The Lippens Brothers: An Odious duo?

Author: Carter Bussell | Date: July 19, 2020 | Updated: August 13, 2020


  1. Introduction
  2. Early history of the Lippens family
  3. Count Leopold Lippens
  4. Count Maurice Lippens
  5. Count Francois Lippens
  6. Connections review
  7. Conclusion
  8. Notes


One of the prominent figures in the X-dossier who were heavily accused of child abuse were the Lippens brothers, Count Leopold and Count Maurice Lippens, who have both been accused by multiple people. Another member of the family is Count Francoise Lippens, who has been accused in the X-files. The Lippens brothers have been accused of sadistic child abuse and even involvement in child hunts. The brothers come from an influential family, Lippens, which has been brought into the Belgian nobility and has been involved in military, politics and finance areas.

Early history of the Lippens family

One of the Belgian noble families is the Lippens family, which was exalted by King Albert I in 1921 and is a family known to have been active in Belgian economics and politics since the 1600s. One of the earliest known ancestors was Christophe Lippens, who was apparently in a guild of Assenede and whose wife Justine de Wint died in Moerbeke in 1693. Their son Pierre Lippens married in 1634 and their other son Jean Lippens was a mayor of Zuiddorpe and Beoostenbly.

Through direct paternal lineage, the Lippens brothers can be traced to Jean “Jan” Philippe Lippens (1697-1788), who has a gravestone at a church on Moerbeke, Belgium. Jan’s son Philippe-François Lippens (1742-1817) was a chief of ships of the Land of Waas. In turn, Philippe-François’ son was Philippe Jean Lippens (1772-1839), who was a registrar and then member of the first provincial government of East Flanders and married Victoire Amélie de Naeyer. Philippe and Victoire had two sons, Eugène Lippens (1816-1900) and Auguste Marie Lippens (1818-1892). Eugène was the mayor of Zaffelare for 40 years. However, Auguste is the main son of interest. He was the mayor of Moerbeke-Waas and had three important children. He even has his own bust in the center of Moerbeke. His sister Stephanie Marie Lippens (1823-1906) married Hippolyte Edouarde de Kerchove d’Exaerde (1822-1906), who was born in Brussels, but married Stephanie in Gent in 1842. Hippolyte’s family had a heritage of nobility, but only his brother Constantin was again included in the nobility. A lot more is known about the de Kerchove d’Exaerde family. However, Auguste and his downline should be briefly discussed a little more.

Auguste Marie Lippens was born in Ghent on November 7, 1818. Auguste married Marie-Thérèse Keutgens, and had three children. These children were Auguste-Philippe Lippens (1845-1904), Hippolyte Lippens (1847-1906) and Marie Lippens (1850-1918). Just the decade prior, in 1830-1831, the Belgian revolution took place, which established an independent Kingdom of Belgium. Also, after the revolution, one of the aristocratic families to takeover William I of Orange’s Societe Generale des Pays-Bas, which changed to Societe Generale de Belgique, was the Lippens family. Several years after this event, Auguste Marie died. These three children will be discussed but let’s stay with Auguste. He became a provincial councilor of East Flanders, then in 1846 he became a municipal councilor of Moerbeke-Waas. This was followed by becoming the mayor of Moerbeke-Waas from 1846 to 1892, the year he died. In between his mayor-ship, he became a liberal member of the Parliament for the district of Ghent until 1870. He became a member of Parliament again from 1878 to 1882, the year he was elected Senator for the district of Ghent, remaining until 1884. Going back to Auguste’s children, the youngest was Marie Lippens (1850-1918), who married Oswald de Kerchove de Denterghem. Together they had Marthe (1877-1956), a Belgian feminist who married Baron Pol-Clovis Boël, which is a family we will be getting back to later. However, Marie’s older brothers are quite interesting too as apparently two of their great-grandchildren intermarried.

The first son of Auguste Marie Lippens was Auguste-Philippe Lippens, who married Marie t’Serstevens, with whom they had three children: Marguerite Lippens (1874-1911), who married Chevalier Louis t’Serstevens; Juliette Lippens (1879-1941), who married Ernest de Geradon; and Ecuyer Raymond Lippens (1879-1941). The paternal line of the Lippens brothers goes back directly through Raymond. Together with his wife Baroness Ghislaine de Bethune, they had two children, Comte Philippe Lippens (1910-1989) and Comte Leon Lippens (1911-1986), who is the father of the Lippens brothers. However, Auguste-Philippe’s younger brother was Hippolyte Lippens (1847-1905), who married Louise de Kerchove de Denterghem, with whom they had four children. Hippolyte’s first son was Comte Maurice Auguste Lippens (1875-1956), who was born on the same year as Raymond. Raymond and Maurice seemed to have been close, they both founded in 1908 the Compagnie du Zoute, a real estate group. Maurice married Madeleine Peltzer, with whom he had two daughters, Suzanne Lippens and Marie Louise Lippens. The mother of the Lippens brothers’ and husban of their father Leon Lippens, was Suzanne.

Sense Hippolyte Lippens has been mentioned, what is known about him will be briefly discussed. His first son, and the most influential was Comte Maurice Augsute Lippens, the father of the Lippens brothers’ mother, Suzanne. Hippolyte married the daughter of a mayor from Ghent and had obtained a doctorate in political and administrative sciences in 1869 and a doctorate in law in 1971, both from the University of Ghent. He then established himself as a lawyer in Ghent. In 1882, he founded the liberal magazines Het Morgenblad, which run until 1888, and its successor De Vrijheid. The same year the former was founded, Hippolyte became the mayor of Ghent and held the office until 1895, the same year he was elected as a liberal representative of the people of Ghent until 1886, then again from 1889 to 1890. Afterwards he was a senator from 1900 until his death. Not only was Hippolyte a politician, he was also involved in industry, including the family’s sugar business in Moerbeke-Waas. He was a director of the following companies: Compagnie du Congo pour lee Commerce et l’Industrie; Compagnie internationale pour le Commerce et l’Industrie; Societe du Sud-Cameroun; Societe Italo-Belge pour l’Industrie des sucres; and Societe agricole et industrielle d’Egypte. In addition to this, Hippolyte was a member and honorable master of the Ghent masonic lodge Le Septentrion. Hippolyte had four children, Count Maurice August Lippens and Paul Lippens, Anna Lippens and Ecuyer Edgar Lippens. Paul Lippens died in WWI, but had three children. Their brother, Maurice, the father of the Lippens brothers’ mother, was the most notable. To keep things short, Maurice was very influential, he was a mayor of Moerbeke-Waas and received numerous honors and distinctions. In 1921, nobility was raised by King Albert I to Auguste-Philippe’s son Raymond and to Hippolyte’s sons Maurice and Edgar. A couple other family members were raised in and in 1936, Maurice was made a Count, do to be transferred to Leon Lippens, who married his daughter Suzanne and was the son of Raymond Lippens. Clearly there was intermarriage going on here.

