bara and Forgeot. It also states that this “Tony” and Michel Nihoul, one of the most prominent visitors since 1981 to 1983, were of a “Marseillais” milieu, probably meaning French.[2] It is known that X1’s pimp, Antoine “Anthony/Tony” Van Den Bogaert, spoke French and Dutch and that a “Tony” was named as the right-hand of Nihoul, who also spoke French. So, it is possible that this Tony may have been the pimp of X1 (Regina Louf), “Tony” Van Den Bogaert, but could have only been Tony Hocedez.[3] Also, Forgeot immigrated to Belgium from France in 1973 and Forgeot would have met Bara in Paris, France, at one point. Forgeot brought Bara to the Standley club, which was located near the Grand’ Place of Brussels and run by Marcel Haufmann, who eventually offered them to run the club he opened in Etterbeek, Brussels, Belgium. Jacques Gouverneur financed their club, until they were able to get rid of him in 1977-1978.[4]

Clients of Les Atrebates, from 1975-1983, would come to include: Michel Nihoul, Michel Vander Elst, Guy Collignon, Georges Marnette, Franzy Reyniers, Jean Gol, Francis Bursta, Robert Darville, Claude Leroy, Jacques Neerinck, Jean-Louis Delamotte, Serge Kubla, people from NATO, Eddy Merckx, Guy Jadot, Edouard “Doudou” Vanhuynegem, Marleen De Cockere, a brother of Nihoul, probably Edouard, and many others. Les Atrebates would also later appear in the agenda of Robert Mahieu, which also included The Dolo. Victim-witnesses, whose stories are written in the X-dossiers, familiar with Les Atrebates and The Dolo included X1, X2 and Nathalie Waeterschoot.

According to victim-witness Nathalie Waeterschoot, Michel “Roger” Forgeot raped her at a place located on Churchill Avenue, apparently when she was 10 to 12-years-old, around 1975-1977. She also named Georges Marnette and a certain Claudio de Balanguer, who was a sidekick of Prince Alexandre de Merode. At one point, she was driven from Churchill Avenue to Chateau Charle Albert by Claudio, a certain Gerard and Marnette. When Nathalie W. testified in early September 1996, she first spoke about Les Atrebates, which she identified as a regular meeting place of her abusers and that she had seen a number of other girls there. One of the individuals involved was someone she called “Mich”, the name used by X1 for Jean-Michel Nihoul, which indeed was Nihoul. Nathalie W. said that she didn’t see Nihoul as the most important person there, but that he was there at Les Atrebates when she was 15-16 and that Nihoul raped her at least three times in the early 1980s.

In 1980, Nihoul would have met Jean Gol, having been introduced by Andre Damseaux, both of these men were politicians of the Part Reformateur Liberal (PRL), which Nihoul’s JM Nihoul radio show would later be located above. Gol was a co-founder of the PRL in 1976 and was chairman from 1979-1981 and from 1992-1995. Nihoul met other PRL politicians, such as Serge Kubla, whom Nathalie W. accused of having raped her in the early 1980s. Apparently, Nihoul, Gol and Kubla partied at the same place, Les Atrebates and later The Dolo.

Another interesting point, which will be discussed later, is that there were a couple Grand Orient Freemasons among the clients of Les Atrebates. Jewish PRL politician Jean Gol, was one of them. Gol’s righthand, Francis Bursta, also attended the nightclub. The other Grand Orient Freemason at Les Atrebates was Léon Defosset, whose son-in-law would later bring Nihoul to Radio Activite as a DJ, in 1984, after Les Atrebates had been shutdown in 1983. Additionally, the father of Michel Vander Elst, Raymond, was a lawyer and member of the Grand Orient Lodge.

In 1981-1982, Jean-Michel Nihoul was invited to Les Atrebates, around the time Nihoul’s relationship with Bouty fell apart and his Bio Plantal en Bio Clinic went bankrupt in 1982, Nihoul became good friends with Dolores Bara and Michel Forgeot. Les Atrebates and later The Dolo were his favorite nightclubs, to the point of them essentially being considered his headquarters. According to Forgeot, Nihoul had been on the membership list since before June 29, 1981.

In November, 1981, at PSC headquarters in Brussels, Nihoul first met Paul Vanden Boeynants, where they discussed an aspect of the Center Medical de l’Est affair, which was a scam that involved Nihoul and Annie Bouty. According to other witnesses, they would later meet again, such as, at The Dolo.

In September, 1982, Nihoul met 25-year-old Marleen De Cockere at one of the sex parties of Les Atrebates. Nihoul and De Cockere went to live with each other, within a month.

Guy Jadot, an informant of Les Atrebates attending police commissioners Georges Marnette and Frans Reyniers, participated in the orgies at Les Atrebates and would have learned about the relationship between Marnette, Nihoul, Forgeot and Bara.

