The Unsolved Murder of Katrien De Cuyper

Author: Carter Bussell | Date: July 4, 2020 |


  1. Introduction
  2. Katrien De Cuyper murder timeline
  3. Connections review
  4. Conclusion
  5. Notes


One of the later murders X1 witnessed, and was forced to participate in according to her own testimony, was that of 15-year-old Katrien De Cuyper in 1991. On February 2, 1997, X1 recognized Katrien De Cuyper among a batch of pictures of children. A week later she was interviewed about the girl and gave a story that matched Katrien De Cuyper’s disappearance timeframe. Investigators would later dismiss the case due to minor differentiations X1 gave of her Katrien as compared to Katrien De Cuyper. Although it is true that X1’s description was far from perfect, the cartographic sketch based on X1’s descriptions and pictures of Katrien, along with the matching timeframe, the possibility should not be dismissed.

Katrien de Cuyper murder timeline

  • April 29, 1976: Katrien de Cuyper was born, probably in Antwerp, Belgium.
  • Pre-December, 1991: Suspected by X1 that Katrien was one of the girls recruited by her pimp Antoine “Tony” Van Den Bogaert.
  • 9:30 p.m., December 17, 1991: Katrien called her parents from her boyfriend’s house in Antwerp. She promised her parents that she would take the last bus of line 64 to come home. However, after leaving her boyfriend’s house in the rain, she missed the bus.
  • Around 10:45 p.m., December 17, 1991: Customers at the lorry driver café Les Routiers saw Katrien making a phone call inside the café. The person she called was never identified, the telephone switch model was too old. Katrien was never seen again, until her body was found. This caused a shake up in Antwerp because during the same period two other girls went missing, Ines and Inge.
  • June 19-, 1992: Construction workers discover the body of Katrien while working on infrastructure doing groundwork in the Antwerp docks close to the hangers of a company called “Kateon Natie”. Katrien was naked and her body had been buried. Dental identification revealed that the body was that of Katrien de Cuyper. The autopsy report showed that she had been murdered, reportedly strangled, shortly after being kidnapped. After the discovery of Katrien’s body, several anonymous letter were sent to the parents and a weekly magazine Blik. This anonymous person claimed to have given Katrien a ride to Brasschaat around 11:00 p.m., after she missed the bus.
  • 1993: Dutch psychopath Ludo De Beukelaer was arrested and accused of murdering the three girls. He soon showed where he had buried Ines and Inges, but denied that he had anything to do with Katrien. The examining magistrate Michel Jordens spent a lot of time on the case but Katrien’s case remained unsolved.
  • February, 1997: X1 identified Katrien “Catherine” and the timing she gave to her death matched perfectly with Katrien de Cuyper’s. Even though, X1’s description of Katrien differed in minor details and was not perfect.
  • 1998: Marcel Vervloesem and his Morkhoven Work Group exposed Gerrie Ulrich to Dutch police and found over 50,000 photos of children being tortured in cruel ways after they raided his apartment in Zandvoort. Also found were child order forms specifying what could be done to the child and how much it would cost. Babies were more expensive.
  • Mid-1999: The police had catalogued the child pornography and among the photos was a girl that strongly resembled Katrien.
  • August 2006: Karl V.R., a 35-year-old man from Kessel who had been arrested for stalking, was charged with the murder of Katrien. Police searched his house and found child pornography on his computer and in a box, which contained newspaper clippings about Katrien’s disappearance and murder and copies of the letters sent to Bilk and to Katrien’s parents in 1992. V.R.’s DNA was found on the stamp on the envelope of on of the letters. V.R. admitted that he wrote the letters, but that is was a publicity stunt.
  • September 2006: Katrien’s remains were exhumed for further tests.
  • December 19, 2006: V.R. was released from custody as the investigation found no evidence against him other than the letters. The next year, V.R. was sentenced to six months for possession of child pornography. However, Katrien’s murder remains unsolved to this day.

Connections review

Katrien De Cuyper was from Antwerp, which is where Tony Van Den Bogaert lived. It was suspected by X1, that Katrien had been recruited by Tony. Additionally, it was found out that Tony was in contact with a gendarme officer from Antwerp, wo played a role in the coverup of Katrien’s murder.

Before Katrien went missing, she had been seen making a phone call at cafe Les Routiers by customers. Several years later, Marcel Vervloesem ad his Morkhoven Work Group got Gerrie Ulrich’s flat in Zandvoort searched. As already stated there were child pornography photos found of a girl that strongly resembled Katrien De Cuyper. There were request forms for specific forms of child pornography, infants being more expensive. As stated before, an investigation showed that Ulrich made regular large donations to the post office box of two Dutch porn firms, Studio De Pauw and X-Kiss, which were located in the same building and above Cafe Les Routiers. Antwerp District Attorney’s office determined the photos were of a boy and therefore could not have been Katrien, resulting in this inquiry being shutdown in 2004.