Leon Lippens studied as a doctor of law, but soon went to the Belgian Congo, where he mainly studied wildlife and landscapes. However, he served as mayor of Knokke from 1947 to 1966. Together with Suzanne Lippens, they had four children, Mary, Elisabeth and the Lippens brothers. Although Leon led the families’ real estate group Campaigne du Zoute, he was very much interested in nature reservations and conservation. Leon was the founder and chairman of the Belgian Associaiton for Nature and bird reserves and even was an honoray member of the World Wildlife Fun (WWF). Interestingly, Leon was a member of the Teilhard Society and gave lectures about Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a French mystic Jesuit priest who advocated the theory of a global consciousness and how nation states should be abolished. Another thing Teilhard tried to do was bridge the gap between Darwinism and Catholicism. Teilhard also joined the Benedictines, becoming the “duc in altum” and passed these inspirations onto his children.

Count Leopold Lippens

Count Leopold Lippens was born on October 20, 1941 to Leon and Suzanne Lippens, who were both of a well known family. His brother Maurice was born about two years later. By around the age of 29, 1970, Leopold got involved in Knokke city politics. The following year, Knokke merged with Heist becoming a single municipality, Knokke-Heist. The Mayor of Knokke-Heist Emmanuel Desutter became a member of the Parliament and his mayor-ship was succeeded by Leopold Lippens the same year, a position he still holds today. Knokke is quite an exclusive town located on the northern coast of Belgium. There is a nature reserve, around 65 tennis courts, tons of 5-star hotels and a large golf court. One position held by Leopold was President of the Royal Zoute Golf Club. Multiple streets are named after aristocrats or ancestors of the royal family. At some point, Leopold had plans to build a 300 feet high casino before he would leave his post, but this was opposed by locals because the sun would be blocked.

Leopold Lippens became a founding member of the 1001 Club in 1973 and appeared on membership lists annos 1978 and 2010. The Lippens Brother’s older sister Marie Lippens joined the 1001 Club in 1988 and appeared in the 2010 membership list. Marie was about four years older than Leopold and she used to be married to Roger Nellens, whose brother Roger was allowed to build a huge casino in Knokke, apparently just before Leopold stepped down as mayor. However, Leopold is still the mayor of Knokke-Heist.

Victim-witness X1 testified that at the age of ten she gave birth to her first daughter Cheyenne in February 1979 at her grandmother Cecile Beernaert’s hotel-villa in Knokke. In the process of trying to give birth and immediately after, X1 was raped and tortured. According to X1, those present at the event were the Lippens brothers (Count Leopold & Count Maurice), Paul Vanden Boeynants and the assistant commissioner of the Knokke, along with Baron Benoît de Bonvoisin and Michel Vander Elst. One of the Lippens brothers raped her with a razor blade, according to X1. Interestingly, victim-witness Chantal Storme corroborated X1’s testimony about her grandmother’s hotel-villa in Knokke. Interestingly, Chantal recognized the house of Leopold Lippens, but had never been inside. Chantal’s father Roland Storme is the one who took her to Cecile’s hotel-villa. Chantal’s maternal grandmother, Maria Donche-Vannieuwenhuyse, was into Satanism, in possession of Satanic books and wanted to initiate Chantal. Cecile introduced Storme into the Network after Chantal arrived in Knokke in 1974. The Lippens Brothers were also seen by X2, as persons involved in child hunts at Chateau de Chimay, something which X1 spoke about happening at Chateau des Amerois and other locations. Two locations in Knokke pointed out by X2 were also pointed out by X1. X2 also pointed out a street near X1’s grandmother’s hotel-villa. X2 also saw Leopold Lippens at child abuse parties at the Cromwell hotel in Knokke, where he hit little girls. Both Leopold and Maurice may have been at the meeting witnessed by X2 at the Memling hotel, at which Davignon and apparently Karel Van Miert were present.

In mid-1983, Carine “Clo” Dellaert was murdered after having disappeared. X1 claimed to have witness the murder, as she was trying to give birth and was subsequently tortured to death. Alleged to have been present were Nihoul, Bouty, Tony, Vander Elst, Leopold Lippens and two others, possibly from the Co-Cli-Co. Afterwards, this group met with the deputy police commissioner of Knokke and went to Cecile’s hotel-villa to rape X1.

Victim-witness X2 was familiar with the nightclub The Dolo, as was Nathalie Waeterschoot, who was also familiar with Les Atrebates, a nightclub X1 had been taken to. Nathalie W. was recognized by X1 and X4, about the Lippens as regular customers in her testimony, in between talk of some kind of black masse involving infanticide. Nathalie W. also spoke of similar things involving satanic black masses, apparently with Opus Dei members being involved in sadistic abuse. The Lippens brothers would also later be accused of child abuse in two anonymous letters. That means at least separate witnesses have provided evidence that the Lippens brothers were involved in an extremely sadistic child abuse network. Schockingly, X2 claimed that the Lippens brothers were present at child huns, which took place at Chateau de Chimay in the first half of 1988. X2 had gone 5 or 6 time and heard shouting and gunfire. She estimated that the children were around the age of 10 years old.

Among many controversial statements Leopold made as mayor, one of them was his attack on so-called “figobox tourists”, whom he wanted to keep out of his seaside resort in in the early 1990s.

On darker note, on September 4, 1991, Katrien de Cuyper disappeared and was murdered. Again X1 claimed that she was there, and even that she was forced into killing her, at Castle Kattenhof. The people X1 claimed were present in the castle included Tony, Nihoul, Bouty, Vander Elst, Joost Bert, Leopold Lippens, the assumed owner of the castle and several others. The castle was owned by the de Caters family.

In April 2002, when Leopold was boarding a plane for an official visit to Denmark, he was questioned by the air port security who found two bullets in one of his pockets. Leopold said that he probably forgot to take them out after a hunting trip. It is known that Leopold is close friends with Albert Frère, with whom he regularly plays golf or goes hunting. With the accusation of X2 that the Lippens brothers (Leopold and Maurice) raped her and were present at child hunts held at Chateau de Chimay, it makes one wonder if there could have been a more sinister explanation. Especially odd, as a animal hunter, is that he has been a member sense the founding of the 1001 Club of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

In the year 2006, Leopold was the director of Compagnie du Zoute in Knokke, along with Count Maurice Lippens, Paul and Nadine Lippens, and Count Guillaume d’Arschot Schoonhoven. This was group was founded by the Lippens brothers’ grandfather Raymond and “grandfather-in-law” Maurice.

In 2011, Leopold declared that the time of the welfare state was over and advocated for a technocratic government to make “pure decisions”. This seems oddly in line with Synarche and it was another controversial statement Leopold made. In 2016, Leopold called for the detainment of illegal migrants in camps such as Guantanamo without torture, which is something this author doesn’t necessarily disagree with, instead I would support immediate extradition. The next year in 2017, there was opposition to his decision-making power as mayor and his family ties to the real estate group Compagnie Het Zoute.

Celebrating Leopold’s 40th anniversary as mayor of Knokke-Heist, a festival was organized in 2019. In honor of this, a renewed sports stadium was renamed Count Leopold Lippens Park.