Testifying in 1996, X1 (Regina Louf) claimed that she had been taken to Les Atrebates with Michel Nihoul, from the ages 12 to 14, between 1982-1983. According to X1, orgies with minors would have taken place there. When Forgeot was questioned about this, he always maintained that minors would have never been present at the orgies there, that the ages of the clients were always carefully checked at the front door. X1 recognized Nathalie Waeterschoot (and her father, who abused Nathalie W. and brought her into the Network)  and accurately placed her at Les Atrebates, in the 1982-1983 period. Another victim-witness, X4, recognized Nathalie W. too. In return Nathalie W. was able to confirm aspects of X1’s story, for example, by identifying X1’s pimp, Antoine “Anthony/Tony” Van Den Bogaert, as a friend of Michel “Mitch” Nihoul. Nathalie W. also identified the mother and sister of X4 by name. Nathalie W. claimed Nihoul raped her three times when she was a kid in the early 1980s and that she had seen him multiple times at Les Atrebates, when Nathalie W. was 15-16 years, where X1 saw her. Both X1 (Regina Louf) and Nathalie Waeterschoot were diagnosed with MPD/DID.

According to one witness testifying in 1996, Nihoul invited him to the first floor of Les Atrebates, because he only wanted to pay inside. When he came in, there were three girls, 12-13 years, only in a nightgown, at least two of them looked like foreigners. In the room there were two dressed men and Nihoul tried to force him to take off his clothes, to which he refused and Nihoul responded by throwing him out with his coat, the witness was certain that it was Nihoul and that this happened at Les Atrebates.[5] Another witness, testifying in 2001, a certain Lambermont, claimed to have seen the same thing, Nihoul in the presence of minors at Les Atrebates.[6] Prior to 1981, X1 later claimed that as early as late 1979, she was taken by her mother Christiane Louf, to an apartment of Nihoul, which has since been demolished. Others reportedly found there included Annie Bouty, Tony V. [Les Atrebates & The Dolo??], Michel Vander Elst [Les Atrebates & The Dolo] and Marc Dutroux [The Dolo?]. Since the early 1980s, according to X1, Dutroux was present at abuse parties organized by Nihoul, to where Dutroux brought drugs like cocaine and occasionally girl, whom he watched, essentially acting as a handler\pimp and watcher. X1 says that Dutroux was more on the side, someone who did the odd jobs, while Nihoul was some kind of party beast.

By 1983, the Brussels PDO closed Les Atrebates for the reason of encouraging debauchery, after they had investigated the orgies that occurred there. The Brussels GP (Judicial Police) had visited several times, but without any results, according to Forgeot. Orgies still allegedly occurred there after it had been officially shutdown.

The same year Les Atrebates was shutdown, in 1983, Nihoul and De Cockere took over Le Clin d’Oeil, with funds from the Centre Medical de l’Est affair, the scam Nihoul and Bouty were involved in.

Murder de La Champignonniere

It is known that in the early 1980s, Marc Dutroux and Bernard Weinstein visited an ice rink in Brussels, which had been visited by Christine Van Hees. A close friend of Christine, Nathalie Geirnaert, recognized two old photos of Dutroux from the early 1980s, as someone she had seen in the presence of Christine. With X1’s testimony in mind, it is possible that Dutroux would have known Nihoul, Bouty, Vander Elst and Tony V. since late 1979. X1 would have met Michelle Martin and Weinstein at some point. Weinstein would sometimes bring snakes to abuse parties, which were regularly organized by Nihoul since the early 1980s. At one evening, Bouty went looking for a snake, which was brought by Weinstein and then used on Christine.

Around September, 1983, Christine Van Hees would have met Michel Nihoul and started a relationship with him, according to X1. Friends of Christine later testified that they thought Christine had changed the following month, in October. Around this time Christine had undergone a traumatizing initiation ceremony, with a macabre-satanic theme for the express purpose of insuring the victims wouldn’t speak or would sound crazy if they did. One important note is that Nihoul was brought to Radio Activite, in 1984, by the Didier Genart, who was the son-in-law of Leon Defosset, a member of Les Atrebates and mayor of Etterbeek. Radio Activite was located just above a swimming pool, which was frequented by Christine.

According to X1, as described in the previous paragraph, Christine Van Hees was initiated into the Network through a traumatizing ritual abuse ceremony, which may have something to do with Christine’s change of character since October, 1983. The abusers present would have included Nihoul, Tony V., Annie Bouty and Baron Benoît de Bonvoisin. X1 would also claim to have been with Christine at the “villa of the boats”. X1 recognized the owner of the villa as Count Hervé d’Ursel, which matches the fact that Marie-Cecile de Bonvoisin d’Ursel, whose brother-in-law was Baron Benoît de Bonvoisin since 1959, did indeed live at that villa in Brussels. At one point, Hervé was a member of the Cercle des Nations, together with Baron de Bonvoisin and Paul Vanden Boeynants.