Gerrie Ulrich, of the Zandvoort case

The bizarre thing about the Zandvoort case is that there were many other leads, similar to that of what X1 was speaking about. A clients list was acquired which mentioned Warwick Spinks, who was linked to an exiled homosexual-pedophile British colony in Amsterdam, which was strongly implicated in production of SM child snuff films. Also in the Zandvoort clients list was a German pedophile named Lothar Gandolf, who reportedly made his underaged prostitutes available to all kinds of escort services and “so-called men of standing”. During the police investigation of Gandolf, they had seen a boy that resembled the missing 11-year-old Manuel Schadwald, but they did not intervene in fear of “jeopardizing” the operation. Additionally, a videotape was reportedly found in the Zandvoort stash which showed a certain “S.”, who was a contact of the Dutch royal house and apparently appeared in another case involving certain judicial persons involved with children. All this in addition to the apparent connection between Zandvoort and Katrien De Cuyper’s murder described by X1 makes one really wonder what has been going on here?

Those present at the murder of Katrien, according to X1 were Tony, Nihoul, Bouty, Vander Elst, Joost Bert, Count Leopold Lippens, assumed owned of Castle Kattenhof, a Robert, a De Wolf and possibly several others. These people all have interesting connections among each other and their selves. Starting of with Joost Bert, he is the oldest son of Albert Bert, both of whom have been accused of being involved in child abuse parties with the others. One of the doctors who signed Veronnique’s death certificate, Dr. Luc De Waele, was present at a private party in the Decascoop of the Bert family in the early 1980s, at which X1 was present with Clo and a Natasha.

Albert Bert was born in 1927 and had taken over Cinema Majestic from his father in the 1960s, while he was in his 30s-early 40s. He then turned it into the first dual room theater in Belgium in 1970. The next year he opened up the Trioscoop on Hasselt. About four years later, in 1975, he opened up the Pentascoop in Kortrijk. In 1981, he opened the Decascoop in Gent. The same year he founded Decatron NV, which was a firm focused on the development and building of movie theaters. In 1988, he opened the world’s first megaplex (over 16 screens) in Brussels. In 1993, he opened the Metropolis in Antwerp. Then in 1995 and 1996, the Bert and Claeys families built two Kinepolis cinemas. The next year, in December 1997, the Bert and Claeys families merged under Kinepolis Group NV. The group then built theaters around Europe, in Thionville, Mulhouse, and Nimes (France); Schaffhausen (Switzerland); Pioltello (Italy); Midrid and Valencia (Spain); and Poznan (Polen). Until his death in 2002, Albert was chairman of Kinepolis Group NV. Albert had also been recognized, as he recieved the Insead Innovator Prize and was named Manager of the Year by Knack Magazine. Albert’s oldest son, Joost Bert, took over as CEO of Kinepolis Group NV, which has since been expanding in Nancy, Oostende and Brugge. Joost was born in 1956 and would have been 24-29 years old during the early 1980s. In 1991, he would have been around the age of 30-36. He is known to run marathons, probably keeping up with his health, and has never been investigated since being mentioned in the Dutroux X-dossier summary. As was mentioned Jacques Dubrulle was the former administrator of Decatron NV, which was a company founded by Albert Bert in 1981, the year he opened the Decascoop in Gent. Back in the 1970s, Jacques was head of Daska Films with his partner Jean Daskalides. In Gent, he became the chairman and patron of the International Film Festival of Flanders. By 2005, Jacques retired at the age of about 63 years old. X1 claimed Jacques participated in the Network and an investigation found that Jacques had been in close contact with Tony, who called him a few times when the X-dossiers began to leak in the press in the later 1990s.

Either Robert or De Wolf were described by X1 as being a close associate of Paul Vanden Boeynants, who has been connected to others accused of being present at the murder of Katrien. X1 named Vanden Boeynants as one of her earliest abusers at he grandmother’s hotel-villa in Knokke in the 1970s, alongside the Leopold Lippens and his brother, Vander Elst and Tony V. At the murder of Clo in 1983 were Nihoul, Bouty, Tony, Vander Elst and Leopold Lippens were named as having been present. It is known that Nihoul met VdB in 1981 at the PSC and later were spotted together at the Etterbeek nightclub The Dolo. In the 1990s, Vanden Boeynants was seen, along with Jean-Paul Dumont, at a company ran by Nihoul.