In early January 2020, it became known that the Flanders public prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into possible conflict of interest by Leopold. An example was that Leopold was said to have participated as a municipal mayor in municipal debates on the transformation of the Tolpaertpolder into a construction area, while has family would have interest in this. According to Audit Vlaanderen, Lippens should have “avenged” himself.

In July 2, 2020, it was reported that Leopold threatened to sue railways for “exporting” Covid-19 to the coast by allowing overcrowded trains. However, this is denied by the railways. As of the publication of this article, Leopold is still very much active as the mayor of Knokke-Heist.

Count Maurice Lippens

Count Maurice Robert Josse Marie Ghislain Lippens was born on May 9, 1943, in Knokke, to Leon and Suzanne Lippens. Like his mother, Maurice had a love for the English culture, but he never moved to England because he felt that he would always be treated as an outsider. Later when Maurice met Prince Charles, he found out that they both had something in common reading the Eagle Magazine.

Maurice studied law at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, obtaining a doctorate, and graduated in 1967. After his graduation, he went on to Harvard, where upon receiving an MBA in 1972 he returned to Belgium. After he returned to Belgium, he went to work for Scienta SA, which was a large venture capital group at the time and it made many investments in Africa. The same year, in 1972, Maurice became the managing director of Scienta SA.

Later in the 1970s, Maurice became the director of Société Européenne de Venture Capital, of which the main shareholders were Agnelli and Rothschild Groups. During the 1970s, Maurice served as director of Paribas and Robert Bosch.

Leon Lippens was a devoted follower of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, who joined the duc in altum of the Benedictines. In turn, during his early years, Maurice became a scholar of the Benedictines of Loppem. When Maurice joined the Societe Generale de Belgique (SG/SGdB), he met other Benedictines.

In February, 1979, X1 gave birth to Cheyenne at the age of 10 inside her grandmother’s (Cecile Beernaert) hotel-villa in Knokke. She claimed that the Lippens brothers were there and raped her with razorblades. Also at this event were Paul Vanden Boeynants, the police commissioner of Knokke, Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin and Michel Vander Elst. Both Leopod, who has been mentioned by X4, and Maurice Lippens been child abusers according to two anonymous letters. Additionally, X2 mentioned the Leopold Brothers raped her and were present at child hunts at Chateau de Chimay.

According to X2, child abuse parties were organized at the villa of Maurice Lippens. Parties with underaged girls, X2 said, took place in the Cromwell hotel in Knokke. Those present included Leopold Lippens, Etienne Davignon, Guy Delvoie, Karel Van Miert, Paul Van Gheluwe. She claimed that several meetings took place in the Memling hotel with two Lippens family members. X2 had been spared from the worst abuse, such as what X1 had to endure, but X2 heard about brutal things going on.

Going back to Maurice’s professional life, in 1981, he joined Group AG as a director and in about seven years became its chairman.

Since 1983, Maurice was chairman of the Lippens family’s real estate group Compagnie du Zoute, which was founded by the Lippens brothers’ grand parents, Maurice Augustus Lippens and Raymond Lippens in 19098.

Beginning in 1988, Maurice served as vice-chairman of Société Générale de Belgique, where he became good friends with Etienne Davignon, a Benedictine whom he superficially knew for about 30 years but never really liked until then. The Lippens brother’s parents and grandparents were good friends of Davignon’s mother and father. In the same year according to X2, the Lippens brothers were involved in child hunts that took place at Chateau de Chimay in the first half of 1988.

In 1990, when Group AG joined the Dutch banking group Fortis, Maurice maintained his position as (co-)chairman. After about ten years, he stepped down from his post in 2000. However, at some point, he became the chairman of Fortis Foundation Belgium.

Maurice held numerous other important positions such as director of Groupe Bruxelles Lambert and TotalFinalElf. He was the director of the Lippens family owned Finasucre Sugar Group, which has been an almost worldwide producer of sugar and milk acid. Maurice was chairman of Compagnie Immobilière d’Hardelot. He was the chairman of le Village n*1. Yet again, Maurice was chairman of the CDC United Network, which distributes television productions and does marketing promotions in magazines and papers through Paperview. A bit worrying, Maurice also was director and treasurer of Musée des Enfants (Musieum of Children). Maurice was a member of the Harvard Business School board of directors. He was the vice-chairman of the Royal Belgo-British Union, the Anglo-Belgian Society. He was a member of the Belgian Council of INSEAD. Other companies he directed include of Belgacom, Suez Tractebel, Iscal Sugar and Groupe Sucrier.

Interestingly, Maurice is a member of the Cercle de Lorraine, the liberal successor of the Cercle des Nations, which was founded by Paul Vanden Boeynants. Maurice has visited notorious Liberal establishment NGOs as the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg, which he attended three times in the 2000s.

In 2001, Maurice Lippens and his buddy Etienne Davignon established SN Brussels Airlines, which succeeded the bankrupt Sabena. The following year Maurice spoke at the Wharton INSEAD Economic Forum in 2002.

In 2004, Maurice set up the Belgian Commission on Corporate Governance, of which the Bilderberger Baron Daniel Janssen has been a director. Also in 2004, Maurice was awarded as Grand Officer of the Order of Léopold II.

Maurice’s wife, Countess Maurice Lippens has been a member of the the support committee of the Belgian Kids Foundation for Pediatric Research, which is part of the Queen Fabiola Children’s Hospital. The president of this committee has been Comte Jean-Pierre de Launoit, who has been patroned by Princess Astrid. As part of the Belgian Kids Foundation, a certain Barbara De Selliers De Moranville co-organized a huge party for 3,500 children in the garden of Countess François d’Asembourg.

Count Francois Lippens

One of Raymond Lippens’ grandchildren was Count Francois Lippens, who was born in 1939 and married twice, having three children. He appears to have been the honorary consul general of Belgium in Nice, appointed in November 1987. He was also a member of the Corps Consulaire des Alpes-Maritimes, the Consular Corps in Alpes-Maritime, which is a region in southern France that includes to cities of Nice and Cannes. Francoise has also been an officer in the Order of Leopold since 1998. He has also attended meetings with the King of Belgium celebrating things as the birth of Belgium and has spoken at a number of these meetings.

Besides his relatives, the Lippens brothers, he also has been accused himself. According to PV 8.372/98:

“Transmitted to examining magistrate Mr. LANGLOIS in Neufchateau, his dossier 86/0/96 [April 22, 1998]… Annex 161. A note on the existence of a SNUFF network of which Mr. GLATZ of the CIDE would have had knowledge and in which one would find a certain Francois LIPPENS, who is close to the mayor of Knokke [Count Leopold Lippens], whose name is often mentioned in very horrible activities.”

In mid 1988, X2 spoke about a child hunts she had overheard taking place at Chateau de Chimay, where she had been taken five or six times. The Lippens brothers were named and may have been Leopold and Maurice, both of whom have been accused in two anonymous letters.

