The Unsolved Murder of Carine Dellaert

Author: Carter Bussell | Date: July 3, 2020 |


  1. Introduction
  2. Carine Dellaert murder timeline
  3. Connections review
  4. Conclusion
  5. Appendix A: The case of Veronique Dubrulle
  6. Notes


X1 (Regina Louf) spoke about a girl named “Clo”, who was her best friend, since her first interview on September 20, 1996, following the Dutroux affair. She had witnessed the murder of Clo and said that it happened somewhere between June and December 1983. X1 remembered the school of Clo and when X1 was presented with class photos from 1981 to 1982, she recognized Clo as Carine Dellaert and also recognized another girl, a certain “V.”. Interestingly, Carine Dellaert had disappeared on August 30, 1982, only to be found dead and badly decomposed in an abandoned cesspit on September 24, 1985.

If Carine Dellaert was in fact X1’s “Clo’, X1’s timing of her death was accurate. X1 said that Clo was three years older than herself, which was accurate, Regina was born prematurely on January 29, 1969, while Carine Dellaert was born on April 1, 1966. On top of this, X1 testified about Clo having worn “an ankle bracelet… a chainlet”. Indeed in the 1985 autopsy report Carine had worn an ankle chainlet. X1 testified that Clo was trying to give birth while she was tortured to death. The autopsy found that there were remains of a laminaria stick, which are used to open up the cervix and make it easier and more comfortable to give childbirth. Additionally, not long after Carine’s death, her mother Noella found maternity clothes in a wardrobe of Carine, which the father Emile, who has been suspected of pedophilia and incest, had returned after moving out.

Carine Dellaert murder timeline

What follows is a brief timeline of Carine’s life surrounding her murder and the subsequent coverup that took place. It is short and brief but helps to establish a timeline of events. Here is the timeline of Clo’s murder:

  • 1965: Emile Dellaert was suspected of having an affair with an under aged girl in the Netherlands.
  • April 1, 1966: Carine Dellaert was born to Emile and Noella Dellaert. It is known that she did have a sister, but it is not known to this author if she was older or younger.
  • 1977: Emile was investigated for accusations of incest, apparently with Carine.
  • Pre-1981: Emile Dellaert was a convicted sexual offender and there were suspicions of incest between him and Carine. Emile also made “sensual” photos of Carine. Emile would have been the one that sold Carine into the Network, apparently through Tony. On another note, although the timing isn’t known, along accusations of incest by Emile’s wife, witnesses at Carine’s girl scouts club though that Emile and Carine looked more like a couple in love. Carine also became extremely afraid of the woods all of a sudden.
  • October-November 1981: Tony introduced Regina to Clo at a restaurant in Ghent, then takes them to his place in Antwerp, where he made them have sex with each other. Regina and Clo became best friends afterwards. However, Tony took them to parties, where they were abused and he also took them to customers. Regina and Clo apparently both had customers at the Co-Cli-Co. They both contrasted at the SM parties, where they were tortured. Clo hated pain, while Regina was specialized in ignoring it.
  • 1982: Carine’s parents decided to separate.
  • August, 1982: Carine was often heard screaming for help when she was home alone with Emile, according to one neighbor.
  • August 30, 1982: Carine suddenly disappeared, along with her bike.
  • September 6, 1982: Emile Dellaert finally reported to the police that his own daughter was missing. Shortly afterwards, Emile left his house.
  • Around October, 1982: Emile comes back to the house in order to pick up Carine’s furniture and other things. This led to a major fight between him and his wife Noella, who accused him of taking too much and sometime later he brought back a wardrobe with clothes. Noella was then surprised when she found pregnancy clothes, because no one knew that she was pregnant.
  • Around November 1982: Regina was really missing Clo, but then she saw her at an important party, where she was with a wealthy old man. When she went to go over to her, Tony stopped her and said that she had become an “angel”, which meant that she was going to die. Afterwards, Regina only saw Clo occasionally at parties, where she was with the same old man.
  • Summer 1983: Clo was murdered while trying to give birth. Tony had taken her from school to the house where Clo was on a bed trying to give birth. Clo was bleeding already when Regina got there. Regina was forced to keep Clo from shouting, as the abusers tortured and raped her with objects. The more she screamed, the crueller the abusers became. After a while, they left Regina alone with Clo, who began to slip in and out of consciousness before dying. Regina was forced to push the baby out of the stomach. Those present X1 identified include Michel Nihoul, Annie Bouty, Tony V., Count Leopold Lippens, Michel Vander Elst and two other persons, possibly from the Co-Cli-Co. Afterwards, the group met in a chinese restaurant and met with the Knokke police commissione, then decided to go to Cecile’s, where Regina was raped. X1 (Regina) described the abuse of Clo as such:

“They tortured her with knives and scissors. Someone broke a bottle and rubbed the fragments into her vagina. Then they cut her in various places with razor-blades.” (X1 in PV 116.018, October 25, 1996)