The Hanet family, which was mentioned before, was accused by X1 of having been involved in the network by organizing child abuse parties at the UCO-Belvuco complex in Gent. The Doctors who signed Veronique Dubrulle’s death cerificate, members of the Bert family were among the participants. The Hanet family consists or consisted of four main individuals and were low-profile patrons of UCO Textiles, a large textile business located in Gent. The oldest was Fernand Hanet, who was born in 1931 and was once the manager of UCO Textiles. Paul Hanet, born in 1933, was the vice-chairman of UCO Textiles and Belvuco NV. Paul was also appointed to the honorary position of Advisor for the Foreign Trade by royal decree and was a member of the Rotary in Gent. The youngest was Jacques Hanet, who was born in 1935 and became the director of UCO Textiles and administrator of Belvuco NV. Until 2000, he was a director of Ibel NV and a member of the Royal Gent Flora, together with Jacques Solvay and many other influential Belgians. Jacques Solvay, of the family that owns Chateau des Amerois (very familiar to X1; once Tony took her there where she was forced by Baron de Bonvoisin to participate in child hunts), was a chairman of the International Club Chateau Sainte-Anne. Another former chairman was a Count de Kerchove another chairman was Charles-Ferdinand Nothomb, who has been accused by X3 along with Vanden Boeynants and he royals. Among its members in 2000 were Etienne Davignon, a close friend of Maurice Lippens (brother of Leopold) and Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan, who has been involved in the Club of Rome. However, the two Doctors De Schrijver and De Waele, along with the Hanet family, were not close to the group that hunted children.

The castle in which X1 claimed to have been forced to kill Katrien was Castle Kattenhof in s’ Gravenwezel. She had given a description of it and with the investigators they identified it. According to X1, children were tortured and killed in the gatekeeper’s apartment on this castle’s domain. The domain was owned by the de Caters family, of which the owner may have been present at Katrien’s murder. Interestingly, with the fact that Tony, Vander Elst and Leopold Lippens were accused, is that the de Caters family owned property in streets in Knokke which X1 had already pointed out some apartments she had been abused in. Castle Kattenhof was jointly owned by brothers Baron Philippe de Caters (born in 1939), Alain de Caters (born in 1932) and his son Patrick de Caters (born in 1963). It was Baron Philippe who owned the janitor’s home on the domain in which X1 said a snuff studio was located. On another note, more figures of the nobility, Baron Charles and later his son Baron Theo Bracht have been named as renters of the domain. Anyway, more interesting connections can be found with Patrick de Caters. Patrick has been a member of the Cercle de Wallonie, together with Etienne Davignon, Prince Philippe de Chimay, Comte Jean-Pierre de Launoit, Elio Di Rupo and Aldo Vastapane, who have all at some point been accused of child abuse. Additionally, Patrick has been a manager of a construction company Bageci, which is the Wallonian branch of Groupe CBE, which in turn was headed by a person who was a director of Suez and the ING banking group, which have also had accused child abusers on their boards.

One bizarre connection is that Count Yann de Meeus d’Argenteuil gave a list in 1999 of individuals he accused of being involved in trafficking of children and drugs. On the list were many men connected to those in the X-dossiers. However, on the list was a man named Axel Vervoordt, who owns or owned a castle next door to Caslte Kattenhof. The really bizarre thing is that not only has Vervoordt been accused of homosexual pedophilia, but he is good friends of Marina Abramovic, the notorious Rockefeller-backed spirit cooker, which includes all kinds of mock Satanic, child sacrifice and cannibalistic perform sessions. Vervoordt is a well respected art dealer and began his career as an art and antique dealer in the late 1960s. By 1986, he moved his company to the caslte he owned in s’ Gravenwezel, next door to Castle Kattenhof. Vervoordt’s clients has consisted of extremely rich businessmen from around Europe and the United States. Some of them include a certain Sting, Bill Gates and Madonna, reportedly also Rothschilds, Saudi royals, Otto von Habsburg and Hans Melchers. To take this list one step further, it is interesting to note that Abramovic has friends in common with Jeffrey Epstein, in whose black book phone numbers could be found for a few members of the Rothschild family and two members of the Habsburg family, including a daughter-in-law of Otto von Habsburgs, Francesca Von Habsburg, who was a member of the 1001 Club and a friend of Marina Abramovic. Count Leopold Lippens just so happened to also be a member of the 1001 Club and Epstein’s block book happens to be filled with members of the 1001 Club and connections back to it. It also happens that Abramovic has performed for Queen Beatrix, of the House of Orange, which include the founder of the 1001 Club, Prince Bernhard of Orange, who has been accused of child abuse along with the Dutch royal family have other connections to child abuse networks. It also appears that through the Venice Biennale, Vervoordt, Abramovic and the brother of John Podesta, Tony Podesta may all very well know each other.


Did X1 witness, compelled to murder, Katrien De Cuyper at Castle Kattenhof in 1991? We won’t know for sure unless the investigation is reopened with the knowledge of X1’s testimony is still credible even though minor details have differed. With all the connections between the people accused by X1 are put into view, it enhances the case rather than discredit it.


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  1. I hope you will continue investigating this unsolved murder and connections written at the end of this article, those could be crucial. God bless.


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