Another interesting fact is the testimony of X69, a transvestite specialized in SM and scatology. X69 testified that in 1993 or 1994 he was asked by a pimp, Micha, from Berendrecht, if he wanted to make 50,000 franks in a single night. Interested, he pointed X69 to an old house in Berendrecht. Upon walking up to the house, he noticed a gray Mercedes with a license plate of the Consular Corps. Could this have been Francois Lippens? Inside, X69 recalled seing four men and three women, among them were Michel Nihoul and Annie Bouty. Three girls were present and a boy, children he estimated to have been between 8 and 13 years old and probably from the Netherlands or Germany. Nihoul had sex with multiple children while Bouty made them watch her have sex with a guy of about the age of 30 years old. X69 was veru uncomfortable that night and didn’t touch the children. However, X69 did have pee sex with a guy in hid fifties. If Francois was there, this could have been him because in 1993-1994, Francois would have been around 54 or 55 years old.

Connections review

The Lippens family was one of Belgium’s major aristocratic families to take over Société Générale de Belgique, which used to be the Société Générale des Pays-Bas since its founding in 1822 by King William I of Orange and until the Belgian revolution of 1830. Its purpose since its founding was financing the growth of Belgian economy, becoming a major bank in Belgium and a central pillar of its industry. Other families that had taken over the SGdB include de Merode, de Meeus, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Janssen, Boël and Solvay, with the Vatican bank also holding stock. Eventually, William I of Orange let go of the bank. The bank controlled anywhere between 25 and 50 percent of Belgium’s manufacturing industry. Then, in 1988, the French Suez group took over the SGdB and with that a large chunk of Belgium’s economy. Viscount Etienne Davignon became chairman until 2001 and Count Maurice Lippens became the bank’s vice-chairman. Etienne and Maurice were fellow Benedictines and there families had known each other. They got to know each other well running the SGdB together in the late 1980s and became close partners in there business and globalization agenda. It is also interesting to note, since Maurice attended Bilderberg, that the father of Baron de Bonvoisin, Pierre, served as a director of the SGdB and attended the first four Bilderberg meeting during his time in that position. Pierre’s father-in-law, BdB’s maternal grandfather, Alexandre Galopin served as a governor of the SGdB.

With confirmation from leaked confidential membership lists, Count Leopold Lippens was in fact a founding member of the WWF’s 1001 Club, which has numerous ties, some of which will be briefly mentioned. 1001 was founded by Prince Bernhard of Orange, who has been accused of pedophilia, and counts numerous suspicious and controversial characters. Most of the important details will be covered in another article, however, some more connections to child abuse will be mentioned. As pointed out already, Leopold Lippens was accused by X1 of having been present at the murder of Katrien De Cuyper at Castle Kattenhof, alongside familiar abusers to X1, like Annie Bouty. Over a decade prior, Bouty was a trainee of Jacques Marres, who was a counselor to the Zaire dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, a member of the 1001 Club. In a seemingly bizarre coincidence, a certain Axel Vervoordt owned a castle next door to Castle Kattenhof. It is known that Vervoordt is friends with soul cooker Marina Abramovic, who has performed for Queen Beatrix of Orange, the daughter of 1001 Club founder Prince Bernhard. But that is not all. Vervoordt was accused of child and/or drug trafficking by Count Yann de Meeus d’Argenteuil, along with others such as Baron Daniel Janssen, a member of the 1001 Club and Yves Boël, who is related to 1001 Club members Count and Countess Rene Boël. With all the recent controversy surrounding Jeffrey Epstein and his main accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, it will be interesting to list the ties they have to this. It is known that Marina Abramovic and Jeffrey Epstein had some common friends such as David Copperfield, Naomi Campbell and apparently 1001 Club member Francesca von Habsburg, who was in Epstein’s black book. Interestingly, when one examines Epstein’s black book of contacts, there are several members of the 1001 Club in there and even more with ties back to 1001. Other examples of 1001 Club members in Epstein’s black book: Conrad Black, Gustavo Cisneros, Freddie Heineken, David Rockefeller and Edmond Safra. One of those mentioned as having been there present at the murder of Katrien was Michel Vander Elst, who has been named in the ATLAS dossier as having been involved in the “Nebula” of Felix Przedborski. Furthermore, Edmond Safra, a close friend of Ghislaine’s father Robert Maxwell, and his bank were also named in the dossier, for example, linking it to the ASCO factory of Roger Boas. According to X1, Vander Elst and Baron Benoît de Bonvoisin, and others, went to the ASCO factory to abuse children. It turns out that 1001 Club member David Rockefeller attended Le Cercle for a brief time, which has also been attended by Baron de Bonvoisin. So as can be seen here, there are many connections back to this one NGO, linking in more than one scandal. Most in the conspiracy community know about Pizzagate and even more know about Epstein, but the vast majority are totally unaware of connections like these, let alone the Dutroux affair. There is also one major link to the 1001 Club that should be mentioned, and that is 1001 member Michel Relecom, the owner of the European Institute of Management (EIM). After Relecom died, since 2006, his wife has been vice president of Unibra, which owns EIM, and has been a member of the honorary committee of the Diner-Dialogue Belgium-Congo of SOS Children’s Villages (SOS Kinderdorpen). One of the other honorary members included Etienne Davignon and Olivier Lippens, a cousin of Maurice and Leopold Lippens and son of Paul Lippens. Olivier has been married to the granddaughter of 1001 Club member Baron Laurent Wolters, who has been an executive president/chairman of Petrofina, Belgium’s national oil firm, which along with being active worldwide, had an operation in Ziare in partnership with British Petroleum. Interestingly, the largest shareholders of Petrofina were the Société Générale and Groupe Bruxelles Lambert, followed by Fortis Group and Sofina. Additionally, Olivier also has been on the board of Iscal Sugar, together with his father Paul and cousin Maurice Lippens. But, all of this stuff will be explored in later articles. On a last note, with Epstein having been mentioned, In Epstein’s black book are the contacts form Debbie & Bola Von Bismarck and a certain Vanessa Von “Bismark”. It is known that the Lippens brothers’ second older sister Marie Lippens married and had four children with Ferdinand Von Bismarck, a member of the well known family of Otto von Bismarck. Maurice also reportedly said:

“I know the German nobility because my sister is married with a Von Bismark. That name commands respect because the services of Otto von Bismarck, the Iran Chancellor from 1866 to 1890.” (September 30, 2005, Trends magazine, ‘Over Maurice Lippens en Knokke’)

Moving forward, another NGO Maurice has been involved in was the Belgian American Education Foundation, which was founded back in 1919 and became an original NGO for the Liberal establishment’s European Union segment. Maurice was on the BAEF’s Belgian Herbert Hoover Exhibit: Honorary committee, which has been officially supported by Jacques Solvay and Richard Mellon Scaife. 1001 Club member Baron Daniel Janssen has been the director of the BAEF and its Francqui Foundation, which has been directed by Maurice’s buddy Etienne Davignon. Both Jacques Solvay and Etienne Davignon have been involved in the International Club Chateau Saint-Anne in Brussels.