  • September 4, 1983: The death of Veronique Dubrulle, one of the girls Regina claimed to have seen murdered. Veronique had been seen by her regularly at child abuse parties. The she named as present included Nihoul, Bouty, Tony, Vander Elst, a member of the Bert family and Emile Dellaert, Carine’s father.
  • December 1983: Judicial authorities conduct interrogations in the neighborhood. No progress was made.
  • June 13, 1984: Emile declares that he had visited a psychic in the Netherlands, who gave him a description of a location that matched the Kuhlmankaai area in Ghent. When this psychic was confronted with Emile’s statements, he did not recall having ever seen him.
  • September 24, 1985: During the demolition of an old building, a severally decomposed female body (Carine) was found in a cesspool at Kuhlmankaai 2. The body was tied up with a white electrical cord. A laminaria stick was found in the Carine’s pelvis. Laminaria sticks are made from roots of a plant, apparently from Ireland, which absorbs a lot of water and was often used in the past to speed up births or to trigger abortions. Additionally, other items were found such as some jewels, two razorblades and a teaspoon that appeared to have been part of Emile’s utensils. Medical specialist of the court, professor Timperman, wrote in his report that the “presence on the cup of the bra of a rectangular piece of fabric indicates a swelling of the breasts and a loss of fluid.” The bra size 90C was a lot bigger than the size Carine used to wear according to her mother Noella and her sister. Judicial Substitute Nicole De Rouck identified the body as Carine Dellaert, because she recognized the jewels.
  • October 1, 1985: Emile Dellaert is arrested.
  • December 27, 1985: Emile’s solicitor Piet Van Eeckhaut managed to get Emile out of jail. Subsequently the investigation stalled.
  • 1989: Carine Dellaert’s murder file was returned to judicial authorities as unsolved.
  • October 1996: X1 (Regina Louf) testified about Clo’s murder and De Baets and team remembered the unsolved Ghent case of Carine Dellaert. Under Bourlet the case was reopened and after they received the file, X1 recognized different photos of Carine, in which she looked different.
  • Mid-1997: X1 and other victim-witness testimonies of the X-dossiers are discredited and ridiculed, after which, prompting Ghent Prosecutor Soenen to cease cooperation with Neufchâteau. X1 had been confronted with Emile, but refused to cooperate as more manipulations was at play and thus the day prior had been confronted with Tony, who confirmed her story. It also didn’t matter to Soenen that Emile had already been investigated decades ago for child abuse.

Connections review

Emile Dellaert was the father of Carine “Clo” Dellaert and according to X1, he sold his daughter into the Network, apparently through Tony Van Den Bogaert, who introduced X1 to Clo. Tony pimped them out to customers, but also took them to SM parties where children were raped, abused and tortured. When Clo disappeared, Emile was an immediate suspect, he had already been charged with sexual assault, was suspected of incest with his daughter and took a long time to report his own daughter missing.

According to X1, Emile Dellaert was present at the murder of Veronique Durbulle, together with Tony V., Nihoul, Bouty, Vander Elst, a member of the Bert family and others. These individuals have many interconnections, which have been discussed in previous articles. For example, Nihoul, Bouty, Tony and Vander Elst have all been accused by X1 of having been present at the murder of Clo, Christine “Chrissy” Van Hees and Katrien de Cuyper, at which Joost Bert was accused. Joost, the CEO of Kinepolis, is the oldest son of Albert Bert, who took over Cinema Majestic from his father and pioneered the movie theater industry in Belgium in the 1970s and 1980s. The father of Veronique, Jacques Dubrulle, was the former administrator of Decatron NV, which was a company founded by the Bert family in 1981. Jacques participated in this child abuse network and it was found that he was close friends with Tony.

In the houses pointed out by X1 where Clo was murdered, it was found out that the owner was Gustaaf Derdijn and in the 1990s it was a brothel called the International House. Derdijn was the owner of a nightclub, the Co-Cli-Co, in the early 1980s. Tony, who wrote about the nightclub in his diary, brought X1 and Clo there to customers. When the Co-Cli-Co went bankrupt in 1984, one of its largest creditors was Le Cinema Publicitaire, which was a video store owned by Tony. However, the largest creditor of the Co-Cli-Co, and its real owner, was a firm All-Meat, in which Derdjin was a partner together with the Dutch porn dealer Gerard Cok, who was an business associate of Charles Geerts. What may be discussed later is that Geerts was heavily implicated as an international child pornography kingpin and was good friends with Klaas Bruinsma. Geerts’ firm Scala Agenturen BV laundered money for Bruinsma and Reuben Sturman.


The murder of Carine “Clo” Dellaert is another case in which X1’s testimony was heavily corroborated, however, there was an apparent coverup that took place and now Carine’s murder is still unsolved to this day. There sure is a lot of evidence that X1 spoke the truth, and when one takes that scenario, connections can be established, which further corroborates the story. An investigation into the X-dossier should be reopened, but it seems that is unlikely to ever happen.

Appendix A: The case of Veronique Dubrulle

Veronique Dubrulle was another girl around three years older than X1, both of whom lived in Gent. Her father was Jacques Dubrulle, who participated in the Network. In late 1996, X1 picked out a photo of Veronique and claimed this girl died when X1 was not yet 14 years old, so pre-January 1983. Officially, on September 4, 1983, Veronique died from cancer. However, X1 described how Veronique was regularly brought to child abuse parties, until at some point she was tortured with a knife before being murdered. Those she claimed were present included Michel Nihoul, Annie Bouty, Tony Van Den Bogaert, Michel Vander Elst, a member of the Bert family and Emile Dellaert, who was the father of Carine Dellaert.

Interestingly, investigators found out that Jacques Dubrulle was apparently close friends of Tony Van Den Bogaert. After the first mention of the X-dossiers in the press in January 1997, Tony called Jacques three times. Additionally, the two doctors that signed Veronique’s birth certificates were neuropathist De. Luc De Schrijver and Dr. Luc De Waele, an international esteemed neurosurgeon. X1 claimed that she had ended up in bed with De Schrijver and that De Waele was more interested in 7-8 year old girls. X1 claimed to have seen both of these doctors at parties organized by the Hanet family at the UCO complex.


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