On February 13, 1984, Christine Van Hees was tortured and subsequently murdered, with her body tied up, in a way that if she moved she would strangle herself, and she was subsequently lit on fire. X1 testified that those present at her murder included Jean-Michel Nihoul, Tony Van Den Bogaert, Michel Vander Elst, the parents of Anne, Annie Bouty, Bernard Weinstein and Marc Dutroux. In 1987, an anonymous informant called to the Etterbeek police saying that in order to learn about the murder of Christine and those responsible, that they should look into the newly established nightclub, The Dolo, which had just been founded.

Stories from The Dolo

the dolo.PNG

Philippe Baucq Street No. 140, where The Dolo was located from 1987-1997

The same duo that had owned Les Atrebates, Dolores Bara and Michel Forgeot, founded The Dolo, in 1987. The new club took much of the former clientele of its predecessor. Some of them were Jean-Michel Nihoul, possibly Tony Van Den Bogaert, Michel Vander Elst, Edouard “Doudou” Vanhuynegem, Frans Reyniers, Georges Marnette, Jean Gol, Guy Collignon, Leon Defosset, Claude Leroy, Serge Kubla and Jean-Louis Delamotte. Also, both Les Atrbates and The Dolo appeared in the agenda of Robert Mahieu. Some of the apparently new clients included Albert Toch, Christian Eveillard, Achille Haemers, Henri Tombeur, Rene Rodel, Jacques Genevois, a Genevan, Claude Grosjean, a Jonasz, Marcel Henrottay, Bernard Devissech, Daniel Blondin and the husband of Nathalie Perignon.

While not very much is known about the history of The Dolo, making it difficult to put together a timeline of events, some important stories are known, which will be the focus of this section. Along with this, the connections among the clients and connections they have will be briefly discussed.

After Les Atrebates had been shutdown in 1983, it would take about another four years until its successor was founded in 1987, The Dolo, which became a notorious nightclub and would play a central role in the life of Michel Nihoul and the X-dossiers.

One of the visitors of The Dolo was Marcel Henrottay, who in 1988, invited Michel Nihoul to become a member of Confrerie des Maitres, which was a group that promoted locally produced alcoholic beverages. Marleen De Cokere and Michel Forgeot were also invited. By 1990, Nihoul was asked to became the chairman of CM.

In 1997, the former valet of The Dolo and former driver of Dolores Bara, Claude “Max” Vankeerberghen, whom Michel Forgeot also knew, testified that several visitors were involved in a pedophile network, which kidnapped children. This network would have involved Nihoul and a certain “Doudou”, who was a lawyer and criminologist named Edouard Vanhuynegem. Max also told that, in 1992-1993 at the Dolo, he had heard Nihoul and Doudou speak “about cages for children, to make them suffer” and “videos from the USA [that] would show black children in cages in which they were tortured and burned.” Max said that Dolores Bara would have known all about this discussion. According to Max, Doudou was a contact of an ex-teacher at the Adolphe Max-atheneum and that together they made “pedophile videos”. It also is known that Doudou often traveled to Thailand and claimed that you could find boys there. Strangely, Doudou was a customer of “Mistress Roxanne”, Didier Pellerin, who was a French transvestite specialized in sadomasochism.

Max also testified that during a conversation between Dolores, Nihoul, Doudou, Forgeot and Jonasz, Dolores said: “It is despicable to do that with children.” What could this discussion have possibly been about? According to Max, at one point in The Dolo, Claude Grosjean was joined by his wife and their 4-year-old son, who at the sight of Doudou began crying and said to him that “You cannot do that, because I am a child.”

Although Max claimed that Nihoul was not a pedophile (even though an anonymous source said it was known that Nihoul liked children), rather that he was a gangster, without morals, able to be bought for little, what he did say about Nihoul was quite interesting. Max said that Nihoul “learned to kidnap children, [in order] to earn money” and that he even tried it in The Dolo, but Michel Forgeot said “that’s not the way you do that”.

According to one witness, Marc Dutroux and Michelle Martin were spotted leaving The Dolo twice in early June 1996. Whether Dutroux did or didn’t visit The Dolo, it is interesting that the owners knew the same method, by which to render girls unconscious and rape them, as Dutroux. A woman testified that she had received a drink from Dolores Bara and that she had been threatened by Michel Forgeot and Rene Rodel, who was a friend of Nihoul. She later woke up, naked, somewhere else and had a burn on her arm. She remembered that she had been grabbed by the shoulders and then raped by Forgeot.