Yet another NGO of this same miliuex of the Liberal establishment is the World Trade Center Association, which has a branch located in Chateau Sainte-Anne in Brussels and was founded a year after the International Club, in 1970. Before this group was involved in the building of the Brussels World Trade Center in the 1960s. Several suspicious individuals have been involved in the WTA. To keep this short, a list will be made with names and there connection:

  • Count Maurice Lippens: speaker in 1992; described above
  • Xavier Magnee: speaker at WTCA in 1991; lawyer of Marc Dutroux from 2003-2004; also lawyer of Sergey Mikhailov, Paul Vanden Boeynants, Baron de Bonvoisin, Georges Forrest, victims of the Bende van Nijvel, Agusta chief Rafaello Teti; disinfo promoter like Abraxas; member of Cercle Gaulois; member of Cercle des Nations; put Front National politician Philippe Rozenberg in contact with the Russian mafia
  • Melchior Wathelet: speaker in 1986; accused child abuser, ASCO factory, satanism; senior judge; approved probationary release of Dutroux from prison on April 6, 1992; member of the PSC; protege of VdB; sacked Albert Raes in 1990 as he had exposed BdB and VdB’s agenda to cultivate a fascist underground; Fired exam. magist. Freddy Troch after he reopened Gang of Nijvel case looking into BdB’s and Frans Reynier’s roles
  • Marc Verwilghen: speaker in 1999; head of Dutroux Commission; later worked for Auchi’s GMH with Jacques Delors
  • Andre Damseaux: speaker 1983; PRL; pre-1980 associate of Jean-Michel Nihoul, whom he introduced to Nihoul
  • Jean Gol: speaker 1984; Leading PRL politician; Jewish; customer of Les Atrebates & The Dolo, alongside Nihoul; director of Institut Europeen pour la Paix et la Sécurité; Grand Orient freemason and member of the “Lodge”
  • Willy De Clercq: speaker 1980; PRL associate of Gol; alleged close friend of Tony Van Den Bogaert; involved in Institut Europeen pour la Paix et la Sécurité; Grand Orient freemason and member of the “Lodge”; director of Royal Institute for International Relations
  • Paul Vanden Boeynants: Member of the WTCA, involved in building Belgian WTC; Accused of sadistic child abuse by Xs, ASCO, Pink Ballets/Pinon/Maud Sarr affairs; kingpin of belgian fascist underground next to BdB; Opus Dei; PSC, CEPIC; founder of Cercle des Nations; spotted at The Dolo, spotted with Nihoul; private driver Henri Bil spotted at The Dolo; Academie Europeene des Sciences Politique (AESP); Nouvel Europe Magazine (NEM); Public Information Office (PIO)
  • Wilfried Martens: speaker 1981; accused child abuse, seemed pressured, ASCO factory; Friends of Europe; general board member, Bplus; 2011 German Marshall Fund (GMF) conference; coalition with the PSC
  • Elio di Rupo: speaker 1997; accused of paedophilia, bar le cancan, homosexual; member Cercle de Wallonië; member Societe mutuual Asssurace;
  • Etienne Davignon: speaker in 1988 and 2002; accused of being present at parties with underaged girls; very superclass; Benedictine; close friend of the Lippens brothers; Atlantic Institute; European Commission; role in creating the European Round Table of Industrialists; chairman of Societe Generale de Belgique; advisory board, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro; chair Paul-Henri Spaak Foundation; chair, Royal Institute of International Relations; chair CSR Europe; Japan-EU relations group; Honorary chairman Bilderberg; member of Council on Foreign Relations; member of Trilateral Commission; involved in Middle Eastern relations groups; Vice-chair Suez-Tractebel; vice-chair, Fortis; Kissinger Associates; Cercle de Lorraine member; Cercle Gaulois member; Ditchley Foundation, governor; director, Royal Club of Historic Gardens in Belgium; founder, Friends of Europe; SN Brussels Airlines; Lernout & Hauspie scandal; PlaNet Finance; named “European of the Year” in 2003 by the Economist magazine; … many other positions and connections…
  • Willy Claes: speaker in 1982; X3 thinks to have seen Claes at extreme child torture parties in 1950s to 1962; visited Bilderberg in ‘95, ‘03; 2010 director of the Royal Institute of International Relations; withdrew from NATO position after Agusta affair, which is said to have been the cause of Andre Cools’ assassination; member of Grand Orient Freemasonry lodge Tijl Uilenspiegel; member of the “Lodge” with Eric Haemers, Gol and De Clercq; found guilty of corruption; appeared in ATLAS dossier linking him to the “Nebula” of Przedborski; involved in Bplus;
  • Charly De Pauw: a “Charles De Pauw” was named as a vice president in 2007 and contact point of the WTCA; ‘79 Pinon affair, at parties where underaged girls were abused; accused by X3 of participating in extreme torture parties in ‘50s and ‘60s; something to do with child hunts; close friend of Paul Vanden Boeynants; member of Cercle des Nations; along with Ado Blaton as an investor in BdB’s PDG
  • Guy Spitaels: speaker in 1983: accused by Dany Leftant of “Pink Ballets”; Mary Porsont learned that Elio di Rupo was in a homosexual relationship with Guy’s son; Catholic, turned freemason; nicknamed “God”, because he was thought to have been the most influential figure in government; attended Bilderberg in 1991 with Wilfried Martens; involved in 1995 Agusta affair, which has said to have been the cause of Andre Cools’ assassination; fined for passive corruption in the Dassault affair; 2010 director of the Royal Institute of International Relations
  • Guy Coeme: speaker in 1992; found guilty for involvement in Agusta affair;
  • Karel Van Miert: speaker in 1994; accused by X2 of being present at parties where 14 and 15 year old girls were abused and of having sex with her; member, Cercle Gaulois; director, Notre Europe; European Policy Centre; ’07 dinner, Friends of Europe; succeeded Davignon as director of Solvay; attended Bilderberg once
  • Charles Ferdinand-Nothomb: speaker in 1993; accused by X3 of presence at extreme child torture parties; involved in PSC; chairman International Club; Royal Club of Historical Cities and Gardens in Belgium; chairman of European Movement International
  • Axel Vervoordt: speech in 1997; accused of homosexual pedophilia; accused by Count Yann de Meeus d’Argenteuil of child and/or drug trafficking; friend of soul cooker Marine Abramovic, with whom he has attended the Venice Biennial; owned castle next Castle Kattenhof, where Katrien De Cuyper was murdered, according to X1; Sting, Bill Gates and Madonna have been clients for his art dealership, also supposedly Rothschilds, Saudi royals, Otto von Habsburg and Hans Melchers; reportedly exhibited art looted by Nazis from the Adolphe Schloss collection.
  • Lord Leon Brittan: speaker in 1997; accused of pedophilia, said to have visited the Elm Guest House and accused of child abuse at Dolphin Square, London; had dossier and house was raided, nothing else was done; chair of LOTIS; international advisory council, Asia House; present at ‘86 dinner hosted by Margaret & Denis Thatcher in honor of Shimon Peres; attended Bilderberg
  • Dominique Baudis: speaker in 2003; alleged lover of Patrice Alegre and involved in SM parties, ties to Toulouse torture and murder ring, but never prosecuted; president, Arab World Institute; chairman of the editorial board, Le Figaro of the Carlyle Group

One NGO both Lippens brothers have been involved in is the Cercle de Lorraine, which was founded in 1998 and is the more liberal oriented continuation of the Cercle des Nations, which was founded by Paul Vanden Boeynants. Members have included Etienne Davignon and Baron Albert Frère, who is a good friend of Leopold. Another member has been Count-Jean Pierre Launoit, who was in the list provided my Count Yann.

Founded by Etienne Davignon in 1999, the Friends of Europe (FE) has counted a number of interesting attendees. Praesidium members have included 1001 clubber and FE co-founder Baron Daniel Janssen. Among the participants in the 2007 dinner were Maurice Lippens, Karel Van Miert, Prince Laurent of Belgium, Wilfried Martens and Gerald Frere. Most of these names have already been mentioned. Prince Laurent reportedly visited the notorious Le Mirano nightclub.

Not only has Maurice been involved in Liberal establishment (European Union focused) NGOs, but also Liberal establishment NGOs with a wider international focus. Maurice has attended Bilderberg meetings three times and was a member of the Trilateral Commission. He has also reportedly visited the World Economic Forum (DAVOS). Before he attended DAVOS, he said the following about these NGOs:

“I have never visited DAVOS and think it’s one big carnival. I receive the membership lists and can, if I want to, call up anyone I’m interested in. I like to visit Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission. Bilderberg is intense. There one has to work from the early morning to the late evening. The Round Table of Industrialists is interesting, but I’m not a member because I’m not an Industrialist. Talking about the future of the world is a difficult thing by the way. I do like to listen and network in Washington with the Trilateral Commission. You’ll hear about interesting trends from first hand.” (September 1, 2005,, ‘Het geheugen van graaf Maurice Lippens’ (‘The memory of count Maurice Lippens’))

Starting with DAVOS, here we have again and NGO with individuals involved who have connections to child abuse networks or suspicious activities in general. Attendees that were found in Epstein’s black book include Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Henry Kravis, Conrad Black, David Rockefeller, Peter Mandelson. UK Labour officials as Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson, who is a close friend of Baron Jacob de Rothschild, have been named as alleged child abusers. Other DAVOS attendees connected to Epstein include Bill Gates, Shimon Peres and Al Seckel. Another DAVOS speaker last year was Donald Trump, who has been connected to not only Epstein, but to Roy Cohn, who was his lawyer. DAVOS attendee and accused rapist at a DAVOS conference Dominique Strauss-Kahn is suspected of child abuse. All of these connections will be explained elsewhere, but suffice to say, Maurice is not the only suspicious individual attending such an NGO, although the strongest evidence is against him. On a last note, is it by chance that Roy Cohn, alleged homosexual pedophile blackmailer, was reportedly involved in Permindex, which was founded by Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, a member of the 1001 Club, together with Leopold Lippens, David Rockefeller, Conrad Black, members of the Rothschild family and others? And why are there so many similarities between the European Institute of Management of 1001 Clubber Michel Relecom and Permindex?

Now with the Trilateral Commission, which was co-founded by David Rockefeller, has another long list of suspicions individuals. Maurice was a member and he stated that he liked to acquire contacts there. Here are some of the suspicions individuals in light with some of the above mentioned details: David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Edward Heath, Andre Desmarais, Marie-Josee Kravis, Etienne Davignon, Baron Daniel Janssen, Conrad Black, Bill Clinton, George Soros, Willy De Clercq, Michael Bloomberg, Jeffrey Epstein and many others that will be discussed elsewhere. First of all, we already know Etienne Davignon, Maurice’s good friend. We know about Willy De Clercq, the alleged close friend of Tony Van Den Bogaert. We know a bit about Baron Daniel Janssen, one of those accused by Count Yann. We know a little bit about 1001 Clubber Conrad Black, who has ties to Epstein, as did Lolita Express passenger and Little St. James island visitor Bill Clinton, Michael Bloomberg and Henry Kissinger, all four of whom appeared in Epstein’s black book. Henry Kravis, the husband of Marie-Josee appeared in the black book; so did Peter Soros, a son of George Soros, who named his Stefan Batory Foundation after a relative of “Countess Dracula” Elizabeth Bathory. Alexandre Soros also attended a spirit cooking event of Marina Abramovic, with Meghan Markle, the current wife of Prince Harry. It has also already been mentioned that the Desmarais family had control over the Suez Group, which took over Societe Generale. Now, what about Sir Edward Heath or the superclass heavyweight Henry Kissinger? Well, both have been accused of child abuse and the former most credibly. Kissinger was, not so reliably, accused by Kay Griggs of abusing children in tents at Vietnam and being part of “the Joint”; Kissinger also attended Le Cercle, as have others involved in the TC. As for Edward Heath, he has been accused of abusing a 14-year-old boy at a sex party, by Jimmy Savile’s nephew. In the 1990s, Heath gave speeches to the very suspicious Moonie cult and he has been a member of the Other Club, with people connected to Le Cercle, the Pilgrims Society and the Rothschild and Cecil families. It really is a small world at the top.

Although the above NGOs are very important and well known, the seemingly most notorious Liberal establishment NGO in the conspiracy community is Bilderberg. At these meetings many influential people have gathered for decades at various hotels around the world to discuss and listen in on conversations about major trends, events or developments going on in the world. Here too are a number of interesting individuals in light of the above discourse.