Paul Vanden Boeynants had been seen at The Dolo by at least two witnesses. Nathalie W. claimed to have seen VdB there, but only with women. The other witness was the husband of Nathalie Perignon, who saw VdB with Nihoul at The Dolo. Also, X2 would have regularly been at The Dolo, where she met Madani Bouhouche, who sat at the table among her abusers.  X2 saw Henri Bil, who was the private driver of VdB, talking with Bouhouche in The Dolo. Additionally, X2 also met the spouse of Bouhouche at a meeting in the Hilton between Jean Gol, Philippe Moureaux, Wilfried Martens, VdB, Willy de Clercq, Jean-Michel Nihoul, Delvoie and Karel. There were Dolo visitors among them, such as Nihoul, VdB and Gol.

It is known that Nihoul was to be informed if any problems with local authorities arose. However, The Dolo was shutdown around 1996-1997, most likely as a result of the Dutroux affair breaking out. What is incredibly alarming about the investigation into The Dolo is that it was headed by police commissioner Georges Marnette, who was a client of Les Atrebates and The Dolo. Forgeot even said this was odd, despite him denying that minors were ever present at his clubs. Forgeot was also interrogated by Marnette and Albert Toch, who was another client of The Dolo. All of this was most certainly part of the coverup.

Connections of the clientele

Aside from the connections mentioned in the previous sections, there are many more ties that need to be discussed. There are many ties that could become an article by themselves, Although I won’t be able to be able to capture it all, here is a long conglomeration of what I did find.

First off, the initial connection that should be noted is the strong French connection to this clique. Michel Forgeot, a frenchman who immigrated to Belgium, had met Dolores Bara in Paris, France and together owned Les Atrebates and subsequently The Dolo. One of Bara’s former friends was a man named Michel Jouret/Jouvet, who was connected to the French mafia, which is known to be very dangerous. Michel Nihoul and others spoke french and Nihoul, along with a certain Tony, were named in the X-dossiers as being of a Merseilles milieu, which a known area where the French mob (Le Milieu) is known to have been active. Marc Dutroux, who was spotted twice leaving The Dolo with his wife, spoke french and was seen by a victim-witness as having been visited by her father, at least twice, in France.

In the 1990s, there was the Achats Services Commerces (ASCo) scandal, where 5 white Mercedesses were owned by a company, Soparauto, located at the same address, and had French license plates. Reports about white Mercedesses following school girls and photographing them had been going around and an informant told Christian Dubois that ASCo was behind them. ASCo and Soparauto were owned by Jean-Louis Delamotte, a client of Les Atrebates and The Dolo. According to the informant, the occupants of the white Mercedesses were putting together catalogs of pictures of children, by which their clients would pick one, the child would be kidnapped, locked in Belgium for a while and then exported to eastern Europe or to Thailand. The price for each child was reported to be 300,000 franks or 7,500 euros. ASCo was founded by Delamotte, along with Michel Forgeot and Marleen De Cockere on July 2, 1991, in a Brussels suburb, either Schaarbeek or Sint-Gilles. Witnesses in the area claimed to have seen Nihoul there with black girls and had the impression that these girls were on transit. Nihoul was friends and business partners with Delamotte. Remember that Nihoul spoke with Doudou at The Dolo, around 1992-1993, about about videos from imported by the USA, which showed black children being tortured and burned in cages? Additionally, witnesses in the area claimed to have spotted Michelle Martin, Michel Lelievre and Bernard Weinstein around the surroundings of the company. ASCo went bankrupt in 1994 and 5 mattresses along with some baby milk were found at its headquarters after it was searched. On a last note about Delamotte, he was pointed out as a thug who intimidated victim-witness X2, who had been testifying about the Network and The Dolo. Also, Delamotte looked similar to the man who intimidated Marie-France Botte, who had initially supported victim-witness Nathalie Waeterschoot. Besides all this, the case around ASCo was dismissed as unsubstantiated rumors. Christian Dubois and the most incompetent gendarme officer, Rene Michaux, met about these reports of the white Mercedesses, the same day of the botched search of Dutroux’s basement where Julie and Melissa were locked up, and Michaux subsequently did nothing. Dubois was transferred from field work to a support division, but this didn’t stop him from investigating ties between ASCo and Dutroux. Dubois informed police commissioner Daniel Lamoque about these ties by writing, to which Lamoque interpreted the word “mineurs” as meaning only boys and therefore had no connection to the kidnapping of Julie et Melissa. Unsurprisingly, Nihoul would distance himself from ASCo and could not speak about any pedophile network surrounding him and the two clubs. But with all the evidence listed above, can we really believe that? Plus, there is much more to be discussed.