  • Count Maurice Lippens: Attended 3x annos 2000, 2002 and 2006; accused of sadistic child abuse, involvement in child hunts; annual visitor of the Trilateral Commission; described above…
  • Etienne Davignon: attended 33x, annos as 1977, 1976, ’89, ’90 many times afterwar, 2001, 2002, 2006; accused of being present at child abuse parties; see above
  • Henry Kissinger: attended 44x, including annos 1957-’89, ’90, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, ’04, ’05, 2006, …; accused of abusing boys in a tent in Vietnam and of being a member of “the Joint’ by Kay Griggs; in Jeffrey Epstein’s black book; Bohemian Grove; Foreign Policy Association; Hoover Institution; Council on Foreign Relations; chair, International House; Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Special Studies: America at Mid-Century; Los Angeles World Affairs Council; World Affairs Council of Boston; Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars; LBJ Presidential Library; Bretton Woods Committee; Forstmann Little Conferences; Royal Institute for International Affairs; Pilgrims Society; Atlantic Council; Munich Security Conference; Bank Credit and Commerce International; Banca Nazionale del Lavoro affair; Appeal of Conscience Foundation; Peres Center for Peace; Century Association; The Economic Club; Alfalfa Club; River Club; Aspen Institute; Center for Strategic International Studies; Trilateral Commission; The Global Panel; Global Zero; United Nations Association; JPMorgan Chase; Kissinger Associates; Blackstone Group; Hollinger International; Booz Allen Hamilton; Merck; RAND Corporation; Defense Policy Board; 9/11 Commission; George Town Club; World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth; American Security Council; Le Cercle; Anti-Defamation League; Joint Distribution Committee of New York; Herzliya Conference; “the Joint; many other NGOs
  • Wilfried Martens: attended 4x, annos 1989, 1990, ’91, ’93; accused child abuser by X1; see above
  • Baron Daniel Janssen: attended 16x, annos 1969-2000, steering committee; accused in list of Count Yann of trafficking in children and/or drugs; Belgian American Education Foundation; Cercle Gaulois; associate member, Club of Rome; chair, European Chemical Industry Council; 1991-’06, European Round Table of Industrialists; speaker, Forum Europe; Bplus; co-founder Friends of Europe; officer, Royal Institute of International Relations; Trilateral Commission; member, 1001 Club; executive chairman 1986-1998 and supervisory since then at Solvay, supervisory chair Solvay Business School; relative Paul Janssen and Rene Boel attended Bilderberg
  • Baron Lambert: a Baron Leon Lambert attended 12x, annos 1971-1986; either he or another Baron Lambert were on the list provided by Count Yann; A Baron Philippe Lambert, Leon’s younger brother, and his wife accused Vincent Meyer of raping their daughter multiple times; Lambert family has been close to the Rothschilds, Banque Lambert, etc.
  • Karel van Miert: attended 1x, in 1993; accused by X2 of having sex with her and of being present at parties where 14 and 15 year old girls were abused; see above
  • Willy Claes: attended 3x, in 1994, 1995 and 2003; X3 thinks to have seen him at extreme torture parties in the ’50s; see above
  • Guy Spitaels: attended 1x in 1991; accused of “Pink Ballets” and by Mary Porsont; see above
  • Pierre de Bonvoisin: Attended 4x, annos ’54-‘57; father of Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin, accused by 5 different sources of child abuse; involved in Societe Generale de Belgique, of which his father-in-law had been a governor
  • Leon Brittan: attended 2x, annos 1992 and 1998; accused of child abuse at Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square in London; see above
  • Edward Heath: attended 3x, in ’63, ’67, ’69; accused by pedophilia by Madam Myra Ling-Ling Forde; Accused of abusing a 14 year old boy at a London party by Jimmy Savile’s nephew; the Other Club; Trilateral Commission; gave speeches to the Moonie Cult, which is tied to child abuse
  • Lord Peter Mandelson: attended 7x, annos ‘1999-2014; accused of child abuse; friend of Baron Jacob de Rothschild; in Epstein’s black book and seeming close to him; Council on Foreign Relations; Milken Institute; Royal Institute of International Affairs; Policy Network; Rothschild birthday party; Ditchley Foundation?; World Economic Forum; Trilateral Commission; New Atlantic Initiative; Doha Forum; et cetera …
  • Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues: attended 1x in 2003; had a pedophilia case at the time; Socialist opposition party
  • Jose Manuel Durao Barroso: attended 3x, annos 1994, 2016 and 2019; possibly in 2003; said to have attended Bilderberg 2003 with Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues; wife Margarida Sousa Uva Barroso was on the honorary board of the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC); attended Yalta European Strategy 3x in ’14, ’15 and ’16
  • George Soros: attended 5x, annos 1990, ’94, ’96, 2000 and 2002; named Stefan Batory Foundation after cousin of Countess Dracula Elizabeth Bathory; son Alexander Soros attended spirit cooking of Marina Abramovic with Meghan Markel; son Peter Soros in Epstein black book; CFR; International House; Tides Fdn.; Bretton Woods Committee; MoveOn; Drug Policy Alliance; Democracy Alliance; Good Club/The Giving Pledge; Munich Security Conference; Yalta European Strategy; Boao Forum for Asia; European Council on Foreign Relations; World Economic Forum; Trilateral Commission; Open Society; International Crisis Group; Clinton Global Initiative; Concordia annual summit; Shadow Conventions; many others
  • Conrad Black: attended 21x, including annos 1994, 2000 and lastly 2003; listed in Epstein’s black book, hosted with wife a super elite dinner, which was attended by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell; Council on Foreign Relation; Peterson Institute for International Economics; visitors, Forstmann Little Conferences; Center for the National Interest; Pilgrims Society; Americas Society; World Economic Forum; Trilateral Commission; co-founder, New Atlantic Initiative; 1001 Club; Hollinger International; Trireme Partners LP; Hudson Institute; reported speaker, Intelligence Summit
  • Henry Kravis: attended 24x, annos as 2000, 2001, 2002, 20032006, annually up to 2019; in Epstein’s black book; Bohemian Grove; Rockefeller University; Sun Valley meetings; Bretton Woods Committee; Atlantic Council; Tsinghua University of Economics and Management; Europaeum; Alfalfa Club; World Economic Forum; wife involved in many more NGOs
  • Bill Clinton: attended 2x, certainly in 1991; multiple contacts in Jeffrey Epstein’s black book, under a pseudonym and met Virginia Roberts; Foreign Policy Association; Richmond Forum; Forstmann Little Conferences; Fortune’s Brainstorm technology conference; Democracy Alliance; The Common Good; Yalta European Strategy; Club of Madrid; World Economic Forum; Rockefeller Initiative on UFO disclosure; One Young World; TED Conference; Israel Policy Forum; Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative
  • Sir Evelyn de Rothschild: attended 2x in ’83 and ’98; in Epstein’s black book, reportedly knew Ghislaine Maxwell; Williamsburg Conference; Forstmann Little Conference; Fortune’s Brainstorm technology conferences; McCain Institute for International Leadership; Royal Institute of International Affairs; Policy Network; Pilgrims Society; Global Strategy Forum; Munich Security Conference; Peres Center for Peace; Europaeum; River Club; Martha’s Vineyard; Atlantic Institute for International Affairs; Outward Bound Trust; N.N. Rothschild & Sons; Hollinger International; Global Technology Partners;
  • Lynn Forester de Rothschild: attended at least 1x in 1983; in Epstein’s black book, reportedly knew Ghislaine Maxwell; apparently knew James Alefantis; Council on Foreign Relations; Royal Institute of International Affairs; Williamsburg Conference; McCain Institute for International Leadership; Royal Institute of International Affairs; Munich Security Conference; Europaeum; Martha’s Vineyard; Outward Bound Trust; Peterson Institute for International Economics; Forstmann Little Conferences; International Institute for Strategic Studies; Atlantic Council; Asia House; River Club; Clinton Global Initiative; Henry Jackson Society
  • Gustavo Cisneros: attended 1x in 2010; in Epstein’s black book; Rockefeller University; Council on Foreign Relations; wife involved in Museum of Modern Art; Sun Valley meetings; Rebuild Together; Links Club; Americas Society; 3x visitor, Clinton Global Initiative; United Nations Association; 1001 Club; JPMorgan Chase; Barrick Gold; Knights of Malta (SMOM);
  • Robert Close: attended 1x in 1978; close to Paul Vanden Boeyants; attended Le Cercle 3x; World Anti-Communist League; Western Goals Foundation; Institut Europeen pour la Paix et la Securite
  • Jacques Solvay: attended 3x; member of the family which owns Chateau des Amerois, where X1 said child hunts took place, the central figure was described as being Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin; Belgian American Educational Foundation; International Club; European Round Table of Industrialists; Solvay