Remember that one of the visitors of The Dolo was Marcel Henrottay, who in 1988, invited Michel Nihoul to become a member of Confrerie des Maitres, which was a group that promoted locally produced alcoholic beverages. Marleen De Cokere and Michel Forgeot were also invited. By 1990, Nihoul was asked to became the chairman of CM. Nihoul was close friends with Forgeot, along with his co-owner Bara and had met De Cockere at orgies in Les Atrebates and became close to Forgeot and Bara during the early 1980s.

Back in 1974, Achille Haemers first met Michel Nihoul at a company called Confortex, where they regularly visited. Later they would regularly visit a company called Logitel, owned by Serge Frantsevich, who was a business partner of Roland Corvillain, a pedophile who had been a suspect in the Loubna Benaissa murder case [connected to Jean-Claude Van Espen] and whose ex-wife had been suspected in human trafficking. Another suspect in the Benaissa case was once Jaques Genevois, a client of the Dolo, who met Nihoul at Le Perroquet. Additionally, Marc Dutroux and Michelle Martin, both were spotted visiting Logitel and apparently Michel Lelievre had something to do with the company. Robert Darville, a client of Les Atrebates, also visited Logitel. Witnesses told how some of the men there spoke about importing “young white and brown horses” from eastern Europe by plane, but after the Dutroux affair it was thought that they had been speaking about trafficking in children. One of the witnesses was Rita Vetsuypens, who found out her husband was involved with these people and that he was a pedophile. This is yet another alarming connection to Dutroux. Remember that Nihoul and Darville were clients of Les Atrebates and that Nihoul and Achille Haemers were known clients of The Dolo; also, that one witness spotted Dutroux and Martin leaving from The Dolo twice in early June, 1996, between the kidnappings of Sabine Dardenne and Laetitia Delhez.

Achille Haemers was a major figure in the underworld and his son Patrick Haemers was a leader of the Haemers gang, which “kidnapped” Paul Vanden Boeynants. Patrick told his father that he was part of something called “the organization” and that he was compensated well for his services. It would pay the rent at his apartments and he didn’t have to worry about anything. His contact to the organization was apparently the lawyer Michel Vander Elst, who was a client of Les Atrebates and The Dolo and along with his father, Raymond, named in the ATLAS dossiers, as having been involved in “La Nebula”, which was headed by a man named Felix Przedborski.

Le Mirano

Le Mirano, a notorious club in Brussels.

Achille Haemers and Patrick Haemers frequented Le Mirano, a notorious club in Brussels. Other regular visitors included Michel Nihoul, Madani Bouhouche, Robert Beyer, Charly De Pauw and Jean Bultot. Also, X2 testified how she saw Baron Benoît de Bonvoisin, Paul Bourlee, her pimp Oliver Castiaux and Prince Laurent of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, at Le Mirano. (Note: Achille Haemers & Madani Bouhouche [according to X2] visited The Dolo) Nihoul also stated that there were images of King Albert II “jumping” a 16-year-old girl on the second floor. According to Juan Mendez, Le Mirano was the key to understanding the Bende van Nijvel [Gang of Nijvel] case. Subsequently, Mendez was murdered, most certainly by Bouhouche, who was tied to the Gang of Nijvel, just as Beyer and Bultot. Le Mirano became embroiled in a scandal when a close relative of a prominent judge died of a drug overdose there in April 1984 and as a result an investigation was opened. This investigation uncovered evidence of drug possession and dealing, but also of a clandestine pedophile ring headed by Philippe Cryns and his partner Alexis Alewaeters, who was an associate of Nihoul and Bouty. However, the prosecution, the judge and the magistrates decided to only focus on drug dealing, for which Cryns received three years and Alewaeters received five. It just so happened that the lawyer of Alewaeters was Didier de Quevy, who would become the lawyer of Marc Dutroux and Serge Clooth, as has already been mentioned. On a last note about Le Mirano, the man named as having headed the pedophile ring there, Philippe Cryns, became a member of Cercle des Nations, along with Baron Benoît de Bonvoisin, Paul Vanden Boeynants and Felix Przedborski.

One of the close associates of Didier de Quevy was the notorious lawyer Jean-Paul Dumont and together they represented Serge Clooth. According to victim-witness X2, Dumont was named as a client of a certain 18th century castle in Eindhoven, Netherlands, close to the border of Belgium. Parties were held there with underaged girls. The clients would have departed by convoy from Knokke, Belgium, the cars with german license plates, followed by the little girls. A woman would have been at the reception of the castle and the price per person was 2,000 Belgian franks [50 euros] and it was necessary to come with another person. The young girls had to take off clothes or wear a bikini. There was a swimming pool, a sauna, a solar bench and a cold buffet. There was a room with mirrors and cameras. A room with multiple mattresses. There was a room with obstetric tables, chains and handcuffs. X2 and Karel were taken there about 30-50 times and the same girls that were there as were in Cromwell. Little girls of 12-13 years were used at the orgies. The girls disappeared around 15-16 years, similar to what was described about the “Children of Death” by X1. In the summer of 1988, X2 said how the oldest girl, Eva, who was 15-16, was taken into the sadomasochist room and never seen again. Guy Delvoie would have been involved at these parties and clients included Jean-Pierre Van Rossem, Patrick Denis, Benoit Hubert, Paul Bourlee, Baron Benoît de Bonvoisin, Jean-Paul Dumont and Claude Leroy, who was a client of Les Atrebates and later The Dolo. Leroy was a judge who had been identified as a visitor of the Dolo by X2. Leroy was also chief-de-cabinet of the minister of justice under Jean Gol, who was also a client of Les Atrebates and The Dolo. At one point, Leroy gave classified information to the mafia and his wife had some dealing with Jean Bultot, someone we have mentioned already as a visitor of Le Mirano.

It was Claude Leroy who wanted Jules Montel to testify about his role as an informant about Gang of Nijvel related affairs and around that time, on August 11, 1985, he was murdered by killers not interested in taking his money. It would be discovered that Montel was in the possession of one of the weapons of the previously mentioned Juan Mendez, the man assassinated by, most certainly, Madani Bouhouche. Just before his death, Mendez, had informed friends and family that he had been invited to join some kind of clandestine group that was gathering intel on political adversaries that was to be used during and after a coup. It was Bouhouche who groomed Mendez to become a member of a group that would some day conduct a terror extortion campaign against warehouses in an effort to destabilize the Belgian state. Also, Bouhouche asked Bob Beyer if he wanted to join a clandestine group, to which he declined. But, Mendez was a sales director of Fabrique National (FJ). His predecessor was Carlos Darville del Pielago, a Peruvian who fled Belgium after it had been discovered that he worked for the CIA and was involved in illegal arms and drug trafficking. Furthermore, just weeks before his murder, Mendez had been questioned about his connection to Douglas Stowell, a wealthy American who apparently was working for/with the CIA in the Iran-Contra operation. This information certainly adds weight to the claim in the ATLAS dossier that the weapons imported from Belgium by Przedborski’s group came from Fabrique National and another very important company, ASCO, which will be discussed shortly.

Agence de Recherche et d’Information (ARI) was set up by Madani Bouhouche and his close partner Robert Beyer (Bob Beijer) in April 1983. ARI was no ordinary PI agency and it was found out that they had really been working as subcontractors to another detective agency of Bob Louvigny, an ex-colleague of theirs. Interestingly, with what will be discussed here soon, Louvigny was the detective hired by the Brussels psychiatrist Pinon who came on trial of the extramarital affairs of his wife, of which the resulting divorce grew into the famous Pink Ballets dossier. Additionally, it was Bob Beyer who in 1987, wanted to set up a call girl network, by which he wanted to infiltrate politics. A number of the call girls whom Beyer wanted to hire had worked for the network of Lydia Montaricourt, who took over the call girl ring of Fortnato Habib Israël, who was a mistress of Roger Boas.


The ASCO factory, in Zaventem, just outside Brussels. X1 testified that a child pornography and snuff studio used to be located there. X1 was regularly taken here to be abused.