As part of the European Union focused segment of the Liberal establishment, The Belgian Kids Fund for Pediatric Research was founded in 1995 and has included a number interesting individuals. Its patron has been Princess Astrid, the daughter of King Leopold II, who has been accused of child abuse. One of the directors was Prince Amaury de Merode, which is a family that count a few accused of child abuse. The foundation’s support committee is located in the Queen Fabiola Children’s Hospital. One member of the support committee have included Countess Maurice Lippens, the wife of accused child abuser Maurice Lippens, who is of a family that counts at least two other members accused of child abuse. The Leopold Brothers Etienne Davignon, who has been accused of being present at child abuse parties, also sat on the support committee. The support committee has also been chaired by Count Jean-Pierre Launoit, who was on the list of Count Yann de Meeus d’Argentueil as one of those he accused of being involved in child and/or drug trafficking. A Barbara de Selliers de Moranville co-organized a huge party for 3,500 children in the garden of Countess Françoise d’Ansembourg, which was part of the Belgian Kids Foundation for Pediatric Research. A member of the de Selliers de Moranville family, Charles, has been accused of organizing child abuse parties and the family has been close to other reported child abusers. The family has also intermarried with the Solvay family, which owned a bank that involved another member of the family.

It was accused child abuser Count François Lippens, who was a member of the Consular Corps. in Alpes-Maritimes, a region in southern France. Interestingly, X69 saw a gray Mercedes with a license plate of the Consular Corps. and had pee sex with a man inside the house he had been at where a child abuse party took place. Francois was in his 50s around the time, so it possibly could have been him. Additionally, Nihoul was there and abused children and Bouty was also present.

Since 2004 Count Maurice Lippens has been a Grand Officer of the Order of Leopold II, of which Roger Boas became an officer in the same year. Roger’s close associate Paul Vanden Boeynants had been honored by that order also. The other award and highest military order, the Order of Leopold, has included officer Count Francoise Lippens since 1998 and Grand Officer Count Jean-Pierre de Launoit. General Rene Bats has been a commander and director since 2000 of this order. Bats has been accused by X1 of being one of her customers and has been accused by Georges Marnette disinformation asset Jean-Paul Raemaekers, who claims to have met Bats several times at the Cercle des Nations, having been introduced to him by the lawyer Jean-Paul Dumont. Another member of the Order of Leopold was Jacques Botelberge, who was accused by X1 of being part of the network of abusers.

According to victim-witness X2, child abuse parties had been organized at the castle of Count Maurice Lippens and the Lippens brothers were involved in child hunts at Chateau de Chimay, which has been owned by Prince Philippe de Riquet, the 22nd Prince of Chimay. Philippe has been a member of Cercle Wallonie, of which another member has been Baron Patrick de Caters, a co-owner of Castle Kattenhof, where X1 said the murder of Katrien de Cuyper took place in the presence of Count Leopold Lippens. Next door to Kattenhof was the castle of Axel Vervoordt, who has been accused by Count Yaan de Meeus d’Argenteuil of child and/or drug trafficking. Count Yann also accused Cercle de Wallonie member Count Jean-Pierre de Launoit, who has been the vice-President of Cercle de Lorraine, with Wallonie member Etienne Davignon and his close friends, the Lippens brothers. Interestingly, Princess Jacquieline de Riquet de Caraman-Chimay was in the address book of Clay Shaw, in whose master bedroom was found large hooks and wrist straps suspended from the ceiling, which had blood palmprints, in addition to a maid saying an accident happened there and someone died, something which was never investigated by police. Furthermore, Clay Shaw was a director since 1958 of Permanent Industrial Expositions (Permindex), which was founded by superclass Zionist Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, a member of the 1001 Club, which Count Leopold and his older sister Marie Lippens have been members. Another member of the 1001 Club has been Baron Daniel Janssen, who has been accused by Count Yann. On a last note about the Chimay family, they have been member of the “Blue Salon” nobility of Belgium, along with de Croy family, which they have been close to. Another family in the Blue Salon has been the de Merode family, two brothers of which X2 said were present at a party with her pimp Oliver Castiaux, Baron de Bonvoisin, Prince & Princess de Chimay and Count Herve d’Ursel, which is a family the de Merode family is allied with.

According to X2, she had been present at a meeting at the Cromwell hotel in Knokke where child abuse parties took place involving Guy Delvoie, Paul Van Gheluwe and Etienne Davignon, Count Leopold Lippens and seemingly Karel Van Miert. X2 also recalled several meetings between Karel Van Miert, Etienne Davignon and two members of the Lippens family, probably the brothers, at the Memling Hotel.


So, here we have an influential family in the Belgium that has had a couple of its prominent members accused by several witnesses, with corroborating testimonies. Yet another member of the family lesser known about has been accused of child abuse. What does it mean that these men were never thoroughly investigated as the investigation was shutdown?

The Lippens brothers, together with Paul Vanden Boeynants and Baron Benoît de Bonvoisin have been accused by X1 of having abused her as a child; in one case early on all together at her grandmother’s hotel-villa in Knokke. These individuals have also been accused by victim-witness X2, who pointed out at least two locations where she had been abused, which were pointed at by X1. Corroboratively, X2 pointed out the street located in front of X1’s grandmother’s hotel-villa. Victim-witness X4 also appears to have accused Count Leopold Lippens. Interestingly, X4’s parents lived next door to the house in which X1 claimed to have witnessed the murder of Carine “Clo” Dellaert, at whose murder she claimed Count Leopold had been present. X4 also correctly identified Chantal Storme and Nathalie Cannoodt (X7), who were both childhood friends of Regina Louf (X1), as victims in the network. Chantal Storme spoke about abuse at the hotel-villa of X1’s grandmother, pointing out the rooms 7 and 9 on the first floor where most of abuse happened, as did X1. Chantal’s own grandmother was into Satanism and had been trying to initiate her. Also, Chantal recognized the house Leopold Lippens, but had never been there. X4, who spoke about “satanic” black masses involving infanticide, something another victim-witness talked about, Nathalie W. Additionally, with all this corroborating evidence, there are two anonymous letter, which accused both of the Lippens brothers. It is also possible that another accused member of the family, Count Francoise Lippens, could have been seen by X69 at a child abuse party with Nihoul.

If it is true that these members of the Lippens family were involved in a sadistic child abuse and murder network, they may know a thing or two about that network and if it still exists today. But, seeing the way the investigation went, they are unlikely to ever be interrogated about it.


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