The company ASCO Industries SA is located in Zaventem, just outside Brussels. It was founded by Emile Boas and subsequently ran by his son Roger Boas, whose son took over as CEO after Roger died in 2006. ASCO specializes in the aerospace industry, but used to be involved in the arms industry, supplying the Belgian Army. Roger Boas was a close associate of Paul Vanden Boeynants in the 1970s to 1980s. A mistress of Roger was Fortunato “Tuna” Israël, whose European wide call girl network he used to reward potential business partners. Roger, together with Paul Vanden Boeynants, Baron Benoît de Bonvoisin, Charly De Pauw, Ado Blaton and then Prince Albert II were involved in the Eurosystem Hospitalier deal with Saudi-Arabia, but the deal blew up in 1979. Fortunato handled public relations and would be briefly questioned about her role in all this, but nothing was done. Fortunato settled in Malta where she held a position at an ASCO branch there, which was at the same address as VdB’s Mediterranean Meat Company. VdB was being investigated for drug trafficking hidden inside frozen meat. Roger was a member of the Cercle des Nations, together with VdB, BdB and Felix Przedborski. Christian became a member of Cercle de Lorraine, its expanded followup. It is also known that Roger traveled to Malta with Frans Reyniers, who took on an assumed name and Reyniers is a known client of Les Atrebates and The Dolo. Additionally, it is known that Roger had people shadowed, who didn’t like him, which was carried out by the Front de la Jeunesse (FJ), which ties into the fascist underground and Madani Bouhouche. As for the ATLAS dossier, it claimed that Roger Boas and ASCO had been involved in arms trafficking to Iran, Latin America and had supplied arms for Przedborski’s Nebula. Along these lines, there are ties to the Iran-Contra affair, Efraim Poran and Abraham Shavit, along with a high level Israeli military officer and an arms dealer said to have been a Mossad agent were on the board of ASCO at one point. Aside from everything above, there is something terribly nefarious about ASCO. According to X1, a child pornography and snuff studio had been located at the ASCO factory. X1 testified that she had been driven there by Madani Bouhouche or Henri Bil, both of whom were seen by X2 conversing at The Dolo. According to X1, among the visitors of ASCO, for the purpose of abuse, were Michel Nihoul, Michel Vander Elst and Paul Vanden Boeynants, clients of Les Atrebates and/or The Dolo. Other abusers named as having gone there were Tony Van Den Bogaert, Annie Bouty, Baron Benoît de Bonvoisin, Jean-Paul Dumont, Melchior Wathelet, Wilfried Martens and a “Roger” had been named too.

In 1949, Paul Vanden Boeynants, together with Jo Gerard, set up the Committee for the Revival of the Parti Social Chretien (PSC), which was successful and they became top players in the new PSC. In 1955, VdB set up  a think tank within the PSC, to neutralize the labor union wing of the PSC. Around this time, VdB met Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin, who became involved with the PSC and its CEPIC, which they founded in 1972.. Together, VdB and BdB would become pillars of the Belgian fascist underground. People that became involved in the PSC included Melchior Wathelet and Wilfried Martens, also, Henri Bil would do low-profile jobs for members of the PSC and was VdB’s private driver. Dumont, Roger Boas and BdB became involved in the CEPIC and VdB’s Cercle des Nations, which he founded in 1969. The Front de la Jeunesse was founded by fascists of the clubs set up by the Nouvel Europe Magazine (NEM), which was founded by VdB and BdB in 1971. Also, remember that Nihoul first met VdB in November, 1981, at the PSC, where they discussed an aspect of the Centre Medical d’Est affair.

Another place Belgian fascists met was the Jonathan Club in Sint-Gillis, which was a nightclub with strippers and prostitutes. In the 1980s. it was owned by Paul “Pepe Derijcke, a good friend of Michel Nihoul. Derijcke made sure that pictures and videos were taken of his customers when they were involved with one of his prostitutes. This material would be used as blackmail. Frequent visitors included Jean Bultot, Lucien Ott, Francis Dossonge, Jean-Francis Calmette, Raymond Lippens, Juan Mendez and Robert Darville, the one who visited Les Atrebates and that company Logitel. Madani Bouhouche and Frans Reyniers also visited the Jonatham Club, both of whom visited The Dolo and the latter also visited Les Atrebates. After Derijcke became the former owner of The Jonathan, he lived with “M.C.D.” in the early 1990s. M.C.D. was a former girlfriend of Patrick Haemers and owned a club called Coco Beach, which was frequented by Nihoul and visited by members of the Haemers gang and Jean Bultot, who visited The Jonathan and Le Mirano. At some point, Derijcke and Nihoul went to see a castle in Hoei, which Derijcke was interested in buying and turning it into a hotel for rich people. A went along with them who had the odd idea of turning it into a sadomasochist castle.

It was Frans Reyniers who celebrated his promotion with Georges Marnette, Yves Zimmer and the pimps Vandycke and Gilissen at the home of Sonia Camps, who was a madam from the legendary call-girl queens Lydia Montaricourt and Fortunato Israel. According to Andre Rogge, Sonia Camps operated a network in Brussels, in which prostitutes and young school girls could be found.

It was Yves Zimmer, who investigated the orgies at the Faulx-les-Tombes Chateau. According to Nihoul, he went there once to an orgy organized by Forgeot, but there was no trace of minors. However, there are witnesses who said Nihoul went there a lot more often and that sex parties were organized there regularly. The employees of Radio Activite that were interviewed spoke of orgies, but not of minors ever being present. Dominique L., an employee of Radio Activite, pointed the investigators of the Van Hees case toward to punks. Dominique L. would have been involved in the parties at Faulx-les-Tombes Chateau and the Etterbeek Hall De Gerlache. According to one witness, Dominique was a doorman for The Dolo. It was Didier Genart, who brought Nihoul into Radio Activite as a DJ, in 1984. Nihoul would have surrounded himself by teenagers and artists, for whom he organized parties, first at Radio Activite, then in the Etterbeek town hall de Gerlache and Faulx-les-Tombes Chateau. These evening were soon considered sex parties and a lot of recruiting was done with alcohol. Whether minors were involved doesn’t seem to be known, but whatever the case, it is odd that the father-in-law of Genart was Leon Defosset, a client of Les Atrebates and The Dolo, and a member of the Grand Orient.

Another Grand Orient Freemason who attended these two clubs was Parti des Reformes et des Libertes (PRL) chairman Jean Gol, whom Nihoul met through Andre Damseaux in the 1980s. Nihoul met many PRL politicians as his Radio JMB would be located one floor above the PRL headquarters, on the 27th floor of the Rogier Tower in Brussels. One of those PRL politicians was Serge Kubla, a client of Les Atrebates and The Dolo.

Jean Gol was also a director, at one point, of l’Institut Europeen pour la Paix et la Securite (IEPS), which was co-founded by Le Cercle member Jacques G. Jonet, WACL general Robert Close, Paul Vankerhoven (WACL) and Nicholas de Kerchove. Others involved in IEPS included Le Cercle chair Brian Crozier, Le Cercle member Count Hans Huyn, Generals Robert C. Richardson and Daniel O. Graham, and Gol’s PRL associate Willy De Clerq, who allegedly knew Tony Van Den Bogaert and was a Grand Orient Mason.

According to a Haemers Gang gendarmie dossier, Jean Gol and Willy De Clerq were involved in a certain “Lodge”, which also included Eric H. Haemers, Willy Claes and A.H., an informant. E.H., probably Eric, also reportedly belonged to “the Lodge”, which may or may not be the same as the “Lodge”, E. would have been introduced in 1983 by Roland Wilmart and was impressed by the power and protection, which came out of this lodge, and of which a certain lawyer named Jakian was a leader. It is vague but an interesting detail to add to the list of connections of the clients of the two clubs, in this case, of Gol.

In 1985, gendarme officer Michel Denoncin became a suspect in a double homicide of a couple in a trailer park/camping. The victims used to work in the sex industry, the woman, Maria-Louiza Vanruyskensvelde, was a prostitute, while her husband, Robert Vissers, took clandestine photos of sex orgies for a third party that was never revealed. Vissers took these pictures at location close to the gendarmerie headquarters in Etterbeek. It is known that Vissers kept the negatives of these photos and his trailer was extensively searched after the murder by the killer(s). Later, detectives found a business card of a company of Robert Darville, a friend of Nihoul and client of Les Atrebates and the Jonathan and also visited that company Logitel, which was visited by Nihoul, Achille Haemers, Dutroux, Martin and possibly Lelievre. In the past, Vanruyskensvelde and Vissers worked for a man named Robert Mahieu, who rented and owned a number of apartments where his clients could organize sex parties. When the home of Mahieu was searched by detectives, they went through his agenda, where all his clients could be found, which included top officers in the banking and diamond world, diplomats and politicians involved in the European Union. Les Atrebates and The Dolo appeared in the agenda. When names were blackened out in official reports and crucial evidence disappeared, it became clear that there was a coverup going on. The trailer park where the couple was murdered, had suspicious connections as well. Its guard happened to also be a guard in the Sint-Gillis prison, where Jean Bultot was assistant director at the time. Bultot visited The Jonathan in Sint-Gillis, as did Darville. One of the trailers in the part was inhabited by the brother of Achille Haemers, where he was regularly seen. Achille Haemers was a client of The Dolo, visited Le Mirano and was spotted at Logitel. One of the detectives involved in this case was found dead, the officially by suicide. Another officer was bullied out of the gendarmerie after he kept questioning the innocence of Michel Denoncin and Michel Hubeaux, who was a Diana Group officer and was recognized as an abuser by X1. Denoncin was also the confidante of Colonel Gerard Lhost, the former head of the Diana Group and also mentioned by X1 as a child abuser.


Even with all the information that has been provided, the full story is still unknown. But what we do have are pieces of a puzzle that are pointing to something very rotten and sinister in Belgium that has been going on, some kind of Network involved in blackmail and child abuse. The many connections of those involved in just those two clubs definitely illustrates how there certainly is a network here and many of those ties run back to Jean-Michel Nihoul, like a maze of connections, similar to some kind of spiderweb.

While there are many trails to follow from this point, the very apparent next path to go down is that of Nihoul. Here we have a man whose connections make up a spiderweb, surrounding an apparent network in Belgium, which involved not only blackmail, child abuse and torture, but also apparently murder.


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  7. Note: this article is far from being properly sourced, but the above notes are the main sources of all the information in this article. Perhaps, I will update this article so that it may be properly sourced, but this has been cut short for time constraints.

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